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Thursday April 9, 2009
by Mike Aldren

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4/6 Raw TV results from Houston, TX: Carlito & Primo Colon over John Morrison & The Miz to retain the tag titles, Raw Divas over Smackdown Divas, John Cena, CM Punk, Rey Mysterio, Jeff Hardy & Ricky Steamboat over Edge, Kane, Big Show, Matt Hardy & Chris Jericho, Santina Marella over Beth Phoenix, and Randy Orton vs. Vince McMahon was a no contest.
The pre show dark matches were Evan Bourne over Dolph Ziggler with a shooting star press, and Kofi Kingston over Shelton Benjamin. 

4/7 ECW TV results from Houston, TX: Evan Bourne, Carlito & Primo Colon over Tyson Kidd, John Morrison & The Miz, and Finlay over Mark Henry, Christian and Tommy Dreamer in a four way.


Changes on all three brands in the role of General Manager, changes to the announce teams with the departure of Tazz, three matches confirmed for Backlash on 4/26 in Providence, and the return of Dave Batista, was the big news coming out of the WWE TV tapings this past week.

During the opening segment on Raw, Vince McMahon confronted Randy Orton and announced the main event of Blacklash would be a six man tag of himself, Shane and Triple H vs. Legacy. By the end of the show that changed to Batista taking Vince’s spot and the match would also have the WWE title on the line which presumably is a way for Orton to win without Hunter being pinned. This was revealed in the final segment of the show during a Vince-Orton singles match which led to a brawl between Legacy, Shane, and Hunter ending with Batista charging down to the ring and cleaning house. Batista looked ridiculously huge for a 40-year-old not yet fully recovered from a hamstring tear who supposedly tested and passes the WWE wellness policy.

Another main event match for Backlash was announced earlier in the show by Vickie Guerrero. Chavo wheeled Vickie out and she cut a promo saying that the WWE Board of Directors had told her she had to choose a brand, either Raw or Smackdown, to GM. She chose Raw and announced John Cena vs. Edge for the World title. The funny thing here is that she forgot the most important line. Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler were moving on to the next segment, and then suddenly Chavo wheeled her back out and she added that the Cena-Edge title match would be Last Man Standing. She occasionally fluffed lines while on Smackdown but now on Raw she wont have the benefit of second takes or editing.

Teddy Long is once again Smackdown GM. He is fine in that spot but he wasn’t the first or even second choice. Ric Flair was asked to return full-time in a GM role. He turned down a contract, believed to be $250,000 a year guaranteed, because he feels he can make more money independently and he wants to pursue outside projects. Flair is appearing tonight at the Ring of Honor HDNet tapings in Philadelphia.
Dusty Rhodes was also offered a similar deal but apparently he is happy with his gig in developmental and doesn’t want to be on the road any more.

Tiffany (the former Playboy model Taryn Terrell) is the new interim ECW GM. She announced Jack Swagger would defend his title at Blacklash against one of either Christian (most likely), Tommy Dreamer (unlikely as he’s retiring in June), Mark Henry (who is talking about retiring) or Finlay (who is near retirement). Those four will be having matches over the next couple of weeks to determine the number one contender.

Tazz hasn’t even been acknowledged as leaving the company. His WWE.com profile was quietly moved to the alumni section at some point during the last few days. Tazz’ replacement at least for now is Todd Grisham who was the lead with Jim Ross providing color at the Smackdown tapings in Austin. Yes, you read that right, Grisham is play-by-play and Ross is color. Josh Matthews was called up from developmental to replace Grisham with Matt Striker. Of late Matthews has been announcing at the WWE Studios in Connecticut for the overseas syndicated shows.

Further announce changes are expected to be made at the draft show next week in Atlanta. There is also the new Superstars show to consider which debuts on WGN on 4/13. Former announcer Kevin Kelly has said he will not be involved despite rumors to the contrary. A number of wrestlers on the roster have tried out for the show, including Sim Snuka, who had a cameo at Wrestlemania as the plant cameraman during the Undertaker-Shawn Michaels match. Joey Styles has already said he won’t be returning as an announcer.


Our full story on today’s toxicology results on Andrew “Test” Martin is online at http://tinyurl.com/ctetra

The Miami Herald at http://tinyurl.com/ckcaul interviewed Mr. Kennedy.
He was scheduled to meet with Dr. Andrews in Birmingham, AL earlier this week to discuss his future. He fears his shoulder injury could be permanent and even talked about becoming a trainer in developmental if he had to retire.

There is another interview with Kennedy at http://tinyurl.com/c4rafl

Raw this past Monday night did a 3.9 rating averaging 5,946,000 viewers, and ECW on Tuesday night did a 1.3 rating. Smackdown on 4/3 which was a fluff show to hype Wrestlemania did a 1.9 rating. The Hall of Fame special on 4/4 featuring the inductions of Steve Austin and Ricky Steamboat as a one-hour special on USA did an impressive 1.8 rating, and averaged 2,580,000 million viewers.

The WWE stock has really bombed in the past few days closing today at
$11.71 after opening on Monday at $12.96.

Marvel.com at http://tinyurl.com/clbsmr has a story looking at some of Rey Mysterio’s comic book inspired costumes.

The Houston Chronicle at http://tinyurl.com/d2tc8p closed out it’s coverage of Wrestlemania noting that Mickey Rourke claimed in a pre show press conference that he wouldn’t be involved in any action at the show.

Chris Jericho was in Los Angeles on Tuesday at the premiere of a heavy metal docu-movie called Anvil! The Story of Anvil. When asked about Rourke “knocking him out” at Wrestlemania, Jericho joked: “Rourke took me down (in the ring)… I will now challenge him to an act-off… My life is over without you — beat that Rourke!”

The Hall of Fame induction speech that Bill Watt’s didn’t have time to deliver was posted on his website at http://tinyurl.com/cytmdc

Howard Finkel at http://tinyurl.com/clgbdw wrote a blog thanking WWE fans for his induction to the Hall of Fame.

Steve Wilton webmaster of www.honkytonkman.net sent us a message from The Honky Tonk Man: “To all my fans, I had a great time at the WrestleMania & HOF weekend events. I was humbled to be with such greats of wrestling history and to be part of history. I was honoured and very excited to induct Koko into the Hall of Fame and I hope you all enjoyed it. I made sure to take my time so the words I spoke were absorbed by the fans and to make sure the induction was for Koko and not about HTM.
I’d also like to say thank you to every Diva, wrestler, Legend, Hall of Famer and office personnel who showed me nothing but the up most respect.”

Candice Michelle was telling fans during Wrestlemania weekend that she hopes to return from her ankle injury in three weeks.

Joey Styles said on his Twitter page that WWE.com surpassed 100 million page views on Monday following Wrestlemania.

A funny note on what was likely an April Fools joke. The WWE media people last weekend tried to put out a story to the UK press that Stacy Keibler was romantically linked with Hornswoggle. Neil Chandler at the Daily Star newspaper, who also wrote the William Regal bio, took the bait and ran a story reporting that his “sources” told him the rumor was true.

Dwayne Johnson responds to John Cena’s Wrestlemania 26 challenge at http://tinyurl.com/deq5vx calling it “laughable” and wishes him well.
Johnson also talks Cena and Jesus at http://tinyurl.com/c6lz97

MTV.com at http://tinyurl.com/caz8af has a story on Cena’s Wrestlemania entrance.

As it’s the Jewish festival of Passover the WWE seems to be trying to tap a new market. Globe reader Felicia sent in this note: “Thought this was kind of funny, but not in an offensive way of course. While browsing WWEShop.com, I noticed they have a couple of yarmulkes on sale – one with a Degeneration X logo and the other with the John Cena bulldog logo. Both are $9.98 each.”

WWE Madison Square Garden Classics returns to the MSG Network on 4/22.

The episode of Head Case with Batista on the Starz cable channel airs at 10pm ET on 5/15.

New ECW GM Tiffany has adopted Torrie Wilson’s old entrance theme, A Girl Like That.


Impact preview: Robert Roode vs. Eric Young; Samoa Joe vs. Booker T;
Suicide vs. Sheik Abdul Bashir; Scott Steiner vs. James Storm; and Mick
Foley vs. The Motor City Machine Guns in a first blood handicap match
with Sting as special enforcer.

At press time a little over 3000 tickets have been sold for Lockdown on
4/19 at the Liacouras Center in Philadelphia. The arena can be
configured to hold just over 10,000 for wrestling so 3000 is considered
a disappointing advance with the show less than two weeks away.

The Danny Bonaduce-Eric Young match at Lockdown will be a dark match
although I am not sure Bonaduce has been told yet. He is still plugging
the PPV every day on his Philly radio show. He has done some training
sessions in preperation at Larry Sharpe’s Monster Factory gym in New
Jersey, specifically asking them to tech him a swanton bomb.

Former WWE Diva Lisa Varon (Victoria) talked to Dixie Carter at the UFC
Fight Night show last week in Nashville. Carter said she would be
interested in bringing Varon in but that was as far the conversation
went. Varon is wanting to pursue MMA at the moment and has no interest
in wrestling. It’s also believed she has time remaining on her WWE
contract which would mean even if she did want to go to TNA they
couldn’t put her on TV for a few months.

Ayako Hamada from Japan was signed and is coming in for the next set of
TV tapings. She is a second generation wrestler being the daughter of
Gran Hamada. She has over 10 years in the ring under her belt and is way
ahead as a worker compared to 90% of the women on the roster.


Dr Mike Lano had actress Roseanna Arquette as a special guest recently
on his radio show. She noted that son David still follows wrestling but
she never wants to see him in the ring again: “David was thrilled when
the Mickey Rourke Wrestler movie came out, because we adore Mickey.  We all loved it and I had to look away a lot of the time; but afterwards,
we told David there was no way we’re ever letting him do that kind of
thing anymore. The risk of injury is too great.” On Andrew Martin
recently passing away: “That’s disgusting too. Well, pro wrestling isn’t
my cup of tea. It’s ridiculous, but he lives it. David said almost every
other month another young one dies from steroids and drugs. Why isn’t
someone doing something about it? Where is the out cry?”

Hulk Hogan was back in court today in Clearwater, FL asking a judge to
stop Linda’s boyfriend Charlie Hill from driving his vehicles. Hogan’s
attorney David Houston was quoted as saying: “We’re worried everyday
that Charlie Hill is driving those vehicles… It’s just crazy. It’s
like dumping gas on a house, lighting a match and hoping it won’t go
up.” Story is at http://tinyurl.com/dbrjro

The National Enquirer has a story on Hogan pushing his upcoming book
where he claims he saved son Nick from having his legs sawed off at the
scene of Nick’s 2007 car crash which left John Graziano in a vegetative

On a related note, Ed Graziano has plead not guilty to charges he tried
to have his wife killed by a hit man. The Tampa Tribune is following the
story at http://tinyurl.com/d6odlc

Memphis wrestling promoter Corey Maclin announced plans to run in the
2010 Democratic primary for Shelby County clerk, according to the
Memphis Daily News.

Shane Douglas is having to move his planned ECW reunion show on 11/7 in
Philadelphia to a new date as the Arena is booked for a comedy show that
night and wasn’t available. The new date will be announced shortly at

Bobby Lashley didn’t attend the Ultimate Fighter tryouts earlier this
week in Seattle. He had said in an interview last week that he was
entertaining the idea but wanted to work his way up the ladder on his
own name.

Former WWE refs Wes Adams and Mike Posey are forming a tag team on the
indy circuit.

A recent photo of former WWE Diva Stacy “The Kat” Carter –

WG Diva of the Day — Kelly Kellyhttp://tinyurl.com/d9v8m6



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