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Monday June 15, 2009

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6/14 Smackdown/ECW house show results from Hershey, PA: John Morrison over Mike Knox; The Hart Dynasty over Evan Bourne & Hurricane Helms; Ricky Steamboat over Drew McIntyre; Chris Jericho over Rey Mysterio; Great Khali over Dolph Ziggler; Melina, Gail Kim & Eve Torres over Layla, Natalya & Alicia Fox, Tommy Dreamer over Jack Swagger; and C.M.
Punk over Jeff Hardy with very little heat on him for the win.

Raw tonight is the live three-hour show from the TWC Arena in Charlotte with Tommy Dreamer vs. Christian for the ECW title; Randy Orton vs.
Triple H vs. John Cena vs. Big Show in a fatal four-way for the WWE title; and C.M. Punk vs. Edge vs. Jeff Hardy for the World title. Ric Flair has already been spotted at the arena. Most of the Smackdown crew have an off day today as they are only bringing in the top guys. The Smackdown/ECW tapings are Tuesday from the Coliseum in Roanoke, VA with Evan Bourne vs. Mark Henry planned for ECW. We’re looking for reader reports from both shows to [email protected].


WWE has named Mike Pavone as its new Executive Vice President of WWE Studios, replacing Michael Lake who left the company, who reports directly to Vince McMahon. Pavone has been on the writing team since last August. He previously worked as a television writer, producer, director and actor, with credits including a few episodes of Prison Break.

A unintentially funny story (well to me anyway) on WWE.com at http://tinyurl.com/nhtf7n looking at how some fans spent the money they were given last year during McMahon’s Million Dollar Mania. One guy divorced his wife and another guy put his mother in a nursing home.

Paul Heyman at http://tinyurl.com/ng266t has an interesting blog up looking at how Vince McMahon at one time wanted to fire Tommy Dreamer.

Some news on forthcoming WWE books from the guys at www.wrestlingshop.com. Rey Mysterio Unmasked and The Unauthorised history of DX both go on sale in November. The Mysterio book is an autobiography ghost-written by the same author as the Batista bio. There is also a sequel in the works to Chris Jericho’s book A Lion’s Tail which will focus his early WWE years; why he temporarily left the company, including the inside story of his time in Hollywood, and life on the road with his rock band Fozzy. He also touches upon the premature birth of his twins, his mother’s death, as well as the Eddy Guerrero and the Benoit family deaths.

A 3-disc Smackdown 10th Anniversary DVD will be released on 9/15. I think its safe to assume there will be no Chris Benoit or Kurt Angle matches.

Superstars on 6/11 did a 0.9 rating.

The Top 10 Sports DVD Chart from the 6/20 issue of Billboard Magazine:
1. WWE: Wrestlemania: 25th Anniversary; 2. WWE: Backlash 2009; 3. UFC:
Best Of 2008; 4. UFC 93: From Dublin, Ireland; 5. WWE: Hell In A Cell; 6. WWE: The Best Of Raw: 15th Anniversary 1993-2008; 7. WWE: Starrcade:
The Essential Collection; 8. WWE: The Best Of Saturday Night’s Main Event; 9. WWE: The Rock: The Most Electrifying Man In Sports Entertainment; and 10. WWE: Greatest Stars Of The 90s. You can order most of these titles with free shipping at http://tinyurl.com/p4aor2.

www.piledriver-online.co.uk has an interview with John Cena pushing the UK release of 12 Rounds. The movie dropped to No. 9 at the box office this past weekend grossing $234,000 for a total of $979,000.


6/14 house show results from  Kearney, NE: Eric Young over Consequences Creed; Awesome Kong over ODB; Daniels over Sheik Bashir; Suicide over Jay Lethal and Homicide; Matt Morgan over Abyss; and Beer Money Inc.
over Kurt Angle and Scott Steiner.

The show drew 750.


Impact on 6/11 did a 1.1 rating.

Phil Strum at http://tinyurl.com/m35v4h has an interview with Angelina Love and Velvet Sky. Love, on her concussion at Lockdown earlier this year, said: “I’m doing a lot better. It was really upsetting because I get really worried about head shots and concussions and how much they can affect you in your future. It was very, very upsetting when that happened. I know accidents happen and stuff. My head feels a lot better now. Honestly, it took my jaw about six weeks for me to actually be able to clench my teeth together again and be able to chew hard food and stuff on my left side. But, I’m totally fine now.”

Kurt Angle is appearing at Dooley’s Irish Pub in Sterling Heights, MI on Thursday night. He will be giving away 50 tickets for Slammoversary and apparently auditioning for TNA ring girls, which sounds somewhat suspicious.

Maryland Championship Wrestling announced that Jim Cornette, Stevie Richards, Daffney and former WWE wrestler Kenny Dykstra will be appearing at its 7/11 Shamrock Cup show at The New Green Room in Dundalk.

The Epics TV show this coming weekend in the UK features the Hulk Hogan debacle from 2003 where Jeff Jarrett attacked Hogan during a press conference in Japan, and then Hogan reneged on a handshake agreement to come in and went back to the WWE.


The Mainichi Daily News in Japan reported today that Mitsuharu Misawa died from damage to his cervical spinal cord due to impact from the back suplex, and not a heart attack as was first reported. Despite the family attempting to keep the cause of death quiet those reports surfaced from conversations that reporters had with hospital workers. In more sad news, Ted Tanabe, one of the best known referees in Japan, passed away earlier today. He suffered a massive heath attack while officiating a match on Sunday for Osaka Pro Wrestling. He was just 46.

Go Shiozaki defeated Takeshi Rikio in a match to determine a new GHC champion over the weekend. Former champ Jun Akiyama vacated the belt due to a back injury.

Today’s St. Petersburg Times at http://tinyurl.com/ncjgmm has a story on the Hulk-Linda Hogan divorce. Hulk’s attorney, David Houston, is in court this afternoon to ask a judge to reduce the $40,000 monthly alimony payments to Linda: “We believe that the money is simply not being put to good use,” Houston was quoted as saying. “It’s being wasted and obviously on things that we feel are inappropriate.” Houston added that Linda needs to be more careful with the couple’s money because the family is facing “horrific” liability in the John Graziano personal injury lawsuit. Graziano was severely injured while riding as a passenger in a car driven by the couple’s son, Nick, in 2007.

Chuck Palumbo and his band 3 Spoke Wheel played a set at the Thunder Run Bike Show in Bakersfield, CA on Saturday. Police ended up shutting the show down after a huge fight broke out between two biker gangs. One man was stabbed and airlifted to hospital.

Adam Roberts who used to design ring gear for WWE has opened a website at www.mainevent-gear.com.

Bobby Lashley has signed a deal with Changing Times Vitamins, Inc to promote its sports drink RecoveryX. The agreement also calls for the company to develop a line of sports supplements with the Lashley name on it which would be sold at health food stores and health clubs.

The Slam Wrestling website at http://tinyurl.com/n234nr has a story on James Maritato (Nunzio/Little Guido).

www.57talk.com has a new audio interview up with Buddy Landell.

Jake Roberts will be going on tour with in July with Jim Rose for the When Legends Collide Tour. The show includes wrestling along with circus stunts. More info at http://tinyurl.com/nvmmyf.

Bob Holly will be appearing at the Global Championship Wrestling event in Pell City, AL on 6/27.

Raisha Saed, Super Crazy and Gangrel will be appearing at the Pro Wrestling Revolution event in Bakersfield, CA on 6/27.

The Honky Tonk Man will be part of the wrestling shows at the San Diego County Fair on 7/5.

www.wildtalkradio.com has a new interview up with Rob Van Dam.

Just want to say congrats to Jay Briscoe and his wife who celebrated the birth of their first child on Sunday.

Diva-Dirt.com presents WGN’s Diva of the Day, Melina at http://www.diva-dirt.com/divaoftheday/


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