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On a special year-end awards edition of The PodNasty Wrestling Podcast, Alfred Konuwa spoke with former WWE announcer and the voice of Lucha Underground Matt Striker at the tapings earlier this month. Striker discussed his viewpoint on the state of pro wrestling announcing, the Lucha Underground product and rowdy wrestling fans.

Striker on the state of announcing today

“The way we tell stories and narrate things today, is not the same as it was 20 years ago. People are smarter, we’ve evolved as human beings and to leave things to people’s imaginations is a nice thing because everyone wants to put their own little spin and make things relevant to themselves.

“So as far as where we are [as a society today], I think we have a smarter wrestling fan, I think that the level of talent and the athletic caliber of the fighters also forces us to raise our game as commentators, narrators, but in the end some of the best stuff I could do is not say anything at all.”

What Separates Lucha Underground from other Promotions

“In this sport, it’s so hard to do something new. Look at all the sports today, a guy hits a 440 home run and we go…’oh,’ because we’ve seen it. So it’s really hard to make people go ‘holy…’ and that’s what they’re doing here.”

On Lucha Underground Fans being a Part of the Show as opposed to Taking it Over

“The Lucha Underground fan understands their role,” said Striker.

“The fan understands that they are that addendum or that supplement to what’s going on and I really think that the tip of the cap needs to go to the old ECW crowd because they really kind of ushered in that ‘we are the part of the show’ as well. And also when you go to places like England and Germany, the fans are that way too.”

Striker also discussed getting back in the ring and long-term plans for Lucha Underground.

Alfred Boima Konuwa III