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After last monthʼs wild night of womenʼs wrestling, which resulted in the crowning of a new champion, World Women’s Wrestling makes its return to live action this Sunday night, September 30th with a 7 PM bell time at Good Time Emporium, 30 Assembly Square Drive, Somerville, MA .

New World Womenʼs Wrestling Champion, Lexxus has issued an open challenge for her championship on Sunday night, September 30th.  Lexxus has told WWW officials that she intends to be a fighting champion and she doesnʼt care who she has to face.  There are many possible contenders for the coveted title and they have all petitioned the championship committee for a shot at the gold belt.  Lexxus will not know who her opponent will be until the night of the event.

As for the contenders who could be getting their chance at WWW ʼs top prize, former champion, Nikki Roxx will be making her return to World Womenʼs Wrestling after a few months absence. What does she have in store for the women of WWW ?  Could Roxx be the one to challenge her friend Lexxus?

Alicia also returns to WWW on Sunday night, September 30th.  While The Jezebel from Jersey has unsettled issues with Nikki Roxx, she is scheduled to be facing former NECW & PWF Women’s Champion, Natalia in a special challenge match.

The self-proclaimed World Women’s Wrestling Tag Team Champions, The Daughters of Darkness (Currently, no tag team champions are officially recognized) take on the Soul Sistahs (Jana & Luscisous Latasha).

Also signed for Sunday, September 30th,  the Native American Princess, Alere Little Feather battles Violet Flame.

Also appearing, “The Portuguese Princess” Ariel, former WWW Champion,Tanya Lee and more!  It will be another wild night of action where anything can happen!

Tickets for World Women’s Wrestling for Sunday, September 30th are on sale now at all FYE locations and online at www.WorldWomensWrestling.com