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Wrestlemania 24 has come and gone and I must it was worth the money. It was so awesome. Even the lighting mishap made it fun because it’s all unpredictable. I was a little disappointed that Rev. Theory didn’t play but that’s alright. It was a good night, an emotional night. A night that will be remembered for a long time. So lets get down to the matches

The Belfast Brawl was decent, Finlay took some sick shots in the match. It was good to see Hornswoggle back. I noticed like everyone was wearing new tights last night and Finlay was one of them. I like how he’s playing out the Irish Heritage with new look. It was a good opener.

Next up was Money in the Bank. Money in the Bank always has some great spots in it especially when Shelton Benjamin went crashing through the ladder. It was also great to see Matt Hardy return setting up his feud with MVP again. CM Punk winning the match was a huge shock to me. I thought it was a good fight for the briefcase and I am looking forward to seeing CM Punk win a title on Raw or Smackdown eventually.

Umaga vs. Batista I had a feeling would be a slow paced match because they are both big men but I was surprised how well the match came off. Batista almost killed himself by trying to power bomb Umaga but it look good anyways. They did their best and that’s all you can ask. I hope to see them feud for awhile so they can try and do more stuff. It could be a very good feud if done right

Next was the match of the night. The Legendary Ric Flair vs. the Icon Shawn Michaels. Despite Shawn almost killing himself twice, this was indeed a great match. I loved the ending to this match when Shawn said “I am sorry, I love you,” and super kicked Flair and pinned him 1, 2, 3. It was a great way for him to go out. Shawn Michaels gave Ric Flair a wonderful match the will be remembered for a long time. Tears came down as he walked the aisle one last time. Thank you Ric Flair for everything you have done for the wrestling business. It’s because of guys like you I want to be involved in the business.

Next up with the Diva match in which the lights went out during the match. Thank God too. I cant stand anything WWE does with the Women. TNA has a better Women’s Division the WWE. Anyways it was a good moment to see Snoop Dog beat up Santino Marella. Funny stuff. Snoop Dog is cool.

The highly anticipated Triple Threat Match between John Cena, Randy Orton and Triple H. It was a good match but not the best Triple threat match. I was truly shocked to see Randy Orton hold on to the title but he is on top of his game. Who would have thought five years ago that the two champions going into Wrestlemania would be Randy Orton and Edge. I think this will set up a good match between Orton and HHH for Backlash. It was enjoyable to watch. Good job by all three guys. Very enjoyable.

Next was the most ridiculous match in Mania history. Mayweather vs. Big Show. It was so dumb. Big Show could easily break him in half. I am going to say this much, Floyd did a good job selling during the match but after match he didn’t sell any of the damage he received and acted all cocky. It was a slap in the face to the WWE and anyone who wrestles, period. I am glad it wasn’t the last match. I can honestly say that Lawrence Taylor had a better match 13 years ago. Thank God that part of Wrestlemania was over.

The Main Event between the Undertaker and Edge was freaking awesome. I enjoyed every bit of it. Edge really looked like he would beat the Deadman but Undertaker prevailed and won the title and kept his streak alive at 16-0 now. Awesome, just awesome. What a wonderful match. It proved to me Edge belongs in that spot and deserves everything he gets out of the business.

Overall if I had to rate the PPV out of 10, I would 7.5. It was in my top 10, possibly top 5 when I sit down and watch it again. It was good. The one thing I forgot to mention is Kane beat Chavo Guerrero for the ECW title in a matter of 10 seconds. It was awesome. Kane deserves to have a title again. I cannot wait to see the fallout from Wrestlemania. WWE really earned some of my respect back last night. All 3 PPV’s this year have been decent and I am really look forward to Backlash on April 27th. Thanks WWE for a great Wrestlemania

Hollywood Joey Williamson
Hollywoods World of Sports- http://hollywoodsworld.blogspot.com

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