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dwvcwcwWorld Women’s Wrestling made its return to the Good Time Emporium in Somerville, MA this past Sunday night, August 12th, to another full house and a night loaded with high octane action, including the crowning of a new champion!
The action began while the opening videos were playing, as WWW Champion, Tanya Lee and Lexxus battled in through the front door brawling through the building. Lexxus began to overpower the WWW Champion, who then bailed out of the ring.  Lexxus sent a very serious message to her opponent, that tonight there was no stopping her from becoming the WWW Champion.

In the opening contest, The Daughters of Darkness (Ms. Della Morte & Mistress Belmont) defeated The Diva Killaz (Miss Deville & Kayla Sparks). After the match the Daughters of Darkness declared themselves the WWW Tag Team Champions due to the company’s fear in answering their petitions to start a tag division.

Luscious Latasha made a successful, yet tainted debut, over veteran star Violet Flame. Jana came to the ring during the match and gave Latasha her chain, which Latasha used to knock out Violet and get the win.

In a great contest, Natalia defeated Jana by disqualification. Natalia looked to be on the verge of winning the match with her Overdrive neckbreaker, when Luscious Latasha returned to the ring interfering leading to the match being called in Natalia’s favor. After the match Latasha and Jana beat on Natalia for a bit before leaving together. The Soul Sistahs are now together in WWW.

At the end of intermission, Tanya Lee attacked Lexxus once again. Sean Gorman asked the fallen contender if being the #1 Contender was really worth the trouble.

In a return grudge match, Amber pinned Alere Little Feather. After the match Alere attempted to injure Amber with a chair to the back and let the popular WWW star know that their feud is far from over.

In the main event of the evening Lexxus seemed to have the match over WWW Champion Tanya Lee going entirely her way. Sean Gorman signaled to the back bringing out the Soul Sistahs who attacked the contender leading to a disqualification. Tanya Lee took Sean Gorman’s dress shoe and used it as a weapon on Lexxus. Natalia ran to the ring and cleaned house. She then picked up the dress shoe in anger. Lexxus recovered and saw that Natalia was holding the shoe and assumed she had been the person who assaulted her. This led to a brawl between the two popular stars.

NECW/WWW President Sheldon Goldberg came to ringside and stated that although it seemed that Gorman and Tanya Lee had a pretty good plan to try and keep the title, he promised the people a great main event and was going to deliver. The match was restarted as an anything goes 4-way between Natalia, Jana, Lexxus, and WWW Champion Tanya Lee with the title on the line. This brutal brawl spilled out into the gaming midway of the Good Time Emporium. When the dust settled, Lexxus stood tall in the ring after pinning her rival Tanya Lee as the new World Women’s Wrestling Champion.

World Women’s Wrestling returns to live action at Good Time Emporium in Somerville, MA on Sunday night, September 9 with a 7 PM bell time.  Tickets will be on sale at all FYE locations and online at WorldWomensWrestling.com later this week.