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WBWWorld’s Best Wrestling returned to Sardinia, Ohio on Saturday October 12th for the WBW 1st anniversary show Pinnacle II. Here are the quick results.

The show started off with Matthew Beha singing the National Anthem.

-Jason Legend was then called out by Wrestle Ohio, the faction criticized RangerBob and blamed him for Legend not having a match tonight, they also said they petitioned the Board to remove RangerBob as General Manager and the Board agreed.  The told Legend he had two choices if he ever wanted a title shot, joining Wrestle Ohio, or completing the Wrestle Ohio Challenge by defeating every member of Wrestle Ohio, they gave Jason until the end of the night to decide.

-The Solar Powers; Eclipso and Jake Ashworth defeated Ed Gonzales and “Hardcore” Heather Owens via pin fall.

-Two WBW debuts, newcomer Funny Bones was defeated by Jeremiah King’s newest acquisitions a 7 ft. tall monster called Massacre via pin fall in under two minutes.  Pre-Match Jeremiah told the crowd he was going to get the respect he deserved in WBW, and this new giant would make sure of it.

-Grizzly Monsoon was declared the winner after “Die Hard” Tom McClane was disqualified due to a group attack by his faction Wrestle Ohio on the beast man and his former manager Sharon Rock who was ringside as photographer.

– “The Mongolian Machine” Tejo Kahn defeated “The Incomparable” Mac McPhat via pin after a Frankensteiner off of the top rope.

-WBW Northern Heritage Champion “Re-Enforcer” Devlin Anderson defeated Flash Fury to retain the title via pin fall with the help of Wrestle Ohio.

-“ Incredible Kahuna” Kenny Lucas defeated “Mr. Reality Check” Big Jim Hutchinson via pin fall in a no DQ match.

-“Darkstar” Matt Taylor defeated champion Tyson Rogers to win the WBW Heavyweight Championship.

Post-match Wrestle Ohio surrounds Matt Taylor, and “American Made” Jason Legend runs out to the new Champion’s side. Wrestle Ohio tells Taylor he can run but he can’t hide, Wrestle Ohio will get their title back. Taylor tells Wrestle Ohio he will not be doing any running, he will defend the belt against Wrestle Ohio anytime, anyplace.

-The Mastermind tells Taylor he was hoping he would say that and asked for the bell to ring, Taylor turned around and was superkicked by Jason Legend, who attempted a cover. Taylor kicked out and fought back, but the numbers of Wrestle Ohio were two much and he received another brutal kick to the head and was pinned by Legend who was crowned new WBW Heavyweight Champion.

Wrestle Ohio the attempted to put a beat down on Taylor but were chased from the ring by Kahuna, Eclipso, Grizzly Monsoon, and Flash Fury.

Post show Tyson Rogers seemed to be in a furious argument with Sara, Mastermind and Legend, all refused comment.

A lot of wild accusations were made about RangerBob by Team Wrestle Ohio at Pinnacle II, when reached for comment RangerBob said the truth is coming.

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