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Monday August 10, 2009

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Editor’s Note: A super quick update tonight as I have been out of town for the last couple of days. I will attempt to play catch up with a huge news and notes update on Tuesday.


8/7 Supershow results from Denver, CO: Christian over Tommy Dreamer in a hardcore match; Jamie Noble over Alex Riley; Jack Swagger over Primo; Evan Bourne over Chavo Guerrero when Hornswoggle interfered; Big Show over Mark Henry; Jeff Hardy over CM Punk in a ladder match; Kofi Kingston over MVP & Carlito in a three-way; Gail Kim & Mickie James over Beth Phoenix & Rosa Mendes in a swimsuit match; and Randy Orton over Triple H when The Legacy interfered.

8/8 Raw house show results Loveland, CO: Big show won a battle royal; Evan Bourne over Chavo Guerrero when Hornswoggle interfered; MVP over Alex Riley; Kofi Kingston over Carlito; Jack Swagger over Primo;  Gail Kim & Mickie James over Beth Phoenix & Rosa Mendes; and Randy Orton over Big Show with Orton as the babyface.

8/9 Raw house show results from Colorado Springs, CO: Ricky Steamboat opened the show as MC; Evan Bourne over Chavo Guerrero when Hornswoggle interfered; Jamie Noble over Alex Riley; Jack Swagger over Primo;  Gail Kim & Mickie James over Beth Phoenix & Rosa Mendes; The Legacy over Mark Henry in a handicap match; and Randy Orton over Big Show.

John Cena was off house shows this past weekend due to filming his role for the TV show Psych. Santino and The Miz had the weekend off and Triple H missed Loveland and Colorado Springs.

8/8 Smackdown/ECW house show results from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada:
Melina & Maria over Natalya & Layla; Finlay over Drew McIntyre; Vladimir Kozlov over Goldust; Great Khali over Mike Knox; Christian overTommy Dreamer & William Regal in a three-way; Shad Gaspard over Tyson Kidd; John Morrison over Dolph Ziggler; and CM Punk over Chris Jericho. Angela Fong from developmental was ring announcer. Crowd reacted to The Hart Dynasty as heels which was unexpected.

8/9 in Medicine Hat, Alberta had the same matches and results.

Raw is live tonight from the Saddledome in Calgary, Alberta, Canada with Sgt. Slaughter as guest host. No matches announced. We’ve heard from backstage they are doing a boot camp theme with some type of contract of a pole match planned, likely involving The Miz.

We’re looking for reports from Raw as well as reports from the Smackdown/ECW house show in Red Deer to you2us@wrestlingglobe.com.


Lance Storm is backstage at Raw. He brought in some of his wrestling school students for tryouts. Its unlikely he will be used on TV.

Ricky Ortiz (Rich Young) was let go for what he was told were budget reasons. He also had the handicap of being trained the right way in OVW.
More on this tomorrow.

During a newscast today for the NBC affiliate in Chicago, Mike Adamle said he will be Raw guest host in two weeks, which would be St. Louis.
The good news is that Jeff Harvey is on Smackdown.

The WWE stock closed today at $14.73 and is currently at its highest point for several months.

Last week’s edition of ECW had a very loud chant of “this is stupid”
edited out during The Abraham Washington Show.

Developmental wrestler Dos Caras Jr. who believed he was going straight to the main roster when he was signed has been renamed as Alberto Banderas, you know, like the movie star Antonio.

There is a one-hour version of Wrestlemania 25 airing on NBC on 8/29 at 9pm ET replacing Saturday Night’s Main Event which they have given up on.

Triple H is a guest on Tuesday’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

During an interview on Denver radio Jack Swagger let slip that the plan is for him to wrestle Kofi Kingston for the US title at SummerSlam.


8/8 house show results from Baton Rouge, LA: Suicide over Shark Boy;
Awesome Kong & Raisha Saeed over The Beautiful People; Homicide over
Daniels & Consequences Creed in a three-way; Hernandez over Eric Young;
Beer Money over Kiyoshi & Sheik Bashir; and AJ Styles over Samoa Joe
with Mick Foley as special enforcer.

8/9 in Alexandria, LA was the same show and results.

Sunday’s Hard Justice PPV line up has Kurt Angle vs. Sting vs. AJ Styles
or Matt Morgan in a three-way for the TNA title; Mick Foley vs. Kevin
Nash for the Legends title; Booker T. & Scott Steiner vs. Team 3D for
the tag titles; The British Invasion vs. Beer Money for the IWGP tag
titles that New Japan won’t recognise; Homicide vs. Samoa Joe for the
XDivision title; Angelina Love vs. ODB for the Knockouts title; and a
Steel Asylum match for a future X-Division title shot with Alex Shelley,
Chris Sabin, Amazing Red, Jay Lethal, Consequences Creed, Daniels, and


Bobby Lashley‘s next MMA fight was confirmed as 44-year-old Ron Waterman
on 10/3 in Denver for Prize Fight Promotions.


Linda Hogan was on Good Morning America this morning talking about her
divorce. You can watch the segment at http://tinyurl.com/n8ya6d. She
denies she was ever a gold digger claiming that Hogan was broke when
they got married, which was 1983, and as I recall Hogan wasn’t doing too
badly at that point.

The first pictures of Hogan’s back surgery from earlier this year are
online at http://tinyurl.com/n7mj8e.

A correction from last week. Nick Bockwinkel, 74, didn’t undergo recent
heart surgery, he had surgery on his neck to unblock a carotid artery,
and had a patch applied to correct the problem. He is said to be
recovering well.

Tuff TV in Little Rock, AR is currently airing old Mid-South Wrestling
tapes. The most recent show included a January, 1982 main event of Ernie
Ladd, Afa and Sika vs. Junk Yard Dog, Dusty Rhodes and Andre The Giant.

Among those at the Chicago Comic Con this past weekend were Roddy Piper,
Kevin Nash, Jerry Lawler, Honky Tonk Man, Ted DiBiase, Dawn Marie, Tara,
Nidia, Greg Valentine, Taylor Wilde, Bushwhacker Luke, Traci Brooks,
Sean Waltman, Christy Hemme and Candice Michelle.



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