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The following was transcribed by Andy J. of www.wrestlingweekly.com:  On July 3rd, Wrestling Weekly hosts Doc Young and Les Thatcher were joined by Ring of Honor‘s BJ Whitmer

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Doc and Les were joined this week on ‘Wrestling Weekly’ by their featured guest, Ring of Honor’s BJ Whitmer. They discussed the following:

– The first Ring of Honor pay-per-view, “Respect is Earned”, which is currently available on the Dish Network (and will be available on additional cable/satellite providers soon) and BJ signing a contract with ROH. BJ Whitmer mentions he has signed a two year deal and other wrestlers have one/two year deals too.

– BJ’s start in pro-wrestling with Les in 1999 & his wrestling career

– Whitmer noted he has worked a few dark matches for TNA but states that wrestling for ROH puts you in a “high pressure situation every night you go out there” as you’re wrestling in front of a crowd more knowledgeable about the wrestling business.

– Bryan Danielson, who BJ says can work a style like Dory Funk Jr., but “still keeps the people entertained…”

– BJ Whitmer’s parents supporting him in his career as a professional wrestler and continuing by talking about watching Jim Crockett Promotions with his father & wanting to get into the business, highlighting “I was so drawn to the sport of professional wrestling…”

– Whitmer being referred to as the ‘Tommy Dreamer of Ring of Honor’, which BJ says “I’ve been pretty much a company man…what they ask me to do, I’ll do it…as long as it helps the company out…”

– The two Ring of Honor/Pro-Wrestling NOAH/Dragon Gate shows in Tokyo & Osaka, Japan. Whitmer continues by saying “there will be some ROH vs. NOAH matches, but they wanted a Ring of Honor show, with a combination of all three companies…”

– Wrestling against Morishima in a short match and being at the start of the Ring of Honor pay-per-view, which BJ says “meant a lot to me”

– The ROH pay-per-view card which includes Rocky Romero vs. Marafuji, Roderick Strong vs. Delirious, Matt Sydal vs. Claudio and the main event featuring Kenta, Morishima, Nigel McGuiness & Bryan Danielson

– The faction BJ Whitmer was a part of while in HWA called the ‘A-Squad’ with the majority having developmental deals and BJ having a contract with Ring of Honor

– The MTV True Life show which BJ was a part of when he was being trained by Les. BJ spoke about his experience and the show in detail noting “It was pretty wild…” and being one of the wrestlers featured on MSNBC’s Special Edition in early 2000

– His tag team with Jimmy Jacobs. BJ spoke about the team in more detail and their feud and Doc asked if he misses tagging with Jimmy & Whitmer stated “kinda…I had such good chemistry with Jimmy…teaming & against each other…”

– The Steel Cage showdown that he and Jimmy Jacobs had in Ring of Honor, which BJ highlighted “was a pretty brutal match”

– BJ was asked by Les if he’s 100% and he replied by saying he has neck problems and has problems with two discs & has to have injections in his neck for the injury. Whitmer spoke about his ankle too, which he notes is now 100%

– BJ Whitmer stated when he started out in the wrestling business he was a Cruiserweight and revealed his nutrition & workout habits. 

– The ROH vs. CZW feud and BJ was asked who benefited the most from the angle, he replied by saying “myself, Chris Hero, Necro Butcher, Adam Pearce…”. BJ says that Hero now has signed a deal with Ring of Honor and works alongside Larry Sweeney in ROH.

– BJ Whitmer was asked if Morishima will ever get over as much as Samoa Joe did. BJ notes that they are big shows to fill and spoke about Joe in more detail highlighting his title reign in ROH was “something special”

– Doc asks BJ what he does in his spare time and Whitmer mentions he plays video games & likes to read biographies too

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-Doc Young

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