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Sunday September 6, 2009

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9/4 Smackdown TV results from Cleveland, OH: Finlay & Great Khali over Mike Knox & Kane; John Morrison over Rey Mysterio to win the Intercontinental title, Maria & Eve over Natalya & Layla; and Matt Hardy over CM Punk via DQ.

9/4 WWE Supershow house show results from San Juan, Puerto Rico: Matt Hardy over Mike Knox; Michelle McCool over Melina with the Styles Clash; Great Khali over Kane; Chris Jericho & Big Show over The Hart Dynasty & Crime Tyme in a three-way; Christian defeated William Regal & Tommy Dreamer & Shelton Benjamin in a four-way; John Morrison over Dolph Ziggler; Primo over Carlito; and The Undertaker & Triple H over C M Punk & The Legacy.

9/5 Smackdown/ECW house show results from Arecibo, Puerto Rico: Cryme Tyme over The Hart Dynasty; Carlito over Mike Knox; Melina & Eve over Michelle McCool & Natalya; Christian over Tommy Dreamer & William Regal & Shelton Benjamin in a four-way; Kane over Primo Colon (surprise match up and result); John Morrison over Dolph Ziggler; and The Undertaker, Great Khali & Matt Hardy over Chris Jericho, Big Show & CM Punk.

9/4 Raw house show results from Sioux Falls, SD: Evan Bourne over Chavo Guerrero with assistance from Hornswoggle; Chris Masters over Alex Riley; Shaemus over Santino Marella; Kofi Kingston won a three-way over The Miz & MVP; Mickie James & Gail Kim over Rosa Mendes & Beth Phoenix; Mark Henry over Jack Swagger; and Randy Orton over John Cena via DQ. 
Cena gave Orton the FU after the match to send the crowd happy.
The 9/5 Raw show in St. Paul drawing around 9,000 had the same results as the night before, plus Triple H over The Legacy in a handicap match.

Smackdown finish up today in Purerto Rico with an afternoon show in Ponce. The Raw crew run in Madison, WI.

Raw TV is Monday at Allstate Arena in Chicago with Bob Barker as guest host, and the Smackdown/ECW tapings are Tuesday at the Rockford Metro Centre. ECW main event is already announced as Tommy Dreamer & Christian vs. Vladimir Kozlov & Ezekiel Jackson.

We’re looking for brief reports from any readers attending these shows to [email protected].


John Morrison vs. Dolph Ziggler for the IC title is now official for Breaking Point.

Armageddon on 12/13 in San Antonio is now listed with the main events as TLC matches.

Lilian Garcia indicated she finishes up with WWE later this month. The last Raw TV in September is the 28th in Albany, NY.

Michelle Mc Cool was back in the ring this weekend in Puerto Rico. Her knee is far from 100 percent but she is working through the pain.

Jamie Noble was down in developmental this week helping out with the training of developmental prospects.

The term “Nigel McGuinness” was the No. 9 most searched term on Yahoo.com for Saturday.

The shows in France later this month are already sold out.

Tommy Dreamer will throw out the first pitch at the Chicago White Sox game on Wednesday with Dolph Ziggler, Hornswoggle and Tiffany on hand to sign autographs.

On E!’s The Soup the other night host Joel McHale ripped on WWE for the Horswoggle-Chavo match where Chavo wore a cow suit. He couldn’t understand why millions of people would watch Raw and also made a comment about guys not winning matches without HGH.

Smackdown TV is preempted in Philadelphia on 9/11 and 9/18.  The first week’s show airs on 9/12 at 8pm, and the second on 9/19 at 1am.

The 9/29 Smackdown TV taping in Boston at The Garden is listed as a “Decade of Smackdown” presumably a themed special to help push the new DVD.

Jillian Hall celebrates her birthday today.


Jeff Jarrett, on Australian TV last night (watch here:
http://tinyurl.com/mqc7v5), announced TNA is coming to the country for a live event tour late Feb-early March. Cities on the tour include Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth. They are running the same venues that WWE usually does which is very ambitious. WCW did strong business over there in 2000 during it’s dying days, but that was ten years ago and the landscape has very much changed.

The Angelina Love situation has caused a lot of internal issues. The company is now scrambling to verify the paperwork of several talents, which is just astounding, and you would think a high priority, but apparently not.

Jim Cornette was a guest on www.feelthepain.net. He noted he has a new book out next year highlighting his vast Memphis Wrestling photo collection. When asked about the Angle-Jarrett situation it was a firm no comment. Smart guy. He said he has no involvement in the wiritng process although in his capacity of agent he is assigned matches to produce, and also works in the production truck. On Paul Heyman ever coming in, he said: “I have always said that Paul is an evil genius.
Everyone that knows us has always called us the bizarro twins because we’re complete polar opposites. And if you put us and Vince Russo on the ends of a triangle we would self destruct the universe. That thing about Paul is, he knows what he’s is doing. The question sometimes is why he is doing what he’s doing. I’ll leave it there.”

Ken Anderson (Mr. Kennedy) noted his WWE no compete expires on Wednesday. That would free him up to sign with TNA next week if he chose that route.

Kurt Angle‘s next movie is scheduled for a direct to DVD release in December. It’s a low budget film called End Game starring Kurt as a serial killer who likes to stalk and kill beautiful women. The movie was produced by Northshore Pictures, a company based in Pittsburgh and is a partnership between Kurt, Bruce Kohler, Bryan Kohler and Dave Hawk, Kurt’s agent.

The Dailton Daily Citizen at http://tinyurl.com/nhdv3g has a story on AJ Styles.

Rhaka Khan has pulled out of several upcoming indy bookings. We don’t have a definitive word on her status. Dixie Carter has said in recent interviews that Khan is still part of the company while Rhan has stated publicly that she doesn’t feel she is welcome.

Due to a UFC marathon on Spike, Impact won’t air it’s replay in the usual timeslot next Saturday.


Mike Monneyham at http://tinyurl.com/m5wg5n reviews Sputnik, Masked Men
and Midgets, a new book on the early years of Memphis Wrestling. An
interesting read.

Mike Lano at http://tinyurl.com/mqqv2w has a story on Jody Ray
Kristofferson the son of singer-song writer Kris Kristofferson. Jody is
wrestling with All-Pro in California.

Former WWE wrestler Headbanger Mosh is interviewed at

Stacy Keibler now has a Facebook fan page at

Wrestle Talk Radio tonight at 10pm ET at wildtalkradio.com.

Rob Van Dam will be speaking at the 2009 NORML National Conference later
this month in San Francisco.

The East Coast Wrestling Association has announced that it’s 13th Annual
Super 8 Tournament will be held on October 10. More info at

Ric Flair is appearing at the Dixie Classic Fair in Winston-Salem, NC on
10/10. More info at www.dcfair.com.


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