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Sunday June 7, 2009

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6/5 Smackdown TV results from Memphis, TN: John Morrison over Shelton Benjamin; Chris Jericho over R-Truth; CM Punk over Umaga; Michelle McCool, Alicia Fox & Layla over Melina, Eve Torres & Gail Kim; Great Khali over Dolph Ziggler, and Edge over Rey Mysterio in a non-title match.

A really good go home show, although Punk beating Umaga clean before the PPV doesn’t really make any sense. They decided to kill their heat for some reason. Show opened with a Cutting Edge segment with Jeff Hardy.
They cut promos on each other while sat on top of ladders in the ring.
Edge pushed Hardy’s ladder over and Hardy bumped out of the ring. Maria was guest referee in the Diva match as apparently creative have nothing for her these days. Funny how when the office find out your planning for a future outside of WWE (clothing line, music, etc.) that they suddenly stop pushing you. What happened to McCool’s title shot from two weeks ago? Koko B. Ware was shown sitting ringside flapping his arms around like Mr. Kennedy. Khali comfotably beat Ziggler. Ross noted: “What do you do against someone who is 7’4 and 420lbs?” Pray. The main event was Edge over Mysterio with a spear. Very good TV match. Edge went for a ladder but Hardy ran out with a chair and nailed him. Hardy then gave Edge a twist of fate on to the ladder followed by a leapfrog leg drop.
He held up the title as the show went off the air.

6/6 WWE Supershow results from Pensacola, FL: Evan Bourne over Tyson Kidd; Beth Phoenix & Rosa Mendez over The Bella Twins; Ricky Steamboat over SOS; Umaga over R-Truth; Kofi Kingston over Matt Hardy; The Miz defeated MVP; Christian over Jack Swagger; and John Cena, CM Punk & Jeff Hardy over Randy Orton, Chris Jericho & Edge

This was said to be a very entertaining show with everyone working hard.
Steamboat wrestling was a surprise and the crowd was into everything he did. During the main event Jericho hit a back suplex on Hardy, and then yelled, “that’s how you do it Kennedy!” which popped everyone who knew what he was referring to.

Tonight is the Extreme Rules PPV from the New Orleans Arena: Christian vs. Jack Swagger vs. Tommy Dreamer in a hardcore match for the ECW title (if Dreamer doesn’t win the title he leaves ECW for good); Umaga vs. CM Punk in a strap match; Kofi Kingston vs. Matt Hardy vs. MVP vs. William Regal in a fatal four-way for the U.S. title; Vickie Guerrero vs.
Santina in a Hog Pen for the Miss Wrestlemania crown; John Cena vs. Big Show in a submission match; Rey Mysterio vs. Chris Jericho in a no holds barred match for the Intercontinental title; Randy Orton vs. Batista in a steel cage for the WWE title; and Edge vs. Jeff Hardy in a ladder match for the World title.

This is the inaugural Extreme Rules born out of the One Night Stand concept with all the matches having a stipulation. Tickets were still available as of Saturday afternoon but with the walk up they expect to sell out. A really strong show on paper before what should be a hot crowd. Many of the guys have been told to take it easy tonight as at the same show last year there were several injuries including Randy Orton breaking his collarbone, Big Show breaking his nose, and a nasty open wound near his eye.

TV next week has Raw on Monday at the Cajundome in Lafayette, LA. The Smackdown/ECW taping is Tuesday at the Coast Coliseum in Biloxi, MS. As always we’re looking for reports from both shows to [email protected].


Kafu (Victor Ceron) is also gone from developmental.

Chris Masters has released the following statement: “It is true that I have met with WWE officials about a possible return to the WWE, but any and/or all official confirmations have not yet been made as we are still only in the planning stages.” As we reported earlier this week, Masters is coming back in subject to passing a drug test.

Jim Ross wrote on Masters: “I read where Masters had or was going to re-sign with WWE. He has seemingly changed his life. I don’t know the drug policy inside and out but my guess is that his two strikes stay on his record but that’s simply one guy’s opinion.” Ross also had a lot to say on the cuts in developmental: “WWE is making some talent cuts, or so I read, which is a necessity in the biz even though it is one of the worst functions a talent relations person has to do. It is a necessary evil so to speak but I encourage every talent that was cut to continue to chase their dreams until it becomes abundantly obvious that this is not the business for them. If talents are being released because of drug or alcohol issues, then they have much bigger and more important issues to deal with than learning how to hit the ropes or learn the beloved Moonsault. No wrestling company has any thing more important to do from a wrestling prospective than establishing young stars and giving them the chance to carry the ball.  In my personal opinion, the most important department in any wrestling company is their developmental program such as WWE’s  in Tampa.” You can check out Ross’ blogs and BBQ products at www.jrsbarbq.com.

It was actually John Cena’s brother Matt that got married last weekend.
The rumor started that it was Cena himself getting married as he only worked the first two dates on the Mexican tour and told some people that he was going home for a wedding. He said in a interview earlier this year while promoting 12 Rounds that he would be getting married in July.

Joey Styles posted a new WWE.com blog at http://tinyurl.com/r3ypy3 and also posted on his Twitter: “I just want to make clear that the passionate political commentary posted here is mine personally and not in any way those of WWE, Inc.” I guess someone in the legal department was paying attention. Regarding Styles’ recent comments about the President, a former WWE creative team member told us: “He believes it.
However, no one in WWE would be allowed to critique the Republicans this way. If someone said these things about George W, Vince and Kevin Dunn would call them un-patriotic.”

One of our readers had a conversation with Rob Van Dam this week at a Marijuana Policy Project event at the Playboy Mansion: “I asked him if he was going to be stepping into a WWE or TNA ring anytime soon and he told me that he has lost the passion and fire needed to get in the ring night after night, 300 nights a year. He gets calls often about stepping back in the ring, but he is enjoying his life in L.A. He is working on a couple of action movies right now. I asked him about Flair’s return, and he said he never wanted to be one of those guys who was still wrestling at 60. He always thought of himself as a guy who would step away in his prime. On marijuana use by professional wrestlers he speculates that 10 percent smoke. He said that marijuana was much more helpful than pills when it came to relieving pain after matches.”

Story on Mickie James at http://tinyurl.com/pzc7o6 who was among celebrities taking part in a scheme to accompany special needs children from Toronto to Disneyworld. Tiffany and Trish Stratus also participated. The story noted that Mickie and singer Jully Black won a toilet paper race down one aisle of an Air Canada jet.

Wrestlemania 25 debuted at No. 13 on the US DVD Sales Chart. So far the DVD has sold over 100,000 units for a gross of $2.1 million.

Jack Swagger at http://tinyurl.com/qubhau is interviewed on local TV in New Orleans pushing Extreme Rules.

Tommy Dreamer at http://tinyurl.com/nhku2w discusses what could be his last ever match tonight with WWE.

There is feature on Triple H in the next issue of Muscle & Fitness magazine.

Ric Flair will no longer be the referee for the Jerry Lynn vs. Austin Aries ROH title match on 6/13. He will be at the show as a ringside enforcer instead. I guess that was his choice too.

Smackdown last Friday was ranked No. 6 among English language programming in Hispanic viewership. Before they moved Mysterio back to Smackdown in the draft the show wasn’t event cracking the Top 20.

The Slam Wrestling website at http://tinyurl.com/pejcxm has a story on Mike DiBiase. The story quotes his dad Ted Sr. who said initially he didn’t want any of his sons in wrestling but now that WWE is TV-PG he is okay with it: “There was a very high divorce rate in wrestling. It was similar to rock and roll. We went from the next town to the next party to the next girl. I didn’t want my kids to have to go through that. I wanted to see them get an education and have an easier life than I did.
When I went back to the WWE in 2005, I had seen that the industry had changed. Vince cleaned it up. They (WWE) are marketing to kids now and not only were the audience younger, but the talent was younger. These guys wrestle now for four days a week and get three days off, unless they have to wrestle on foreign tours. The money is also much greater than it was. So that’s why I eventually changed my mind.”

The WWE stock closed out the week at $13.89 on the NYSE.

10 years ago today Sable (Rena Lesnar) filed a $110 million lawsuit against the WWE for sexual harassment and unsafe working conditions.
They settled out of court. She is due to give birth to Brock Jr. next week. Here comes the pain.


6/5 house show results from Abbottsford, BC: Daniels vs. Suicide was a time limit draw; Angelina Love over Taylor Wilde; Eric Young over Matt Morgan; AJ Styles over Daniels & Suicide in a three-way; and Team 3-D & Jeff Jarrett over Beer Money, Inc. & Sheik Bashir.

The show drew around 700. Earl Hebner had the most heat with chants of “you screwed Bret” during the Knockouts match. Hebner lapped it up and was flipping people off. Angelina Love then grabbed the house mic and said she didn’t screw Bret. Well, she wishes.

6/6 house show report in Pentiction, BC from Dave Cunning: I won tickets off a local radio station. The show drew roughly 1000 fans, and seemed like it would have been suited to a smaller venue. Jeremy Borash was giving away backstage passes throughout the night (not exactly something you’d see at a WWE show) which was pretty cool. First match was Daniels vs. Suicide; the winner would face AJ Styles later in the night. The match ended in a time-limit draw, so Styles would decide later in the show to face them both in a three-way. Taylor Wild beat Angelina Love in a non-title contest. Ref was Earl Hebner who still can’t shake the “you screwed Bret” chants. Eric Young beat Matt Morgan with an impressive Death Valley Driver, in a match touted as Canada vs. USA. Morgan had a local radio DJ as his heel manager, dressed in a USA hockey jersey.
Young got a strong pop. After intermission, the three-way (Styles, Suicide, Daniels) ensued, with Styles eventually getting the win in an incredible match, easily the best of the night. Awesome match with a lot of tandem moves and innovative action. The main event was Beer Money Inc & Sheik Bashir vs. Team 3D and Jeff Jarrett. Mildly entertaining, and borderline homosexual at times; Team 3D and Jarrett eventually got the pin after a 3D through a table. After the match, Jarrett punched out Earl Hebner, and thanked Canada for Owen Hart. Jeremy Borash said they would be back, and even teased a PPV in Western Canada. Pictures in the ring with the Dudleys were going for $20 a pop. Overall, good show.


A funny note from the 6/4 show in Kent, WA which was ongoing as Impact aired on Spike TV. Jeremy Borash announced to the crowd at one point that they were bringing out TV cameras so everyone had to go crazy as they would be BROADCASTING LIVE ON SPIKE. Also, as he does in every single town they run he teased that they would come back for a PPV.

Today’s Atlanta Journal at http://tinyurl.com/lkg3wx has a story on Consequences Creed.

Jenna Morasca is on the cover of the latest Entertainment Weekly.

For readers in Australia there are several TNA DVD titles on sale for just AUD$5 at http://www.ezydvd.com.au/price_lockdown.zml

There is a new Hermie’s Hotseat with Daniels up at http://tinyurl.com/lrryvh.


Indy wrestler Nick Gage had to be airlifted to a hospital on Saturday
after severing an artery in his arm during Combat Zone Wrestling’s
annual Tournament of Death. He was sliced from his armpit to his hip
when a stunt with a light tube went wrong. He lost an insane amount of
blood, started freaking out, and ran to the back. Nobody knew what to do
so all the other guys ran out for an impromptu battle royal. The police
arrived and they didn’t let anyone leave the show until they determined
what happened. The show drew more than 200 to a farm in Townsend, DE.

The Wrestler with Mickey Rourke is up to 711,000 DVD units sold for a
gross of $12.7 million.

www.mondaynightmayhem.com has a interview up with Terry Funk.

Brock Lesnar has a commercial deal with Scent Killer 99%, which
apparently is effective in killing body odour. 

Francine announced that Shane Douglas will be inducted into a “Hardcore
Hall Of Fame” on 6/27 at her Legends of the Arena ECW reunion show. They
have just cut ticket prices. More info at

www.wrestlingepicenter.com has an interview up with Simon “Nova” Dean.
Good interview with a lot of talk about working for Paul Heyman’s ECW
and WWE developmental. He currently works 9-5 handling loans as a

The WSU group hosted what may be the longest women’s wrestling match in
history on Saturday in Boonton, NJ. Mercedes Martinez and Angel Orsini
wrestled a one hour time-limit draw and then went another 10 minutes.
More info at www.doiwrestling.com.

ISPW run at the Count Athletic Training Facility in Freehold, NJ on 7/11
with former WCW star Crowbar, Rick Fuller, Julio Dinero, Rob Eckos,
Nikki Roxxi and Brooke Carter. More info at www.ispwwrestling.net.

Thr Ottawa Sun at http://tinyurl.com/mu54t2 has a story on Lance Storm
pushing his return to the ring with ROH.

Diva-Dirt.com presents WGN’s Diva of the Day, Cheerleader Melissa at

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