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Known as “The Scream Queen” with her banshee-like yelps inside the squared circle, Daffney has made her way from WCW, culminating in holding the WCW Cruiserweight Championship, to TNA. Rated number 18 in Pro Wrestling Illustrated “Female Top 50”, Daffney has seen what could be described as a tumultuous road in the world of Professional Wrestling, and has decided to help her ailing workers who have paved the way for the fortunate, and chose Wrestlers Rescue Dr. Death Campaign as the recipient. 

            This two piece ensemble includes signed and ring worn top and tights. Items are accompanied by an official Wrestlers Rescue Certificate of Authenticity and can be shipped worldwide. This auction will begin on Wednesday November 25, 2009 at 5pm EST, and the bidding will begin at $ 99.99USD. The funds raised for this will be used to aid “Dr. Death” Steve Williams in his health care costs as he fights cancer cells in his stoma. For the link to this auction, please visit www.wrestlersrescue.org.


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