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GangrelThe following was transcribed by Andy J of http://www.wrestlingweekly.com:On October 2nd, Wrestling Weekly host Doc Young and Les Thatcher were joined this week by Bryan Alvarez for ‘Hot Topic’ & featured guest, former WWE Superstar Gangrel Wrestling Weekly airs every Tuesday at 8pm Eastern athttp://www.wrestlingweekly.com

Bryan Alvarez joined Doc & Les this week for hot topic. Before the segment began, Bryan spoke about:

– Wrestling Observer Live, which he co-hosted with Lance Storm- Dave Meltzer’s new commitments, but will still be appearing on Wrestling Observer occasionally The subject for this week’s ‘hot topic’ was the cryptic promo’s on WWE television

– The promo’s are apparently not for Chris Jericho, but he is negotiating with WWE – Bryan said, in his opinion, it would a few weeks before Jericho turns up and that the return promo’s is a ‘red herring’ and that the speculation has to build over time – Alvarez emphasised in pro-wrestling you should slow things down and build things up & that bringing Chris Jericho back at ‘No Mercy’ would be too soon.

– Doc discussed the newest video with Bryan and that the recent signs within in it, point out that it could be Shawn Michaels & talked about WWE’s original plans with the storyline The topic then went onto John Cena‘s injury and who Randy Orton‘s opponent will be: – Bryan said it could be a multi-person match for the championship and not sure on the plans on who will be the champion, which would lead up to ‘WrestleMania’. – Alvarez notes it’s likely that Orton will be winning the belt, but mentioned Mr Kennedy being a possibility too. The plan for ‘WrestleMania’ he has heard is Triple H vs. Kennedy – Cena’s injury is a big blow to WWE, Bryan Alvarez said and Les said that John Cena is over with the young audience & the ladies, so they could be losing some of that demographic.

– Bryan then talked about the plans for the illegitimate son angle and that “Kennedy was definitely planned to be the child”& the show in his hometown, was where he would be announced as Vince’s son. This would be the story leading up to ‘Wrestle Mania’ & that Vince & Kennedy would go against Stephanie & Triple H for control of the WWE, with Triple H challenging the heel champion Mr Kennedy for the championship at ‘WrestleMania‘.

Bryan was then asked about Ric Flair‘s WWE future. Alvarez said Flair isn’t on good terms and that creative have no plans, but a plan was for Ric Flair to have a long win streak leading up to ‘WrestleMania’ but there’s no immediate plans now to bring Ric Flair back to WWE at this time.
Another question is about whether Bobby Lashley is ready to wrestle. Bryan noted that Bobby Lashley still has quite a way to go to get back to competing in WWE.

Bryan then spoke about his plans, which include a new F4W newsletter, radio shows, Wrestling Observer Live and Doc & Les say to check out http://www.figurefouronline.com and the Observer radio show.

Doc & Les were then joined by featured guest, former WWE Superstar, Gangrel. The interview began the interview with Gangrel by discussing his theme music in WWE, with Les saying he loved Gangrel’s music. Les asked Gangrel about the rumour about himself (Gangrel) and his wife Luna moving to England, but Gangrel discounted the rumour as untrue. Gangrel then spoke about when he started wrestling, which was in 1988. Doc noted that Gangrel wrestled for the USWA, which Gangrel stated was in 1993 and spoke about what it was like wrestling in front of the Memphis crowd.

Gangrel said he started out in Calgary, then went to All Japan and then to Puerto Rico & stated he loved working in front of the Memphis crowd. Doc asked when Gangrel started with WWE. Gangrel said it began from when he started doing ‘jobs’ for the WWE, when they down in the south east. Gangrel noted that Vince McMahon never wanted a vampire character in WWE but it was Vince Russo who went for the idea, when he was given some creative control. Doc asked if Gangrel was into his character and Gangrel spoke about seeing the movie, ‘The Lost Boys’. Gangrel then talked about Edge & Christian being brought into his faction. Les asks if Gangrel has worked any of the Juggalo tours & Gangrel noted he will be working an upcoming tour in Indiana. Doc then spoke with Gangrel about the Insane Clown Posse (ICP). Gangrel highlighted that he was trained by ‘The Great’ Boris Malenko & noted that ICP were big fans of him and he‘s the basis for the name of their first album. Les then spoke about working with Boris Malenko and said he had a great mind for the business. The blood bath idea was stole from the nightclub scene in the first ‘Blade‘ movie, according to Gangrel.

Doc spoke about Gangrel being with the ‘New Brood’ Matt & Jeff Hardy and said the idea behind the story was to get them away from Michael Hayes & them to transition til they were on their own as a tag team. Gangrel is then asked questions from the Wrestling Weekly listeners in the chat room.

Takerfan asked what Gangrel drank from the goblet. DiCapo asked what the difference is between the WWE now & the WWF he wrestled for. He noted there was a lot more camaraderie and the wrestlers got on better. Gangrel continued that the locker room seems different now, but said he wasn‘t on the road. EITNAfan asked how deep the Gangrel character was. Gangrel noted that the character wasn’t that ‘deep’ but could have gone on further. Polar’s question was does Gangrel watch what’s going on now with WWE. He said that he doesn’t. Gangrel then tells a funny story about a rib which Owen Hart pulled on him. Gangrel says he has the ICP tour coming up and is working on the independent circuit. Takerfan asks if Gangel’s teeth are really fangs. Gangrel said he has his teeth done when he was in Memphis, when Vince didn‘t want the Vampire character he had his teeth ‘straightened out‘ but the dentist made up the teeth the second time.

Gangrel has an official Myspace at http://www.myspace.com/vampwarrior

Doc & Les then thank Gangrel for being a guest.

WWE Diva Search contestant Taryn Terrell will be next week’s featured guest.

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