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Right After Wrestling with Arda Ocal and Jimmy Korderas on SIRIUS Radio 98 got comments from wrestlers / producers about the Brock Lesnar / Undertaker altercation:

LANCE STORM – I was surprised.  the skeptical mind of a worker was always wondering whether it was a work or legit.  I’m obviously leaning towards work now.  i cant see anything come out of this, but it sure made me think.  I can’t see Taker being that unprofessional to confront him and say anything than pleasant words if there wasn’t a plan in the works.  Taker is a professional and Brock had just lost a tough fight so I wouldn’t see him doing something like that if there wasn’t plans in the future or hopeful plans in the future.

DAVE LAGANA – It’s amazing that a third party, independently produced, non agenda based video was able to create more buzz about Wrestlemania or any PPV than WWE can create in one 30 second clip.  It was pretty cool.  I was jazzed to see and the fact that it has a million views in just under two days shows the power of what it did in that video.
COLT CABANA – He’s the Undertaker he can say what he wants to say and Brock Lesnar is Brock Lesnar and can do what he wants to do.  If it was something set up to get into the wrestling ring like good for them for getting a buzz.  If it’s not than whatever, all Undertaker did was say a couple of words and now all of a sudden he’s got this giant buzz on the internet.  Whatever it is it’s getting some buzz.  It didn’t hurt anybody physically, mentally or emotionally I don’t think so good for them.  What am I gonna do, hope both their careers turn out well.  Their both millionaires and are doing awesome so their doing it right.  Maybe I should challenge Brock Lesnar after a match also so I can have some buzz like them.
BOOKER T – It’s kind of bizarre.  It kind of came out of left field.  If it was what I think it was, it was a well kept secret.  It was interesting, Undertaker seemed like he was a little taken back.  Maybe it was because of the outcome of the fight between Cain and Brock.  Who is to say, I’m really not sure it was just really bizarre.
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