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On Tuesday, September 18th, Wrestling Weekly returns to the air with Sam from ABC’s Fat March!

Sam, who was known as the “massage therapist” on the ABC reality show, is a Boston-area professional wrestler and trained with Wrestling Weekly co-host Les Thatcher.

Sam and his “Fat March” castmates (including WWE’s Matt Anoai, formerly “Rosey”) spent over 10 weeks walking over 500 miles in an effort to lose weight and win prize money.

Sam will be discussing the show and his experience in the walk, tell us behind-the-scenes stories and what the cameras DIDN’T show, talk wrestling with us, and answer YOUR questions!

If you have missed any episodes, or still want to watch the program, you can see all 6 episodes at http://www.abc.com ! Just click on the “full episodes” link, launch the player, and scroll through the available shows to find “Fat March”!

Also, Bruce Mitchell (Pro Wrestling Torch) will join us to discuss the Hot Topic of the week!

Wrestling Weekly hosts Doc Young and legendary wrestling personality Les Thatcher will also cover the latest happenings in the wrestling world and much more!

Wrestling Weekly airs every Tuesday at 8pm Eastern. Please join us in the live chat room at http://www.wrestlingweekly.com during the show to chat with other listeners and submit questions for the hosts to ask our live guests!