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Sunday September 6, 2009

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9/6 Raw house show results from Madison, WI: Evan Bourne over Chavo Guerrero; Chris Masters over Alex Riley; Shaemus over Santino Marella; Kofi Kingston won a three-way over The Miz & MVP; Kelly Kelly & Gail Kim over Rosa Mendes & Beth Phoenix; Mark Henry over Jack Swagger; Triple H over The Legacy in a handicap match; and Randy Orton over John Cena via DQ. Mickie James didn’t wrestle and was replaced by Kelly in the Diva tag.
Raw TV tonight is live from at Allstate Arena in Chicago with Bob Barker as guest host. No matches announced at press time. We did hear from a reader lurking outside the arena that some of the crew were making The Price is Right props which likely means a quiz theme show.

The Smackdown/ECW tapings are Tuesday at the Rockford Metro Centre. ECW main event is Tommy Dreamer & Christian vs. Vladimir Kozlov & Ezekiel Jackson. These are the go-home TV’s to Breaking Point in Montreal on Sunday.

We’re looking for reports from both shows with any off camera notes to [email protected].


Jim Ross at www.jrsbarbq.com wrote that he loved the Dragon Gate show last night in Chicago: “The fans in attendance were awesome. Their passion was infectious. Bravo to them. The talents worked so hard in the ring. Their style is uniquely fast and athletic. Lots of the great Ultimo Dragon stylings which was expected and exciting. Had a chance to visit with Brian Kendrick and he seemed happy which was good. Brian’s basing out of LA these days and says he has plenty of work lined up. I wish him well.” Ross was at the show with Jerry Lawler doing an autograph signing: “The King is VERY serious about the Memphis mayoral race. He was on the phone a ton Sunday and we discussed many of the legit issues on which Jerry is focusing. I was impressed. He just might win the damn thing. Most folks are tired of professional politicians and Lawler certainly isn’t that.”

WWE has signed indy referee Ronnie Washington. He is best known for working with Big Time Wrestling out of California.

Former WWE developmental wrestler Ron Waterman, who fights Bobby Lashley in October, did an interview with the Sherdog website. On his time with Brock Lesnar in OVW, he said: “I think [Brock] wanted to [do MMA] back then. We were both locked in to WWE contracts at the time. I had already fought in the UFC, and he said it was something he might want to do if wrestling didn’t work out, down the line.” He added: “Brock and I were pro wrestling, but we would train a lot, roll a lot, wrestle a lot, just to stay in shape. Shelton Benjamin, Brian Keck, other college wrestlers were there, too. We’d wrestle all the time. As big as he is, to be as strong and as quick as he is, it’s amazing. He was close to 300 pounds and could do a standing back-flip. He was one of the only guys I’ve trained with that could take me down at will.” He also claimed to have schooled Mark Henry at some point: “I had four UFC fights when I was called into OVW. The first day I was in practice, Mark Henry, all 450 pounds of him, got into ring and called me out. I think he lasted about
35 seconds.”

Ric Flair with Nancy O’Dell turned up on today’s Jerry Lewis Telethon representing WWE. The telethon is to raise funds for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. To donate go to www.mda.org. Flair is currently in Las Vegas making personal appearances.

Justin Angel in FCW currently uses Candice Michelle‘s old entrance music, and Rosa Mendes has been doing some ring announcing of late.
Youtube fun at http://tinyurl.com/mtvhw4.


Michael Klyzub, a rep for Lauren Williams (Angelina Love), sent us a
carefully worded email today regarding Williams’ status with TNA. The
email was also sent to several wrestling websites. Klyzub confirmed that
Williams parted ways with TNA effective September 3. He wrote: “This
separation was based purely on a miscommunication of Angel Williams
present visa status… I want to stress the fact that once this visa
issue is cleaned up Angel is welcomed back to TNA Wrestling with open
arms. At this time I cannot and will not address any of the other rumors
that are circulating with regards to the type of visa issues, concerns
of gaining employment with the competition nor will I address any other
rumors. I will say that most of what is on the Internet is inaccurate
and that the fans should rest assured that Angel Williams the performer
will be returning to the ring in no time at all.” He was very negative
towards wrestling news websites.

Jeff Jarrett and Christy Hemme were guests on SEN radio’s All Night
Appetite in Australia. He said he has no issues with Kurt Angle, and put
him over as arguably the best wrestler in the history of the business:
“[Kurt] doesn’t have a peer in this business for his ability once the
bell rings. From bell to bell I think he may be the best this business
has ever produced.” He also listed Jerry Lawler, Tenru, Shawn Michaels,
and Jeff Hardy as some of the most gifted guys he has been in the ring
with. On up-and-comers in TNA, he specifically mentioned Jay Lethal and
Brutus Magnus. He told a funny story about Randy Savage calling Lethal
up to give him his seal of approval, but thought it was one of the boys
in the locker room playing a rib on him. On the current product, he
said: “Wrestling is subjective. Quality of the program is in the eye of
the beholder. One thing I don’t ever want TNA to do is rest on its
laurels or be complacent.”


Joe Nova who was better known as Butcher Brannigan passed away in the
early hours of this morning at the age of 61. He was an undercard hand
for the WWWF in the 1970s and also wrestled in Australia as Joe
Brannigan, in the UK as Crusher Brannigan and in Japan as Killer Joe
Nova. (Thanks to Brad Dykins)

Ray Mendoza Jr. (Villano V) was reportedly hospitalized following a
match for CMLL in Arena Mexico on Sunday. No real details of what
happened at press time. He was kept in overnight for observation and his
condition is listed as stable.

Shannon Moore is talking about returning to wrestling or at least
putting feelers out.

Ring of Honor tonight at 8pm on HDNet has The Briscoes vs Kenny King &
Rhett Titus; Eddie Kingston vs Sal Rinauro; Silas Young vs Erick
Stevens; and Tyler Black vs Jerry Lynn.

The Santa Monica Historical Society Museum recently received a donation
of $100,000 from the widow of Baron Michele Leone. He was one of the
early stars of professional wrestling during the 1950s, mostly due to
the growing popularity of television. He enjoyed success in the So-Cal
territories, and peaked in May of 1952 when he wrestled Lou Thesz in
what was wrestling’s first ever first ever $100,000 gate at Gilmore
Field in Los Angeles drawing 25,256 fans. He died in November 1988 at
age 79 after being struck by a car in a crosswalk near his home. A rep
for the museum said the money would go towards a wall case featuring
memorabilia from the Leone’s career.

The Slam Wrestling website at http://tinyurl.com/m9sxwc has a story on
the Dragon Gate USA debut in Chicago this past weekend. Their report
noted, “DGUSA might well be emerging as the premiere North American
company in terms of in-ring action.” The show drew 700 fans. A return
date to Chicago was announced for January 23,  2010 with tickets going
on sale in a few days at www.dgusa.tv.

There is a teaser trailer online at http://tinyurl.com/n7abvl hyping
Steve Austin‘s next movie, Damage. Austin plays a paroled ex con who is
forced into the world of underground fighting. The film is directed by
Jeff King and also stars Walton Goggins (The Sheild), Laura Vandervort
(Smallville) and Donnelly Rhodes (Battlestar Gallactica).


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