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Friday May 15, 2009

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5/14 Superstars TV results: Rey Mysterio over Shelton Benjamin; Christian over Mark Henry; and Big Show over Hornswoggle via DQ. Nothing much to the show. Goldust of all people made the save for Hornswoggle in the main event who presumably pissed off Vickie Guerrero. I guess they will be a new comedy duo on Raw.

Just the one house show this weekend before the PPV. They run the U.S.Cellular Center in Bloomington, IL on Saturday. It’s a tri-branded supershow and the WWE’s first ever show in the town with John Cena, Jeff Hardy & Batista va. Randy Orton, Edge & Big Show; Primo & Carlito vs.
Legacy, and Christian vs. Jack Swagger.

Judgment Day this Sunday from the AllState Arena in Chicago has CM Punk vs. Umaga; Rey Mysterio vs. Chris Jericho for the IC title; Christian vs. Jack Swagger for the ECW title; John Cena vs. Big Show; Randy Orton vs. Batista for the WWE title; and Edge vs. Jeff Hardy for the World title. Pretty good line up match-wise on paper.

Raw is live on Monday from Freedom Hall in Louisville, KY and the Smackdown/ECW tapings is Tuesday from the U.S. Bank Arena in Cincinnati, OH.

We’re looking for reports from all these shows to [email protected]


Smackdown tonight has C.M. Punk & John Morrison vs. Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas (said to be good); Jeff Hardy vs. Ricky Ortiz; Michelle McCool & Alicia Fox vs. Gail Kim & Melina; Dolph Ziggler vs. Jimmy Wang Yang; Mike Knox vs. R-Truth; and Edge vs. Chris Jericho (said to be very good with Edge more or less as the babyface).

A correction from yesterday. The last PPV in Montreal was actually No Way Out in 2003.

The Miami Herald at http://tinyurl.com/oo8oxw has a story on Joey Styles, who now heads up WWE.com, talking about his transition from announcing to the corporate side of the company. He said he doesn’t miss announcing one bit (careful Joey) and that the April Fools joke about Vickie Guerrero being pregnant wasn’t his idea.

The Sun in the UK at www.the-sun.co.uk/wrestling has an interview up with Randy Orton. Nothing too revealing although he completely buries Manu (Afa Anoa’i Jr.) who never made the grade in Legacy: “Manu had some respect issues. There are a lot of different reasons he wasn’t good for Legacy, but the reason he’s not with the company anymore had a lot to do with his backstage attitude. His father was the great Afa, of the Wild Samoans, and Manu had been in the ring since his early teens. Now, in his early 20s, technically he’s been in the ring for more than a decade
– but not really. Really he’d only been in the business a month by the time I knew him. He carried himself like he had been in the business for
15 years. He thought he knew everything. He thought he deserved a first-class seat when we went overseas. He thought he didn’t have to pick up in the locker room after the show was over, like the new guys do. He didn’t feel like he had to pay his dues, because he’d already paid them. What he doesn’t understand is that wrestling once a week for 10 years doesn’t count. When wrestling is all you do, when everyone in the world knows who you are and you’ve held titles and main-evented PPVs – that’s when you start to get to the point where you might deserve a little something extra. I don’t think he applied himself in the gym or when it came to his diet. He just thought: “Hey, my dad is Afa, the Wild Samoan, so I get a job. I deserve to be here.” He just didn’t get it.”

Starz Network airs Batista’s appearance on Head Case tonight at 9pm.

Even though Vince McMahon won’t admit UFC is competition to WWE, it was noted in an internal memo last week covering ratings that Superstars had more viewers on WGN than UFC Unleashed had on Spike TV head-to-head.

Jim Ross at http://tinyurl.com/pnjdu2 blogged about a recent conversation he had with Ric Flair sensing that Flair wanted to come out of retirement. Ross wrote: ” Ric called me last Sunday morning and we had a nice talk and I could tell that “Naitch” was getting “the itch” to get back in the ring. He might be feeling somewhat burned out regarding all the autograph shows and meet ‘n greets that he’s done over the past several months. One can only imagine how much flesh Ric has pressed since retiring. Ric’s driver’s license may say that he is 60 years old but he still has the spirit and constitution of a 30- something year old, for better or for worse, depending on one’s perspective. Can Ric still perform in the ring at a competitive level. Hell, yeah. Should he?
Well, that’s another question that’s a little tougher to answer.”

Interview with CM Punk at http://tinyurl.com/ptqhfx noting one time he almost died in the ring after suffering a fractured skull. He thought he broke his neck but still finished the match and when he got back to the locker room he collapsed and started throwing up. When he got to the hospital the doctor couldn’t believe it and told him he should be dead.
He also claims his best ever match was with Edge on an episode of Smackdown. Such a smart guy…

Ted DiBiase Jr. talks about how even though he has only been in the business for three years, in doggie years he is a 21-year veteran at http://tinyurl.com/pfb6bc. You can’t even make this stuff up.

Astro, a satellite service in Malaysia, has picked up WWE 24/7.


TNA run the Carolinas this weekend starting tonight at the Civic Center in Florence, SC including AJ Styles vs. Booker T; Jeff Jarrett & Daniels vs. Beer Money, Inc.; and Rhino vs. Sheik Abdul Bashir. They also run Saturday at the DH Conley High School (capacity 2000) in Greenville, NC and Sunday at the Crown Arena in Fayetteville, NC.

We’re looking for reports from all these shows to [email protected]


TNA took a cheap shot at WWE when comparing their Slammiversary travel packages to WWE’s Wrestlemania travel packages. During a video clip hyping the TNA packages Mike Tenay and Don West, without mentioning WWE by name, said “the competition” wanted to keep the wrestlers away from the fans in Houston. “Do you think they stayed 45 miles away from Houston because it was more convenient for the wrestlers?” said Tenay.
Well yeah! West added: “They stayed because it was more convenient for the wrestlers to stay away from the fans. What do we do? We stay with the fans.”

As part of the lawsuit settlement between TNA and Konnan, neither side can discuss the terms or make disparaging statements about the other in public.

TNA Epics premieres tonight in the UK on Bravo at 10pm. Tonight’s show is hosted by Mick Foley and features the very good Triple X vs.
America’s Most Wanted cage match from Turning Point 2004, and Christian Cage vs. Rhino in a Barbed Wire cage match from an episode of Impact in late 2006. The show runs against Smackdown but there are replays at 1am and 11:10pm on Sunday.

The company is in the process of finalizing another tour of the UK.

Bobby Lashley fights Mike Cook tonight in Edmonton for the Maximum Fighting Championship. Story on Lashley at http://tinyurl.com/ov8eob previewing the fight which airs live on HDNet… Meanwhile Bob Sapp at http://tinyurl.com/rbsynm says he going to beat the crap out of Lashley at their upcoming fight on 6/27: “He’s never been hit by anybody like me,” Sapp told fighthype. “He’s new on the MMA scene. … Bobby’s powerful, his slams are strong and he does have some pro wrestling moves. But I’ll be faster than he imagines.”

The promotional poster for the 6/21 Slammiversary PPV features Jeff
Jarrett: http://tinyurl.com/q6bolo

Mick Foley is doing a meet and great on Saturday for MCP in Kalaska, MI.
More info at www.mcpwrestling.com


More Hulk Hogan quotes from Rolling Stone at http://tinyurl.com/qwshmj talking about his divorce and health issues. Hogan is claiming due to his recent back surgery he has gone from 6’7 to 6’4.

Jesse Ventura interview at http://tinyurl.com/pw38sg from Larry King Live on CNN the other night.

Former WWE Diva Kristal Marshall has launched a website at www.MyKristalOnline.com.

Dawn Marie has named her unborn daughter Katie and is scheduled for a C-section next Tuesday.

The NWS group are running a Chris Candido tribute show on Saturday in Manville, NJ with Jay Lethal, Balls Mahoney, Snitski and more. Full details at www.nwswrestling.com.

Promoter Frank Goodman who recently who moved from New York to Orlando cancelled his PWX show on Saturday having sold virtually no tickets claiming the wrong infomation was printed on his promotional material.
He ran pretty successful shows in the NY-area with some big names over the years.

www.worldwrestlinginsanity.com has a new show up with Mr. Fuji who just turned 74.

Ron “Damn” Simmons turns 51 today.

Jon Fargo, 81, reunites with his “brother” Jackie for the first time in over 20 years at the upcoming NWA Legends fanfest in Charlotte. More info at www.nwalegends.com

The Macon County News at http://tinyurl.com/p6rqvt has a story on former WWE wrestler Bobby Horne (Mo from Men on a Mission) noting he was recently cited for promoting an unsanctioned wrestling and MMA event. He claims he broke the law by charging admission without a license: “What I did wrong is I allowed the kids’ fighting to be part of the wrestling show.”

Bill Goldberg is an entrant in a 50-lap stockcar race at the Havasu 95 Speedway on Saturday night in Lake Havasu City, AZ.

WG Diva of the Day — Torrie Wilsonhttp://tinyurl.com/pcmhv5


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