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The Shining Wizards Wrestling Podcast, along with talent from across the wrestling spectrum, have come together to pay tribute to “The Genius” Leaping Lanny Poffo. With readings from his 1988 book “Wrestling with Rhyme” and original creations and stories, this presentation will hopefully give you an interesting look at the man and his creativity. For those not familiar with the book, it is a collection of poetry that Lanny wrote about the World Wrestling Federation and its wrestlers during the late 80s.

The list of wrestling talent that participated in our tribute include Ethan Carter III, Brian Myers fka Curt Hawkins, PJ Black fka Justin Gabriel, The Blue Meanie, Steve Corino, Bill Apter, Dan Maff, Zach Gowen, Gregory Iron, and many more. This presentation also features stories of the Poffo family shared by Jeff Jarrett and an original poem paying tribute to Lanny by Rob Van Dam. This star-studded tribute is the perfect way to celebrate the career and the creativity of Lanny Poffo.

You can listen to the tribute at our website http://www.shiningwizards.com/show/wrestling-with-genius-a-tribute-to-lanny-poffo/ or on YouTube at the Shining Wizards channel www.youtube.com/watch?v=PDsOUmBWErs.

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