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Sunday July 26, 2009

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7/24 Smackdown TV results from Richmond, VA: Jeff Hardy over Chris Jericho; Great Khali over Mike Knox; Dolph Ziggler over Finlay; Eve Torres over Natalya; R-Truth over Charlie Haas; and Rey Mysterio over CM Punk via DQ in a non-title match.

7/24 WWE house show results from Salisbury, MD: Drew McIntrye over Jimmy Wang Yang; MVP over Carlito; Rey Mysterio over Dolph Ziggler; Tommy Dreamer over Christian, William Regal & Vladimir Kozlov in a four-way; The Miz over Primo; Maryse over Mickie James; C.M. Punk over Jeff Hardy; and John Cena over Big Show.

7/25 WWE house show results from Wildwood, NJ: Christian over William Regal; Drew McIntyre over Jimmy Wang Yang; Maryse over Mickie James; Rey Mysterio over Dolph Ziggler; Tommy Dreamer over Vladimir Kozlov; CM Punk over Jeff Hardy; and John Cena over Big Show. The show drew around 7,000.

Tonight is the Night Of Champions PPV from Wachovia Center in Philadelphia, PA with CM Punk vs. Jeff Hardy for the World title; Randy Orton vs. Triple H vs. John Cena in a three-way for the WWE title; Chris Jericho & TBA vs. Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase for the tag titles; Maryse vs. Mickie James for the Divas title; Tommy Dreamer vs. Christian for the ECW title; Rey Mysterio vs. Dolph Ziggler for the IC title; Kofi Kingston vs. Big Show vs. MVP vs. Carlito vs. Jack Swagger vs. The Miz in a six-way for the US title; and Michelle McCool vs. Melina for the Women’s title. You can send any feedback on the show to [email protected].

Raw is live on Monday in Washington, DC and the Smackdown/ECW tapings are Tuesday in Baltimore, MD.


We’re looking for a new website to hosts our Diva of the Day, which is a feature many of our readers enjoy. Please email to [email protected] with any proposals.

Nightmare on Elm Street actor Robert Englund was telling people at the San Diego Comic Con this past weekend that WWE has contacted him to guest host an upcoming edition of Raw.

Chris Jericho wrote on his Twitter that his mystery tag partner tonight is “evil” but I doubt its Freddy Krueger.

As we noted in the last update Chris Masters return is said to be imminent.

Angela Fong from developmental was busted by a Tampa cop on Saturday for running a red light. She was given a ticket for $150.

CM Punk talks Night of Champions, developmental, Brock Lesnar and more at http://tinyurl.com/n3ej82.

The Mirror in the UK at http://tinyurl.com/mabblq also has an interview with Punk. He just might be the most boring (or smartest) media interview in WWE history.

Gail Kim wrote a MySpace blog responding to messages she had received over concerns from fans about her character. She wrote: “… As for this recent draft, I was kind of surprised but happy. I loved the Smackdown side and will miss everyone there but I know [Raw] is a great opportunity and a chance to go for the one title I haven’t held yet, the Divas title. I also love the live show aspect and am really looking forward to facing Beth Phoenix or possibly Mickie James. I have a lot of respect for them and haven’t faced them since pretty much my independent wrestling days. It will be interesting to see how far we have come since those days… I am getting a lot of emails and comments regarding how I am being used in the WWE and I appreciate the support but I wish everyone would just be patient like I am and stay positive.  I am having fun doing what I love. Good things come to those who wait.”

Another overseas tour in Europe is planned for next April leading up to Wrestlemania 26.

Story on a Massachusetts man at http://tinyurl.com/n2j7wz who is facing assault charges after allegedly imitating the WWE PPV he was watching and beating two of his guests.

The Miami Herald at http://tinyurl.com/nmpppd has a story on former WWE announcer Jonathan Coachman who now has a gig on ESPN.


7/23 house show results from Shreveport, LA: Homicide over Sheik Bashir;
Awesome Kong over Taylor Wilde; Rhino over Kip James; Beer Money over
The British Invasion; Abyss over Scott Steiner; and Hernandez over Samoa
Joe. This show included an in-ring wedding proposal which you can watch
at http://tinyurl.com/mcclmc.

7/24 in Monroe, and 7/25 in Southhaven, MS had the same matches and
results. Monroe drew around 1500… Following the Knockout’s match a fan
reached over the guardrail and started pulling Talyor Wilde’s hair. Cops
removed the fan and we believe they were arrested. Scott Steiner was
working the shows doing a run in during the main event.


AJ Styles has picked up a staph infection. He flew home from the house
show tour on Friday and Hernandez was brought in as his replacement. The
infection was on his right hip. Styles was taken to the local emergency
room and given antibiotics but no word yet on how much time he will
miss. TV is already in the can leading up to the Hard Justice PPV on

Traci Brooks recently shot a pictorial for Playboy, which is likely the
reason she was given a prominent role with her return to TV this past

Elijah Burke teased on his website that he was joining the company, but
TNA reps say there are no plans to bring him in. Burke also claimed to
have recently suffered a career threatening injury but he returns to the
ring tonight for OVW in Louisville, KY.

ROH wrestler Claudio Castagnoli at http://tinyurl.com/lk9chm says he’s
insulted as a professional wrestler after watching Jenna Morasca vs.
Sharmell at Victory Road: “Honestly I think [fans] should get paid to
watch this… My condolences to all those who actually paid to see that

Jenna Morasca responded to critics of her Victory Road match on her
MySpace. She wrote: “I want to thank everyone who has sent me love and
props for the match. I also know some wrestling lovers were not as
excited as I was. I want to clear up a few things. First, you cannot
judge my match against Sharmell like you would a pro such as Kong, Tara,
etc. The reason why- I am NOT a wrestler! The match was not to debut my
wrestling skills it was purely for entertainment, which I think it was.
Considering I have never wrestled in my life and only had a few days to
practice everything I am really proud of myself. So you cannot judge and
analyze as you would another wrestler. Its apples and oranges in my
mind. Second, for it being my first match EVER and first time ever doing
wrestling moves I am freaking proud of myself, I had fun, thought it
looked good, and no one got hurt. Last I heard some people crying about
wrestling should be reserved for “legit” wrestlers and “legit” matches.
I have to say to that- PILLOW FIGHT MATCH. I have seen matches where
literally all the girls were doing was hitting each other with pillows
in lingerie. At least I was doing a cross body, splash, etc. Along with
some fun campy stuff like my pin and entrance which I loved. But I was
always told any press is good press and I guess the fact that people are
still talking about it, and my entrance is a good thing. Needless to say
I had fun, thought the match looked good, and I am proud of Sharmell and

The Miami Herald at http://tinyurl.com/lxd75n has a lengthy story on
Madison Rayne. She talked about leaving college with a 4.0 grade average
after her first year to pursue wrestling: “My mom doubted it and was
disappointed, but I think the fact I set my goals, and I knew what I
wanted, and I went after it, and I didn’t stop no matter what anybody
said until I reached a goal, made my parents proud that they instilled
that in me. They always wanted me to do well, and they wanted to make
sure I was safe.”


Greg Oliver is reporting that “Whirlwind” Woodie Johnson, a Western New
York journeyman wrestler from 1965 to 1971, passed away on 7/20, at
Millard Fillmore Hospital in Buffalo, NY. He was 80.

Luna Vachon‘s 26-year-old son Van is a contestant on the latest season
of Hell’s Kitchen with Gordon Ramsey on Fox. He cuts a half-decent promo
at http://tinyurl.com/kmqa4j. According to his bio on the Fox website:
“Van graduated at the top of his culinary class while working full-time
preparing breakfast and lunch for more than 100 people a day. Looking to
advance his career, Van landed a job in one of Dallas’ top restaurants,
which allowed him to work with several celebrated chefs. Van is
currently a lead cook who shares his time between work, family, and

Wrestle Talk Radio tonight at www.wildtalkradio.com.

Ric Flair worked for Iron Ring Wrestling out of Kingsport, TN on Friday
night. He manged his sons David and Ried against Eddie Golden (son of
Jimmy) and Jeff Tankersley. The card included Ricky Morton vs. Bobby
Eaton, who was managed by Madusa (I haven’t heard her name on a
wrestling show for many years), in a five minute match, and Dillon Eaton
(Bobby’s son), Stan Lee, The Patriot and Jay Batista, a Dave Batista
look-a-like also worked the show.

Seriah Azkath at http://tinyurl.com/l8hg7x has an interview up with Al

Interview with Dawn Marie at www.blogtalkradio.com/thedarkmatch.

Alex Marvez at http://tinyurl.com/msg84n has a story on Lance Storm who
may have wrestled his last match with Ring of Honor on Saturday in

Nigel McGuinness was injured on Friday night in Toronto working for ROH.

Jeff Wilen at http://blogs.three8six.com/jawbreaker/ has an interview
with millionaire indy wrestler Matt Riviera, who is a bachelor on VH1’s
upcoming show Megan Wants a Millionaire.

The Iron Sheik at http://tinyurl.com/mthmwb rants about Brian Blair.

Trish Stratus did an interview on The Surf on Bite TV in Canada. During
the show they did a poll which had 8% of the viewers wanting her to
return to WWE, 12% wanting her to try MMA, 38% to host the show she was
on, and 42% wanting her to run for Prime Minister of Canada. You can
watch the entire show at

Story on an indy wrestler at http://tinyurl.com/kj6lmd who attacked a
man in Mytyle Beach. Gregory Robertson was charged with assault and
battery of an aggravated nature and possession of an illegal weapon for
a knife found in his pocket.

Mike Mooneyham has a story on the upcoming NWA Legends fanfest at
http://tinyurl.com/mt549w with quotes from Ole Anderson and promoter
Greg Price.

Hulk Hogan‘s son Nick has filed a lawsuit against two former business
associates he claims stiffed him for over $130,000. He is suing Louis
Adkinson and Damon Elliot for breach of contract after he agreed to
invest $50,000 in a record production company called Confidential South,
LLC back in January. Nick claims Elliot and Adkinson both promised to
give him his money back if the company never formed, and it never did.
Nick also alleges that they ran up $80,000 on his American Express card
without his permission.

HardBody.com at http://tinyurl.com/nm6j6d has an interview with former
WWE Diva Kristal Marshall.

The Houston Chronicle at http://tinyurl.com/lellox has a story on Torrie
noting she recently became a vegetarian and has a number of
acting gigs lined up.

Brutus Beefcake fought Bill Simmons in a celebrity boxing match on
Friday. No idea on the outcome. Beefcake was replacing former MLB star
Jose Canseco, who pulled out after his father was taken sick.

Bill Goldberg was a contestant on Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader on
Friday. He was the only contestant to drop-out with $0. The question he
lost on was, “The plural form of ‘Quiz’ has how many letters?” Goldberg
answered six, the correct answer was seven.



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Sid Vicious joined the In Your Head crew this week for a surprise 90
Minute Interview filling in for Scott Hall. Jack One Inch Biceps and
Barbie Richards conducted the interview for the July 22, 2006 edition of
In Your Head wrestling Radio.

Jack asks when the last time Sid was in the ring with Scott Hall, Sid
says last time he was in the ring with Scott was in San Francisco for a
WCW PPV (SuperBrawl 2000), and says he thinks it was pretty much the end
of his WCW Career and says he thinks Scott was in the ring 4 hours after
with his back messed up from his power bomb. Sid talks about his first
match with Scott Hall, saying this was 20 years ago, and they started
their career about the same time Hall in Minneapolis with the AWA and
Sid in Memphis, and he went down to a territory called Continental
Championship Wrestling as Lord Hughmongous and says he was doing pretty
good character wise he says that they were bringing in special people to
work with him and Scott was one of those guys, Sid says he was built in
CCW for a year and had never taken a bump and this is back in the old
days when people really believed what was going on in wrestling and
Sids character was a monster, Sid says he went to kick Scott, Scott
grabbed his foot and sweeped his leg out from under him and he went down
and when they got back to the dressing room Scott said he had never
heard a reaction like that other than from Hulk Hogan, Sid says what it
was, was the first bump of the year he had taken.

The Conversation ensues into Scott Hall as Magnum Scott Hall and Jack
says he was going to ask Scott originally what the Alligator Wrestling
gimmick was originally about, Sid says he doesnt think Scott had done
Alligator Wrestling before, Sid says if he wasnt mistaken that was
probably one of WCWs first attempts at creating a character like the WWF
was doing, Sid says he thinks Scott would be the first to say that
gimmick never really got off the ground.

Jack says everyone really expected Scott Hall to be a big guy but didnt
really catch on until the Razor Ramon character, Sid says that he caught
on a little bit with the Razor Ramon, and that he really did well and
that well all remember him for was the NWO and being an opportunist he
took advantage of it, and Sid thinks why he did so well there was
because he was unhand cuffed and very few times people like Scott get a
chance like that, and Sid says when you dont have the restraints you
usually have you are allowed to do things you think would help, Sid says
Scott like himself is really educated in this business, Sid says he
doesnt know Verne Gagne but having watched some of the old shows and
what hes heard about him he had to be a real good teacher from that
territory Scott went to Dusty and Sid says Dusty was also a very good
teacher and from there he went into WCW where there were a lot of
creative minds and Kevin Sullivan doesnt really get the credit he
deserves for being a pretty good booker and Sid says the list goes on
and on and Scott ended up getting really educated when he went to the
WWF, Sid says what hes trying to get to is Scott didnt really get over
with the Razor Ramon but had the education to go to WCW with the NWO and
really fly.

Sid thanks Scott Hall for being the guy who got him into WCW on his last
run. Sid tells everyone not to judge Scott, we all have our problems and
Scott is a good guy. Sid recalls Scott telling people in WCW “I do 2
things, I drink and I wrestle”.

Sid Vicious also talked about Steak, TNA, WCW, Vince Russo and much
more. To hear the full interview head on over to


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