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Wrestling Manager v1.0.8 Exclusive BETA 

DUNDEE, Scotland – October 11, 2012 –

The team here at Serious Parody are happy to once again demonstrate commitment to our fellow wrestling game fans. Our aim is and always has been to create THE BEST wrestling games on iOS and this new update should help show just how dedicated we are to to achieving and maintaining that goal.

V1.0.8 of Wrestling Manager is edging closer and closer to release but before we unleash the update on the general public, we want to make doubly sure that our changes have improved the game. Over the coming weeks while the BETA is live, we will be adding in more changes and based on the players feedback, the team will tweak where needed.

Serious Parody C.E.O, Dan Hinkles said “We are incredibly proud of our innovative achievements within Wrestling Manager and we’re forever grateful to the amazing community that has helped make it the best wrestling game on any mobile device. Now we’re looking to that community again to help take us to the next level.”

Wrestling Manager is the only wrestling strategy game on iOS. At heart it’s a card collection game with a difference. With over 500 characters and over 650 cards to play with, it’s easily one of the biggest games around. It’s the only wrestling game on iOS that lets you fully customise every character in the game and it was the first iOS game ever to provide modding abilities to players. With a few simple clicks in iTunes, players can swap out all 500 characters and create their very own dream roster.

If you’d like to join the beta, fill out the Contact Us form at the link below.