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Tuesday August 18, 2009

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8/17 Raw TV results from St. Louis, MO: Kofi Kingston over Carlito; Miz over Evan Bourne; Mickie James over Gail Kim; MVP over Jack Swagger via DQ; Hornswoggle over Chavo Guerrero; and John Cena & Randy Orton over Big Show & Chris Jericho.

ECW tonight on SyFy includes Christian & Tommy Dreamer vs. William Regal & Vladimir Kozlov.

Superstars on Thursday includes Beth Phoenix vs. Kelly Kelly; Mark Henry vs. Chris Masters.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I am going on vacation today. Barring any major news there will be no updates until Thursday, August 27.

Sunday is the 22nd annual Summerslam PPV from the Staples Center in Los Angeles. I will be at the show. The final line up has Randy Orton vs.
John Cena for the WWE title; Chris Jericho & Big Show vs. Cryme Tyme for the tag titles; MVP vs. Jack Swagger ; Rey Mysterio vs. Dolph Ziggler for the IC title; Jeff Hardy vs. CM Punk in a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match for the World title; Kane vs. Great Khali; D-Generation X vs. The Legacy; and Christian vs. William Regal for the ECW title.


MVP vs. Jack Swagger and Christian vs. William Regal for the ECW title were just added to Summerslam. Both should be solid matches given more than nine seconds.

There was some miscommunication during the Mickie James-Gail Kim match last night on Raw. There was no heat afterwards and the match was chalked up as a bad day at the office, although Mickie was visibly upset about the weak finish.

For those who asked, yes that really was a Macaulay Culkin cameo during the Chavo-Hornswoggle falls count anywhere match.

Raw did a 3.8 rating averaging 5.3 million viewers. Virtually the same number as last week.

Jerry Lawler made it official today and filed his petition to run for Mayor of Memphis. He has a new website at www.jerrylawler2009.com where you can follow his campaign. He even has Facebook and Twitter.

WWE canceled their Friday Summerslam Fan Axxess session in Los Angeles and extended Saturday from 9am to 8pm. Apparently the company has a lot of office employees in town for the PPV so everyone is on their best behaviour. They have over 300 hotel rooms booked out all over town.

THQ will be unveiling the latest in the Raw vs. Smackdown video game series at Summerslam this weekend.

Kane at http://tinyurl.com/lhmsoj says HBK-Taker at WM25 was the best match he has ever seen.

WWE.com at http://tinyurl.com/qcmork has a story on unsolved mysteries regarding storylines that were never explained. Perhaps in 10 years they can do another update explaining a few things from 2009.

WWE made the August 24 edition of People Magazine for the Raw with Jeremy Piven as guest host.

The Rise and Fall of WCW goes on sale next Tuesday. You can order this and other WWE/TNA DVD titles at www.wrestlingshop.com.

The Baltimore Sun has a Q&A with Patrick Brink, the former developmental wrestler, who was fired after he got some ink and didn’t clear it with the office, among other things.

Big Show appeared on the Australian version of Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader. You can watch his segment at http://tinyurl.com/q3zq8z. He got the first question wrong on third grade math: What is the numerator in the fraction 3/4? He answered 4.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch at http://tinyurl.com/ndajzg has a great Q&A with Randy Orton. He talks about becoming a family man and how its changed his life. He said: “It’s put a lot of things in perspective.
Everyone said when my wife was pregnant, “Wait til you have that little girl. It’s going to change your life.” You hear that and you don’t really know until the day she’s born, and that’s when it hit me. When I saw the little baby and when she looked up at me and heard my voice and (I said), “Wow, I made this little human being and I’m responsible for it.” I have to set a good example. I have to be a good father. … It really made me mature very quickly and realize I have to step up and be not only a good husband to my wife but a great father. I think I’m doing that, accomplishing that goal of mine, and I would like to have more
(kids) in the future. I would like to have a big family. I love my daughter. … On a personal level, she’s made me understand what life is all about. It’s made me more excited to get home and see how she’s progressed and what she’s learned to do. … I always wanted a little girl so bad, so I’m very blessed that I got my wish.”

The Hall of Fame ceremony during Wrestlemania 26 weekend has been moved from the Airways Center to the Dodge Theater in Phoenix on Saturday, March 27, 2010. Its a smaller venue with a capacity of over just over 5,000. No idea why they changed to a smaller venue.

The segment last week on Smackdown where Khali’s “brother” Ranjin Singh is held hostage by Kane was edited out of the UK and Australian airings.

Chris Jericho and Khali recently filmed cameo for the upcoming SNL film

Curt Hawkins & Kung Fu Naki will be signing autographs at the FCW events
this weekend in Leesburg and Plant City, FL. More info at


Spike TV sent out a press release confirming three more years of Impact.
The new deal comes into effect on October 1 and runs through to 2012,
including a new TBD show (likely Epics or The Spin Cycle) for 10
one-hour installments. “With the tremendous success and record ratings
we have achieved over the past three years, we are very happy to
continue to have Spike TV as TNA Wrestling’s partner,” said TNA
president Dixie Carter. “We are excited to continue our relationship
with the fantastic team that has supported TNA from the very beginning,
and look forward to even greater success with all of our TNA programming
on Spike TV.”

Carter and Spike president Kevin Kay discuss the new deal at

TNA sent out a release pushing the No Surrender PPV on September 20
around Bobby Lashley.

The big news coming out of Monday’s TV taping is Taz replacing Don West
in the announce booth with Mike Tenay. The decision was actually made a
while ago, right around the time they tried to turn West heel. The
company line is that he was given a “promotion” to the merchandise
department and will also be working on online content. West is the
latest Jeff Jarrett loyalist to be removed from prominance.

Former adult movie star-turned indy valet Trina Michaels is in Orlando
for tonight’s taping. She will likely be a plant in the audience. They
are also doing some type of Knockout’s tag team tournament.

Impact on Thursday has D’Angelo Dinero (Elijah Burke) vs. Consequences
Creed; Samoa Joe vs. Homicide in a rematrch for the X-Division title;
The British Invasion vs. Beer Money in a non-title rematch; Sarita vs.
Traci Brooks vs. Awesome Kong vs. Christy Hemme in a four-way; plus,
Kurt Angle is all over the show and AJ Styles makes his “major

Since the story on Angle’s arrest broke, “Kurt Angle” was among Top 10
searches on Yahoo and Google for Monday and Tuesday.

Chris Harris, Larry Zbyszko and former WWE wrestler Kevin Thorn were
backstage at Sunday’s Hard Justice PPV.

The latest TNA Today webshow with Jeremy Borash is online at

The TNA website at http://tinyurl.com/lyb4bj has a profile of newcomer
Hamada where Awesome Kong compares her to AJ Styles. Apparently her
favorite food is Japanese (surprise surprise) and in her spare time she
likes to salsa dance. 

TNA has just debuted in Denmark on Canal 9. Impact and PPVs will air on
tape delay.

Homicide at www.mondaynightmayhem.com talks TNA, Ring of Honor, CM Punk
and more.


The Sports Illustrated website at www.si.com has a slideshow looking at
sports personalities who turned from hero to villain. Hulk Hogan made
No. 9 for turning on Randy Savage at the 1996 Bash at the Beach PPV and
forming the nWo. The other guys on the list were Brett Favre, Terrell
Owens, Roger Clemens, Bill Parcells, Johnny Damon, Eric Lindros, Rick
Pitino, Rich Rodriguez, Nick Saban and Alex Rodriguez.

Linda Bollea was supposed to be coming out with an autobiography later
this month. We’re were told its been pushed back until next year because
they have to make a lot of edits, you know, because she and Hulk are
friends again after the divorce settlement.

This morning on Comcast Sportsnet Philly during the sports news they
were recapping the Marlins/Astros game. They showed a hit Tim Wood made,
and anchor Ron Burke said: “Tim Wood, not to be confused with Tim Woods,
Mr. Wrestling”. Awesome.

Gladys “Killem” Gillem Wall will be laid to rest tomorrow at Pensacola
Naval Air Station National Cemetary.

Bill Goldberg was in Raleigh this past weekend for the Jimmy V Celebrity
Golf Classic. He told the local paper that he would never return to pro
wrestling “in a million years” except possibly in Japan where he has
done exhibition matches. He said he has just wrapped another season of
Bull Run for the Speed Channel that will air in the fall.

Congrats to D-Lo Brown on the birth of his daughter Payton.

Crowbar Press has a new book out titled The Solie Chronicles, looking at
the life and times of Gordon Solie, written by Scott Teal and Solie’s
son-in-law Robert Allyn and daughter Pam Allyn. This is the third book
to be written on the legendary announcer. Ordering info at

One of our readers out of Ohio has a 16×16 ft. wrestling ring for sale;
all steel frame with red/white/blue ropes, turnbuckle pads, black apron,
padding and canvas. $2500 ono. Buyer must be able to collect. All
enquiries to [email protected].

Buff Bagwell at http://tinyurl.com/r9bhkf talks about wanting to go to
TNA, and why he draws better than “that Morrison Kid” and CM Punk.

James Guttman at www.WorldWrestlingInsanity.com has new interviews up
with Paul Roma, Wildfire Tommy Rich and Pierre-Carl Ouellet.

There is a fun story on Tommy Rich at http://tinyurl.com/pmd6o9 from his
appearance at the NWA Legends fanfest earlier this month.

Today’s San Antonio Express has a story about a local man who robbed a
movie theater back in May. During the robbery he wore a Dwayne “The
Rock” Johnson mask. He got away with $3000 and fled to Germany where he
went into hiding at a hostel owned by a community bible church. US
marshals worked with German law enforcement officials to track him down.
He was deported on a flight from Berlin to Newark, where he was taken
into custody on Monday. He claimed his wallet was stolen or he would
have been able to give the money back.

Fog City Wrestling run at the DNA lounge in San Francisco this weekend.
More info www.fogcitywrestling.com.

There is an XPW 10-year anniversary show this weekend at 6655 Santa
Monica Blvd in Los Angeles. All the details at www.theXPW.com.

JWA-United Wrestling run on Saturday in Sayreville, NY. For more info
email to [email protected] or visit http://www.jwaunitedwrestling.com.

TMZ.com at http://tinyurl.com/m6yp67 has a video of Roddy Piper, NFL
legend Rosey Grier, actor Mickey Rooney and former Bond Girl Maud Adams
doing the Hokey Pokey. No joke, and Piper doesn’t even drink any more.

Former TNA ref Rudy Charles has a new webshow at
http://tinyurl.com/q4dubf. He needs to up his production values.

Ricky Steamboat & Ricky Steamboat Jr. teamed together for the first time
ever this past weekend in Puerto Rico.



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