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Thursday September 10, 2009

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Superstars tonight on WGN includes Kofi Kingston & Primo vs. The Miz & Jack Swagger; Slam Master J vs. Dolph Ziggler; and Nikki Bella vs. Katie Lea Burchill; and Kane vs. Jimmy Wang Yang.

Vince McMahon is quoted all over a new WWE book titled The Untold History Of The WWE. It’s an historical look back at the company from when Vince bought Capitol Wrestling from his father to the present day.
When asked about Chris Benoit not being acknowledged in more recent books and DVDs, he said: “It’s not right to pretend [Chris Benoit] didn’t exist. It’s one thing to include him as part of a historical perspective, which I believe is OK, and it’s another thing to promote him, which is not OK. The situation is very similar to that of O.J.
Simpson – despite his controversy, O.J. was still a part of the NFL scene. You can’t deny that he existed.”

The 2010 Royal Rumble in Atlanta, GA has been pushed back to January 31.
The original date was January 24 which would have gone against the AFC and NFC Championship games. Vince flipped out when he was told about the scheduling conflict on Monday and ordered the date change. Tickets purchased for the original date are still good.

Kelly Kelly wrote on her Twitter that she got an MRI done today, and then tweeted: “Why me?” Doesn’t sound good. We will investogate.

For those whoked, Savannah in ECW is Angela Fong from developmental.

Maryse is coming in for Sunday’s Breaking Point to help push the PPV in her hometown of Montreal. Morrison-Ziggler was apparently dropped due to time constraints.

ECW on Tuesday night did a 1.0 rating on SyFy.

ITN from the UK attended Summerslam Fan Axxess. They have an fun video of their reporter ripping unsuspecting fans at http://tinyurl.com/r3r3m5.

Jerry Lawler received some positive press for comments he made at a recent Memphis Mayoral debate http://tinyurl.com/neukwx.

WWE.com at http://tinyurl.com/lmgtkb has a story on Sgt. Slaughter being honored with the Commander-In-Chief’s Gold Medal of Merit from the Veterans of Foreign Wars at the 110th national convention in Phoenix.

A blogger on the Motley Fool website at http://tinyurl.com/kovwtf is recommending people dump their WWE stock. They basically used the argument that WWE is paying out more than it’s earning in dividends: ‘In the company’s defense, it has a cash-rich balance sheet and healthy cash flow. However, if the over-the-top storylines and incendiary personalities have truly been worn thin, whom is Wall Street kidding with its projections of a turnaround in 2010? Analysts have overestimated WWE’s earnings potential in two of the past four quarters, and they appear to be doing it again.’

Hillbilly was interviewed by James Guttman at www.ClubWWI.com. When asked why he never worked for WCW, he said: “I’ve used this analogy many times and I think you’d understand this. This is how I felt. I’m a guy – and it’s a strange word in this business that’s not used enough and it don’t really mean anything – loyalty. That’s ingrained in me. I have a little bit of loyalty. I would never do anything bad or say anything bad about the people at WWF or WWE now. ‘Cause they were good to me. They took a boy that didn’t have a whole lot and they made it possible for me to have a whole lot.” He also talks about the heat he has with WWE right now, why that is, being contacted by them, why he won’t return, what he could have had if he was a squeaky wheel, and more.

Pro Wrestling Illustrated announced it’s Top 50 women wrestlers of 2009:
10. Taylor Wilde, 9. Maryse, 8. Michelle McCool, 7. Beth Phoenix, 6.
Awesome Kong, 5. Tara, 4. MsChif, 3. Melina, 2. Angelina Love, and 1.
Mickie James. There were some girls further down the list who haven’t even been active in the last 12 months.

WWE sent out a survey today asking fans for feedback on Summerslam.
Among the questions they ask is whether or not you watch TNA or UFC, you know, those groups that aren’t compeition to them.

Edge is doing an autograph signing for FCW at the Lake County Fairgrounds Expo Center in Eustis, FL on October 23.

FCW chief Steve Keirn turns 58 today.


Impact airing twice tonight on Spike has AJ Styles & Daniels vs. Abyss and Samoa Joe; Booker T & Scott Steiner vs. Beer Money vs. Team 3D vs.
The British Invasion in a gauntlet; Jay Lethal vs. Pope D’Angelo Dinero; Taylor Wilde & Sarita vs. Daffney & Alissa Flash in the Knockouts tag title tournament; and Madison Rayne & ? vs. The Beautiful People in the tournament.

Matt Morgan turns 33 today.

Abyss tweeted that he was attending the Toby Keith concert tonight in Cincinnati.


Dave Meltzer reports that Kerry Brown, the nephew of Bulldog Bob Brown,
passed away this morning. He was 51. Brown was probably best known for
his work with Stampede Wrestling in the 1980s. Greg Oliver has a nice
obit at http://tinyurl.com/l7kt55.

A release sent to media in Australia today announced that Eric Bischoff
was bringing Hulk Hogan to the country for a multi-date tour in
November. This would be the first time Hogan has appeared on wrestling
shows in Australia. The tour is being promoted by a new group called
Condon Sports and Entertainment. They have booked huge arena’s including
Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne, Burswood Dome in Perth, Brisbane
Entertainment Centre in Queensland, and Acer Arena in Sydney. Tickets
will go on sale on September 24. No other talent has been announced thus
far but you can bet the usual suspects will be involved. The group is
apparently trying to get Ric Flair on board and other big name free

King Kong Bundy headlines a comedy show in Princeton, NY on September 18
and 19 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel. For more info call (609) 987-8018.

Peach State Pandemonium, hosted by Rich Tate and Les Thatcher, features
Jim Duggan as a guest on their latest show. He talks about his work with
WWE, giving advice to younger talents, the importance of guys stepping
up and who he thinks will carry the torch into the next decade. You can
listen to the show at www.blogtalkradio.com/PSP.

Sean “X-Pac” Waltman is expected to return to Mexico with AAA next
month. He is currently touring Ireland with a group called American
Wrestling Rampage working shows with Rob Van Dam, Sabu, Scotty 2 Hotty
and Renee Dupree.

There is a fun article on Andre the Giant at http://tinyurl.com/qjahhu
which is also a political blog.

Gabe Sapolsky has a new blow looking at Dragon Gate USA’s debut in
Chicago at www.myspace.com/rohgabe.


A response to the letter on Angelina Love Re: visa issues from


I wanted to address the following letter, which was posted in your 9/9

The reader is right in asking “where are these watchdogs when we have
all these illegals crossing the border and working in the USA”, but it
is contradictory to also then sympathize with Angelina Love, suggesting
she is a “legit worker with a minor setback due to visa issues”.


Allow me to preface my statements by noting that I spent some time as an
acquaintance of hers when she worked as Angel Williams in WWE
developmental, and she was a very nice, sweet young woman. However, to
call her a “legit worker” when she was here illegally is a ridiculous
statement, especially when you acknowledge that authorities should be
going after “illegals crossing the border”.


In addition, Angelina Love is an adult and should have known better.
When it was discovered and brought to the attention of TNA and Dixie
Carter, Carter did the right thing, as TNA could very well be on the
hook for having her in their employ. Love not only caused her own
problems here, but very well could ultimately cause issues for TNA as


I agree that authorities should be going after anyone earning a salary
here who is not a legal citizen or does not have some form of authority
to do so while here on a work visa, but then why exclude her if she
falls into that category?


Again, she is a sweet lady and a very talented performer. I sincerely
wish the best for her and hope that things turn out better than it seems
at the moment.


— name withheld by request


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