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Wresting Board GameWrestling Madness is a wrestling board game for 2-6 players; ages 8 to adult. In an arena where only the toughest survive and the heroes are made of steel, watching is the next best thing to being in the ring. Until now!


Manufacturer’s Age: 8 years and up

Invented and manufactured in the good old United States of America!!!!

If you think you have what it takes to join the ranks of Wrestling’s very best, then it is time to join the Madness. Wrestling Madness. An incredibly fun and zaney wrestling board game where you claw your way through the ranks of the professional wrestling circuit by wrestling tough opponents and earning cash.

Travel the mad Wrestling circuit earning money and wrestling your way to the top of the wrestling world. You must earn $100,000 before getting the chance to take on the mad Wrestling Federation’s Champion. The first player to defeat this champion is the new Mad Wrestling Champion of the world and Winner of this exciting and fun wrestling board game.

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