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Visit this website to order these funny wrestler candles.  How great is this?!  Iron Sheik on a candle.  The description:
Camel Clutch Sweet Wine:  You’ll be taken aback by the sweet fragrances of a fine moscato wine with hints of ginger, nuts, honey, apples, pears, and peaches.  This 16 oz. candle is made with all natural, kosher 100% soy wax with a lead and zinc free self trimming cotton wick. The burn time for this candle is approximately 150 hours.
Usos The Samoan Family Foundation, Inc. was created by “Wild Samoan” Afa Anoai and his wife Lynn to offer a safe and secure environment for young men and women, to channel their energies and keep them off the streets and away from drugs, gangs and negativity.
To make a donation or learn more about Usos The Samoan Family Foundation, please visit: