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Wrestling-Radio.com has been online sixteen months and in that time has become one of the biggest wrestling radio and respected wrestling promotions site out there. Next week (12/20/2007) will mark a significant point for the Wrestling-Radio.com brand as iLLer better known to some as Timothy Armstrong (Web Coder and Designer) hits the airwaves on the official Wrestling-Radio.com Podcast to discuss the future and what lies ahead in 2008 for the site.

Ben Kerin Director of Wrestling-Radio.com had this to say ” I can’t thank the fans , promoters and hosts enough for all their efforts this year in helping us achieve so many goals. Wrestling-Radio’s aim has always been to help and achieve; what we have accomplished has been off our own backs and none of our content has stooped to the lows of pop up advertising or irrelevant cross promotion which many sites sink to for “quick cash” our rapid growth has been amazing and still has many peaks to hit. Next week our official podcast will be an interesting insight into our future for 2008 and by god it’s gonna be a big year!”

The site has an impressive list of credits to it’s name such as Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW) and American Wrestling Association (AWA) of whom they sponsor and provide an official online community for. The official Wrestling-Radio.com Podcast launched one month ago with Jonathan Clarke and has shown signs of early success which have lead to the site putting the show on itunes as a regular feature to expose and open up the fan base more.

As next Wednesday’s podcast draws closer one can only imagine what Wrestling-Radio.com have in store for the “Wrestling Internet” scene in 2008!