Wrestling for a Cause Results 9/10

Courtesy of Alan J. Wojcik and www.owwradio.com

(1) Jerome Hendrix defeated “Latin Lover” Ricky Romeo.

Romeo was not too pleased the fans were behind Hendrix so he tried to win them over and failed miserably. Romeo got backed to a neural corner twice and on the break slapped his hands claiming he had been punched. The third time it backfired as referee Billy Dalton saw it all go down. Hendrix took over with three bodyslams and slid to the floor. Hendrix followed and paid when they got back in as Romeo was waiting to drop a boot on his head. Romeo went to work on Hendrix using every dirty trick you can think. The bad part was none of it led to a pinfall or submission. Romeo avoided a corner cross body press and hit his finishing spinebuster but got only two. Hendrix scored a sunset flip for two after referee Dalton kicked his hands off the ropes. As Romeo argued with the referee, Hendrix scored a rollup pinfall that led to an in-ring temper tantrum from Romeo.

(2) Michael Patrick & Van Daniels (w/ “the Genius” Gene Beard) defeated The James Boys (Luke & Rich)

Daniels and Patrick jumped the James’ during the referee’s weapon search. It backfired as they ended up trading punches and sliding to Beard on the floor for a confab. The James’ had total control for several minutes as Beard paced ringside looking for something to hit. The momentum stopped when Patrick kneed Rich in the back as he came to the ropes. Daniels and Patrick worked over Rich for several minutes until a double team move turned into a double clothesline from Rich. It allowed Luke to tag in and clean house. Beard went to hit Luke with his shoe but Patrick got sent into him sending the shoe in the ring. The James Boys hit Daniels with a double team backbreaker into an elbow drop. But when the referee put Luke out of the ring, Patrick used the shoe and drilled Rich in the head. All he needed to do was toss Daniels on top for the win.

(3) In a return Grudge Match, Former WWE and TNA star, Big Vito defeated Francisco Ciatso (w/Cannon.)

“The Toughest man to Wear a Dress” got the crowd to its feet and Ciatso looking for the exit sign or a lawyer to get his way out of the match. The bell sounded and Ciatso hit the pavement as Vito teased him by lifting his dress above his knees. Vito grabbed Ciasto and tossed him back in the ring and beat him from one side to the other with chest chops and slams. Vito’s advantage was stopped on a corner whip and Ciatso caught the charging Vito with an elbow to the face. That was all Ciatso and Cannon needed to begin an attack on Vito’s neckline, I mean neck. Ciatso scored a two count on a powerslam and another on a sidewalk slam before locking in a rear chinlock. Vito fought to his feet only to be back on the mat after another elbow to the face. Vito fought up once more and this time he delivered a superkick but couldn’t follow up due to exhaustion. Both men got to their feet but it was Vito who was in total control and he won with a swinging DDT.

(4) In a Special Challenge Match, The Saint defeated “Black Nature Boy” Scoot Andrews.

The Saint offered a handshake but Andrews raked his eyes through the mask. The Saint recovered and traded mat wrestling holds with Andrews. Andrews ended up on his back in an armbar for several minutes before bailing to the floor for some alone time. The Saint followed him out to get him back in but paid for it when the action came back to the ring and Andrews kicked the ropes as the Saint re-entered. Andrews took over with a straight jacket chinlock but the Saint powered to his feet only to run into Andrews in the middle of the ring. The Saint was inspired by the fans and he fought Andrews punch for punch and kick for kick. Andrews went for Forces of Nature but it was blocked and the Saint countered into the Holy Cross finisher.

(5) In an Old School War match, Navy Seal defeated “The Marquee” Bruce Santee (w “Supermodel” Amy Love) 

Before the match Santee told the fans to put their children on leaches or they might get hurt. Santee called football players “sissies” and “pansies.” Seal came out and went right to work hitting several armdrags and a clothesline that sent Santee to the floor. So Seal followed him out with a tope’ to the floor. Love consoled Santee on the floor as Seal waited in the ring. He got tired of waiting so he went for a baseball slide and missed. Santee grabbed Love and hid behind her knowing Seal would not hit her. Santee let her go and sucker punched Seal then tossed him into the ringpost. The action finally came back to the ring where Santee went to work on Seal’s upper body with power moves. Santee also allowed Love to get in some shots as Santee distracted the referee. Seal fought back and used his martial arts skills to deck Santee. Seal went up top but Santee caught him and hit a superplex for two. Santee got cocky telling the fans it was over. He lost track of Seal and he paid as Seal hit a Blockbuster to win the hard fought contest.  After the match Santee and Love had a heated verbal exchange about how things went down. Love had enough and slapped Santee in the face.

(6) In a Teacher vs. Student match, David Babylon defeated Billy Fives.

Fives went right to work trying to use his black belt martial art skills to intimidate Babylon. It didn’t work as Babylon traded chest chops with Fives and ended up being backdropped from the ring to the floor. Babylon followed him out with a slingshot senton. The action came back to the ring where Fives wanted a test of strength lockup. Babylon obliged and fell right into a trap as Fives delivered several kicks to the midsection and chest. Fives missed a head kick and got rolled up for two and Babylon followed with a sunset flip for two. Fives fought back with more kicks including one direct to Babylon’s back. Fives got arrogant as the match went on as he taunted the fans who were cheering on Babylon. Fives locked in an armbar submission but Babylon fought out and locked in a Crippler Crossface of his own. Fives countered out into a wristlock but had to break when both men ended up in the ropes. Fives drove his knees into Babylon’s back and neck as the fans cheered for Babylon to fight back. Babylon countered a back suplex and a standing suplex and Babylon won with a modified Sliced Bread #2.

(7) Hair vs. Career Match with NO DQ, “Freedom Ryder” Mike Sullivan (career) defeated Steve “Moose” Madison (hair).

For someone who had his career on the line, Sullivan didn’t look one bit nervous even as Madison flailed around his beloved bullrope. Early on Madison spent as much time on the floor as the fans did, avoiding Sullivan. Finally the two locked up and it was Sullivan who took control with a cross body block and dropkick. But when he went for another cross body block, Madison dropped to his knees and Sullivan landed on the floor. Madison went after him but ended up getting chopped in the chest and slammed on the floor. Madison fought back with a slam of his own and several punches to the face. The match came back to the ring where Madison kept punishing Sullivan’s neck. Sullivan fought out of a sleeper and locked one on but Madison drove his face into the turnbuckles. Madison tried for the cheating pin with both feet on the ropes but Sullivan licked out. Madison followed with a back suplex but couldn’t follow up and it allowed Sullivan time to recover and go on the attack only to have his leap frog be countered into a powerslam for two. Madison went up top and got caught by Sullivan who brought him off with a ring shaking superplex. Sullivan followed with a top rope shoulder block and he locked in a sleeper with a body scissor to get the win. That meant the hair clippers came out and away went Madison’s hair.

Before the match the legendary “Outlaw” Ron Bass was introduced to the fans. He thanked the fans for coming out to support the Packers.

(8) “Iceman” Buck Quartermaine defeated Former WWE and TNA Star Kip “Billy Gunn” James.

James offered a test of strength but Quartermaine couldn’t reach. So James slid to the floor and had a six yr old show “Iceman” how it’s done. When James slid back in Quartermaine dropped a knee on his neck and tried to quicken the pace but that went bad as James rocked him with a high knee to the jaw. Quartermaine cut James off as he went for a move with a knee to the gut. Quartermaine went to the rule breaking handbook using eye rakes and punches. Quartermaine got two following a neckbreaker and followed with a slam that went bad as James’ weight was too much getting him two. Quartermaine clipped out the knee and hit the Buck Q Shuffle for two followed by a sleeper. James fought to his feet but Quartermaine grabbed James by the hair and threw him to the canvas. Quartermaine hit an elbow to the corner but his second was countered into an Acecrusher. James went on the attack with several high impact moves and won with the Famouser.

(9) In a Tag Team rematch, The Heartbreak Express (“Superstar” Sean and “Fabulous” Phil Davis) defeated The Heavenly Bodies (“Casanova” Chris & “Vivacious” Vito).

The Express jumped the Bodies before the bell but it backfired and Bodies took over control of the ring. Once things settled down the Bodies went to work on Phil Davis for several minutes. That ended when DeNucci was dragged to the floor by Sean Davis who slammed DeNucci’s face into the ring rampway. The Express went right to work on DeNucci with several legal and illegal tags. DeNucci made the tag to Nelson who cleaned house until a backdrop went wrong and he landed on his head. DeNucci came back in the ring to help his partner but the referee got caught in the crossfire. Sean Davis went to use brass knuckles but Ron bass entered the ring and stopped him. Bass grabbed them and to the shock of everyone, he turned around and decked Chris Nelson to allow Sean Davis to get the pinfall win. After the bell Bass and the Express used the knuckles to split open both members of the Bodies. DeNucci got the house mic and called the Express a “poor man’s Bodies” and challenged the trio to a match if WFC would sign off on it.

Check out www.wrestlingforacause.org for information on upcoming events.

Wrestling for a Cause, Inc is the first government recognized non-profit organization dedicated to raising funds for youth sports by using professional wrestling as a fundraising vehicle. With over 35 years in combined experience in professional wrestling, Wrestling for a Cause, Inc. is unique by offering an alternative to magazines, candy bars, and cookie dough by presenting a live event and working alongside the charity to raise funds for their cause.

Who are we?
We are members of your community
We are supporters of your cause and organization
We are fundraising professionals

What do we believe in?
We believe youth sports are a cornerstone in the development for our community
We believe all youth should participate in sports, regardless of skill level and/or socioeconomic status

Why Wrestling for a Cause, Inc.?
The fundraising model for youth sports is due for a change.
Participation in “typical” fundraising shows a dramatic decrease in participation each year.
Consumers are thoroughly dissatisfied with fundraising products, as well as lack of variety from year to year.
Family lifestyles have changed over the years with families trying to get more “bang for their buck.”
Fewer volunteers are able to help with fundraising events
Fundraising is not about “selling stuff.” It is about gaining attention and recognition for your cause!

What does Wrestling for a Cause, Inc. offer?
It’s an attention gathering event!
An event that brings the community and the cause together as one
No delivery of items
No large, up front investment
Less time required by the participants

No wait time
No back orders
Provides family interaction

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