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Last Saturday (August 18th, 2012) Winnipeg-born and raised pro-wrestling superstar Kenny Omega engaged over 10,000 fans in what many are calling the “best professional wrestling match of all time” when he faced Kota Ibushi in the main event of Dramatic Dream Team’s (DDT-Japan) at The Nippon Budokan Hall in Tokyo, Japan.

Spectators in attendance were mesmerized as they witnessed Ibushi successfully defend his KO-D Open Weight Championship against Omega in an epic and incredibly physical 37 minute match.

Reknowned wrestling writer and expert Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer called Omega “…perhaps the most underrated wrestler in the business” and reported that famed Ring of Honor performer El Generico said it was the best match he had ever seen live.

Omega echo’ed the comments exclusively to www.PCWaction.com, “I’m not ashamed to admit that even in defeat, it was the greatest match of my career.”

As long time tag-team partners, friends and opponents with Kota Ibushi, Omegasaid the emotional nature of the contest was very real.

“The match with Kota – friend vs friend, partner vs partner, was the biggest emotional and physical challenge of my career.”  The physical investment made by both men was evident from the video posted online which has already attracted international acclaim.


“I was prepared to show a new atheltic style that can’t be matched by any other 2 “workers” in the world, but show a strong sense in traditional wrestling and my own original flavor as well,” Omega explained to detail his intentions in the match. “I think in the end, people understood both of our strengths, weaknesses, but appreciated the harmony of the two forces coming together. People already call the match “legendary” and “the best of all time”, and I’m truly happy to hear such comments. But as much as it was a personal battle, we fought for the sake of pro-wrestling.  To show that the next level of athlete does exist in our sport, and is passionate about what he/she does.”