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Wednesday July 1, 2009

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6/30 ECW TV results from Fresno, CA: Shelton Benjamin over Yoshi Tatsu; Sheamus over Oliver John; and William Regal & Kozlov over Christian & Tommy Dreamer.

The talent initiative is back: Yoshi Tatsu is Naofumi Yamamoto, 32, a student of Masahiro Chono out of the New Japan dojo. Sheamus is Sheamus O’Shaugnessy who we’ve talked about here before. He started in 2002 training under Larry Sharpe. Before wrestling he worked as a personal bodyguard for a notable celebrity. Abraham Obama Washington is Brian Jossie. He is a great talker from what I’ve seen of him. His gimmick in FCW is as the first black president of wrestling, a gimmick he actually stole from Ohio-based indy wrestler Lamont Williams. Tyler Reks is Gabe Tuft and the current FCW champ. He trained at Rick Bassman’s UPW before signing a developmental deal in early 2008.

Smackdown and ECW is taped for next week tonight at the Rabobank Arena in Bakersfield. We’re looking for reader reports to [email protected] as well as from the house shows later this week in Australia, New Zealand and Hawaii.


Raw on Monday night did a 3.9 rating averaging 5.9 million viewers.
Obviously the number was going to be down from last week’s commercial free show but that aside a 3.9 makes Monday’s show the highest rated Raw since the night after Wrestlemania 25 in April.

THQ is in conflict with WWE license holder Jakks Pacific over whether or not Jakks has the power to renew a license agreement with THQ. Jakks notified the WWE today of their intentions to renew its contract with THQ to develop WWE video games until 2014. THQ is now asking the California Supreme Court to decide whether or not Jakks had the power to notify the WWE despite no agreement having been reached. THQ is also asking the court to cancel a written agreement that restricts them from publishing a wrestling game for one year after the agreement with Jakks is terminated. That could mean no new WWE video game next year.

ECW will air next Thursday at 7pm on Sci-Fi due to the double episode season premiere of Warehouse 13. The rebranding of the channel to SyFy also takes effect next Tuesday.

Joey Styles has been banned from espousing extreme political rants on his Twitter. Even though they got him over with Vince McMahon there was a lot of heat on him from some executives who were worried about upsetting advertisers.

Dolph Ziggler and Maria are apparently going to be linked romantically for storyline purposes.

Melina at http://tinyurl.com/loclvy talks about life as a Diva.

Joe Hennig, son of Hall of Famer Curt, has returned to developmental following injury. Last week his wife gave birth to their son who he has named Brock, after Brock Lesnar.

Jemma Palmer, the model and former British Gladiator, will be going by the name of Penelope Carwin in FCW. She was just signed to a developmental deal.

FCW announced July/August house show dates in and around the Tampa area including Lakeland, Punta Gorda, Crystal River, Dade City, Plant City, Eustis, Webster, Brooksville and Orlando. More info at www.fcwwrestling.com.

Apparently if you go to http://tinyurl.com/mh8rbp you can watch a horror movie called Albino Farm which stars Chris Jericho. He shot the film during his downtime with WWE in 2007 but it has only just been released.

Happy Canada Day to all our Canadian readers. The last time I went to Canada I had to put tomato juice in the beer because it tasted so bad.
Just sayin’ …


Japanese women’s star Ayako Hamada is expected to start at the next set
on TV tapings.

Mick Foley at http://tinyurl.com/m5jux2 puts over Daffney and admits he
needs to get in a lot better shape before his match with Kurt Angle at
Victory Road.

Raven, Shane Douglas, Team No Limit and Jackie Moore were all removed
from the TNA roster page on Monday. Moore will be sticking around behind
the scenes but its believed the others are done.

Taz’ WWE no-compete officially ends today.


Two mini wrestlers were found dead on Monday in Mexico City not far from
Arena Mexico. They were identified as brothers Alberto and Alejandro
Jiménez who worked as La Parkita and Espectrito Jr. The press over there
is reporting that the wrestlers, both aged 35, picked up two prostitutes
and took them to a hotel room, but hours later, the women left alone.
When a hotel worker went to clean the room they found the bodies of the
wrestlers laying in the beds. At press time autopsies are being carried
out but investigators believe the wrestlers overdosed with a combination
of ophthalmic-like medicine and alcohol. Apparently this is the common
practice of a gang of prostitutes that rob their clients after they pass
out from ingesting tainted drinks. The prostitutes were picked up by
police for questioning earlier today.

Former WWE official Dave Hebner was on the Bubba radio show in Tampa on
Monday. Apparently he now works in a bowling alley in Richmond, VA. He
said in his best year he made $218,000 while working for WWE. He put
over Ric Flair, Shawn Michaels and Triple H but buried Ultimate Warrior
saying he was the dumbest guy he ever came across in wrestling. Well, of
course he would say that. Bubba brought up how WWE fired the Hebner’s a
few years ago over the merchandising scam, but Dave didn’t have much to
say about it.

Brooke Hogan was on Chelsea Lately on E! the other night pushing her new
album and reality show. You can watch the interview at
http://tinyurl.com/m2bhj7. Nothing much too it other than talking about
her breasts and crotch.

Meanwhile, Hulk hypes Brooke’s album at http://tinyurl.com/kuz6gk

Gary Hart’s autobiography My Life in Wrestling…With a Little Help From
My Friends has been released by his sons at www.playboygaryhart.com. The
synopsis reads: “The long-awaited autobiography of Gary Hart is more
than just another wrestling memoir. It’s the book that everyone who
loves old-school wrestling has waited years to read. From his unique and
privileged vantage point, Gary Hart shares, among other things, a
behind-the-scenes history of World Class and Texas wrestling, the
compelling story of the plane crash that took the life of Bobby Shane,
and detailed insight into some of the biggest wrestling angles of all
time, such as “the Dusty turn” in 1974 and Christmas night 1982 in
Dallas. My Life in Wrestling…With a Little Help From My Friends is a
ruthlessly honest look at one of the greatest wrestling minds of all
time, written with humor, intelligence, and a deep affection that only
Playboy Gary Hart himself could provide.”

From reader Joseph Sena: During the Mets-Brewers game tonight, when
Milwaukee reliever Tod Coffee came to pitch, they played the Ultimate
Warrior’s entrance music. Tod’s gimmick is he runs in from the bullpen
to the mound.

Tyson Tomko has shown up in Japan working for Hustle in a tag team
called Armageddon with Rene Dupree.

Leon “Big Van Vader” White who has been promoting shows in Japan of late
is training his son Jesse for a career in pro wrestling. A few years ago
Jesse was recruited to the University of Oklahoma and was tipped for the
NFL but a back injury ended any chance of a football career.

Super Luchas in Mexico reported that Necro Butcher debuts in Mexico on a
X-LAW show on 7/18.

Lance Storm at http://tinyurl.com/nfnvjv updated the Q&A section of his

Diva-Dirt.com presents WGN’s Diva of the Day, Natalya at



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