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Last night on TNA Impact we saw the debut of three new pieces of talent. Rubix, Mason Andrews, and Rashad Cameron all had good showing in their first appearances.  Followers of independent professional wrestling know these men as Jigsaw, Scorpio Sky, and BLK Jeez.

Jigsaw was trained and made his name in Chikara Pro Wrestling. He has been a mainstay in the company since 2002 and has wrestled in almost every major independent wrestling company in America. You can expect from him is very fast pace matches with exciting moves. Jigsaw incorporates Lucha Libre seamlessly into his matches.

The second man doesn’t call Philadelphia his wrestling home. He comes from the City of Angels Los Angles California and wrestles primary for Pro Wrestling Guerilla. Scorpio Sky has wrestled for nearly every company in Southern California and at one point held three different titles at one time. Scorpio Sky is a very solid all-around wrestler who will not have any problems competing with any of the X-Division Wrestlers.

Combat Zone Wrestling is known for blood, gore, and violence. If you avoid the company for that reason then you are missing many good wrestlers. Rashad Cameron is one of those wrestlers. He debuted in 2000 and currently serves as a mentor to many of the young wrestlers training at the Combat Zone Wrestling School. Rashad or BLK Jeez as he is known in the Combat Zone isn’t a wrestler that will engage in a match labeled as a death match. He is known for having very solid and good professional wrestling matches. His matches in the year 2010 with Adam Cole first showed me the potential that Adam Cole is now showing in Ring of Honor.

I enjoyed the talent TNA Impacted introduced this week and I look forward to seeing what other independent talent we will be introduced to over the next few weeks.

— Alex Goff