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On Wrestling Mayhem Show 375, we have the opportunity to talk with Mike Rayne about his presence in the International Wrestling Cartel, including Super Indy XII, coming up from MMA, Phish, some interesting thoughts on Anthony Nese, and the all important Big Questions!

The Wrestling Mayhem Show debuted as a podcast on January, 2006.The Wrestling Mayhem Show is an irreverent, no holds barred show, where the hosts discuss and have fun with the world of wrestling, from WWE, TNA and indy organizations. The hosts, Lunchbox, Sorg and a host of other fans who join the conversation via phone and chat room from the Bronx to Texas, are avid fans that genuinely love and respect the business they cover. The Wrestling Mayhem Show has been recognized in speaking at Podcasting events such as Podcamp Pittsburgh since 2006, as well as Bootcamp Pittsburgh in April 2007. Past interviews include such stars as TNA’s Eric Young and Cody Deaner and former WWE Stars, Brent Albright, Armando Estrada, Shawn Daivari,  Jerry Sags, Jimmy Snuka, as well as many Indy performers.

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