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Hello Online World of Wrestling readers and welcome to the latest addition of the Women’s Wrestling Write-up! It’s Jack here once again and I’m locked and loaded with Diva and Knockout goodies for you all to enjoy (I don’t think that was too much of an innuendo was it? Well it wasn’t meant to be, your dirty minded lot!) I’m finally all caught up myself with this week’s shenanigans after my laptop’s hard drive started to fail, but thankfully, I have it back and I lost no files, HOORAY!

Anyway, enough about my life that you obviously aren’t wanting to read about (you can learn more about my life by following me on Twitter at @Jack5326!)This week gave us some utterly cringe-worthy moments in the form of Cyndi Lauper, Wendi Richter and Layla’s segment on RAW and not forgetting, the utterly award winning acting (#sarcasm) by some random pregnant woman who is embroiled in the AJ Styles and Dixie Carter storyline that has dominated my life since it started! In addition to these examples of TV gold (?), we have actual matches in the form of Layla vs. Beth Phoenix Round 2 from No Way Out, Miss Tessmacher vs. Mickie James and Tara vs. Gutcheck contestant Taeler Hendrix from IMPACT and finally, AJ Lee appeared briefly on both RAW and Smackdown toying with Kane’s emotions. Ok enough outlining over, let’s get on with it!

This week’s ‘Opening Contest’ pits the new Knockouts Champion Miss Tessmacher defending her belt against Mickie James. Brooke Hogan chose Mickie James over Velvet Sky, Madison Rayne and ODB citing various reasons for her decision, and those decisions can be seen in the clips that I will post below. On a side note before we get into the match, Brooke Hogan’s acting has definitely got better since last week and whilst I don’t think the ‘The Apprentice’ style interrogations really suit Brooke, (she needs to work on her Donald Trump comb-over) I think the segments helped to make her involvement with the Knockouts more of a big deal. One thing I didn’t like though as she said she chose the 4 Knockouts in question as she wanted to hear their opinions. So Brooke, you don’t care about Tara, Rosita, Sarita, Angelina or Winter’s opinions? Oh and I hate how Brooke says she is so proud of the Knockouts. Urgh.

Anyway, Mickie James ended up being picked and she got to face Miss Tessmacher for the title. Did Hardcore Country become an 9-time Champion or did Tess keep her belt? Bearing in mind Mickie has always beaten Tess in single competition, will that streak continue? Check the match out now!

Brooke Hogan segments: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N-6vQeLSfEY, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ZC4TjeBM7w, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yy_l8SGCFEQ

My Thoughts: This was a solid match and I loved how many little personal touches Mickie James did to show us what looks to be her impending heel turn. The start of the match was a crisp set of arm locks and reversals, in which Mickie’s hammerlock with a bridge was a definite highlight. From Mickie needed to be told off by Earl Hebner, to her stiff elbow to Miss Tessmacher whilst she was in the ropes, Mickie came off as brash tonight and her reaction to when she lost was great.  Brooke did well I thought too although I didn’t like the spot when Mickie hit the Mick Kick as Taz tried to cover it by the fact Brooke’s hands were under the ropes, and Earl Hebner mucked up meaning Brooke had to kick out. Either way, by kicking out, it made Brooke look good. Overall, a pleasant way to continue Miss Tessmacher’s title reign and with it being a roll-up victory, Mickie looks fine in defeat (5 points for anyone who got the song reference there!)

Onto this week’s ‘Midcard Mediocrity’ now and keeping with IMPACT Wrestling, the Knockouts took centre stage in this week’s Gutcheck. This week, OVW talent Taeler Hendrix had a try-out match LIVE on IMPACT vs. Tara and next week, she’ll be back to see if Taz, Al Snow and Bruce Pritchard have voted to sign her to a deal. Has she done enough? Make up your mind below. Oh and watch out for some excruciatingly awful announcing from Jeremy Borash in which he sounds like cats just got ran over and he doesn’t get Tara’s hometown right. You have been warned!


My Thoughts: This match was a bit meh tbh. Tara did her job very well, utilising some moves like the Turnbuckle Choke that we haven’t seen for a while (perhaps because she’s hardly on IMPACT!) although I was puzzled as to why she was acting all heelish. She took Miss Tessmacher under her wing yet was being harsh to another newbie? Some dodgy character booking from TNA there. Taeler hit a nice Stratusphere although as she was picking up the pace, she still seemed a bit slow and I didn’t really get into the match and get behind her. Has Taeler done enough? I honestly prefer her already to a former TNA Taylor, Tranny Gangrel. I mean Taylor Wilde (I am definitely going to hell) so who knows. Personally, I don’t think she will get a contract due to the booking of the match as if you were just building momentum, why do for a rest hold? Only time will tell to see if we get a new Knockout not named Melina.

The second portion of this week’s ‘Midcard Mediocrity’ centres around the antics of AJ from both RAW and Smackdown. On Smackdown, AJ appeared as a special guest timekeeper whilst on RAW, she gave us this week’s OMG of the Week! Check both segments out below.

RAW: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QCWkc8mZDDg

Smackdown: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TfVW7opS_6M

My Thoughts: AJ lit up RAW once again this week, and I loved her impersonation of Kane. I was not expecting it, just like every other way AJ has been booked recently and whoever is in charge of her booking, I pat that man/woman on the back as this is how all the talent should be getting booked. AJ is unpredictable and enigmatic. As for Smackdown, AJ ringing the bell which distracted Daniel Bryan so Kane could win was nicely done and it makes you think, is she helping Kane? However both distractions this week have resulted in Daniel Bryan losing so I think AJ will turn heel at Money In The Bank by aligning with Daniel Bryan as in WWE’s mind at least, we won’t have seen it coming.

Next, for the first time ever, I am awarding TWO segments ‘Death Slot’ status this week as both were utterly horrid. One was so irrelevant; an appearance from the Queen of Wrestling, Jenna Morasca 9I jest) would have been welcomed with open arms, whilst the other segment tried to make us care about some random drugged up, knocked up woman who we have never seen before.

The first ‘Who Booked This Garbage’ segment featured WWE Divas Champion Layla (using Tiffany’s old theme song as a hand-me-down), Roddy Piper, Heath Slater and the Rock n Wrestling duo of Cyndi Lauper and Wendi Richter. Everything you’d ever want and more, right? Check out the irrelevancy below.


My Thoughts: LOL. WOW. Where can I even go from here in order to recap what you just witnessed? Whilst it was meant to be a bit of harmless fun, it caused me a lot of harm. Ok well, it wasn’t that bad, it was more of an ‘it was so bad, it was almost good’ sort of thing. Wendi Richter fist pumping dressed practically like The Gobbledy Gooker absolutely killed me and Wendi cracked a good joke about Heath Slater sounding as bad as her cat dying but other than that, this segment stunk. Roddy Piper gets WORSE on the mic every time he re-appears on the scene and I’m sure AJ isn’t impressed that she’s not his only ‘little lady’ anymore! And as for Layla, she should have had at least some banter with Heath Slater as all she did was introduce the guests. Shame.

As for this week’s second ‘Who Booked This Garbage’ segment, well, I feel let down by TNA on this one. Dixie Carter and AJ Styles have been keeping something a secret for quite some time and it was finally revealed this week… in the form of some random junkie woman. In order to try and work out what is going on, check the segment out next, but I’m warning you, I’m still none the wiser.


My Thoughts: LOL. WOW. Where can I even go from here in order to recap what you just witnessed? Ok tbh, I’ve been a bit over-dramatic again. The only major thing wrong with this segment was Claire Lynch’s acting as my good god, she was horrific. She appeared pregnant so that will obviously come into this within the next few weeks but why should I care? The WTH of the Week has to be, why didn’t TNA choose a current Knockout to play this role? Depending on what Daniels or Kazarian seemingly did to Claire, it might mean a company employee to play Claire is impossible yet right now, I’ve no hair left to pull out as I fathom what has transpired here. With Claire being played by an actress, I just don’t care about her at all. And neither should any of the audience after the gruesome acting. I’m sure we’ll find out next week what Daniels actually did to her, if any of us still care by then. TNA, I think you dropped the ball with this one. You dropped it down a bottomless pit.

Finally, for the first time in two weeks, an actual wrestling match is this week’s ‘Main Event’! Following on from the blockbuster build (#moresarcasm) that Layla and Beth Phoenix have had, how would their match at No Way Out transpire? Let’s see how the Divas did!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z4IulklttRU (Sorry for the poor quality!)

My Thoughts: This was by FAR the best match of the week in my opinion. WWE gave Layla a character again for a hot minute and Layla transported us all back to the Lay-Cool days by playing her comedic character to a tee as she ridiculed Beth Phoenix. Layla was fluid in the ring too and whilst other people disagree, I love seeing her hit the Lay-Out out of nowhere to get the win. It makes Layla more unpredictable and is very RKO-esque, Layla can just grab a win out of thin air so it seems!

However, Beth has had her chance now and WWE needs to build this division back up, like how it’s building back up its tag division. Maxine and Natalya are active enough heels right now and I would especially like to see Maxine get a title feud, as the wants it so she should go and get it. My puns just keep getting better don’t they?! Also now that the John Laryngitis’ ‘People Power’ reign is over, Eve is no longer in a position of authority, so I can hazard a guess that once she has finished filming her new Z-list reality TV series or whatever it is, she will be in the hunt for the butterfly! Or WWE can just give us Kharma. My pleas for her are definitely going to be a recurring thing!

Another week over, another WWW over! Thanks again for reading and please tweet me! I’d love to talk wrasslin’ with all of you! @Jack5326 is waiting! See you lot later!


Jack White is a 19 year old Broadcast Journalist studying at the University of Sunderland in England. After being a wrestling fan for over 10 years, Jack took to Twitter to express his opinions and from there, he ended up being a panelist on the former weekly wrestling podcast ‘This Week in Divas’. Now, Jack joins OWW to showcase his enthusiasm for pro wrestling in the form of the Women’s Wrestling Write-Up.