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Official WSU 11/6 Results

After much hype and anticipation, WSU returned live for another huge double DVD taping, this past Saturday on 11/6. The first taping was WSU’s foray into live iPPV, with another taping immediately following for DVD release. Here are the quick results and recap of the night’s activities:
DVD Taping One
The show started off with “The Notorious 187 Homicide” interrupting ring announcer Destiny’s introduction to WSU on iPPV. Homicide called out the entire roster, including WSU World Champion Mercedes Martinez to the ring. While everyone thought Homicide was there to challenge Mercedes Martinez to a match, Homicide said the opposite was true. Homicide said WSU was the greatest womens promotion in the world today and that he was here to show his support. Homicide said that Mercedes Martinez is the greatest champion in wrestling today and was proud of her. Homicide said he’d like to have a match with Mercedes – a tag team match, at the annual WSU/NWS King & Queen of the Ring tournament. Homicide said he was proud of Martinez’s work and the growth of WSU, that PWI magazine was here to honor Martinez’s WSU achievements.
As Homicide was about to introduce PWI magazine, Rick Cataldo & Brittney Savage interrupted. Cataldo said that Homicide didn’t belong in WSU and called him homo-cide. Rick flipped Homicide’s hat off, and said that Brittney Savage should be honored tonight. To no one’s surprise, Homicide destroyed Rick Cataldo with an ace-crusher. Martinez warned Savage that if she stuck around she’d get one too, and the Cosmo Club quickly left.
Homicide then finally introduced PWI magazine. Jeff Ruoss, Frank Krewda, Brady Hicks & Dave Lenker were on hand as Ruoss presented the WSU Wrestler of the Year and Top Independent Wrestler to be ranked in the PWI Top 50 Women of Wrestling issue. award. Martinez graciously accepted the honor and award. As PWI editor Jeff Ruoss was talking about Martinez’s accomplishments, the unsanctioned All Guts No Glory Champion Angel Orsini interrupted. Orsini went on a huge rant about how it is BS that she her championship is not recognized by PWI and how her championship is not sanctioned by WSU. Ruoss said he wanted no problems with Orsini and that it wasn’t his decision.
Angel, not hearing any of this, put her hands on Jeff. However, WSU security, referees and talent coordinator Ray Sager came out from the locker room to prevent Angel from doing anything. Using Ruoss as bait, Orsini asked for her championship to be sanctioned and recognized. Sager & PWI gave in to Orsini’s demands. (More on this in our RANKINGS) section.  Orsini, despite getting what she wanted, laid out Jeff Ruoss anyway, saying that was for making her wait.
After Orsini’s damage was done, Orsini left, with Martinez checking up on Ruoss. However, there is never a peaceful moment in WSU, and as Martinez was checking up on Ruoss, JAZZ hit the ring. Jazz and Martinez got into each other’s faces, as these two were intense, as their iPPV main event World Title match was only 2 hours away. Jazz screamed for the bell and said start the match. However, the WSU locker room broke it up, but the iPPV was off to a fiery and intense start.
Amber d. Brittany Force
Melissa Coates w/The Cosmo Club d. Jennifer Cruz
Before the match, Coates was revealed as the new body guard for the Cosmo Club.

For the WSU Spirit Championship
(c) Brittney Savage w/The Cosmo Club d. Sassy Stephanie
Sassy Stephanie had the match won, but with the rest of the Cosmo Club distracting the referee, Melissa Coates snuck in and chokeslammed Stephanie behind the ref’s back, allowing Savage to get the cheap victory.
For the WSU Tag Team Titles
The Belle Saints upset Jana & Cindy Rogers to WIN the WSU Tag Team Championships
In one of the biggest upsets in WSU history, the Saints won the tag team titles via pinfall in the middle of the ring. Afterwards, Rogers & Jana got into a shoving match, indicating problems between these two Cosmo Club members.
ODB d. Portia Perez
Rain d. Jamilia Craft
Jessicka Havok d. Amy Lee in an Uncensored Rules match. Jessicka Havok demanded this match, looking to prove she was the baddest bitch in WSU by taking out Amy Lee. After the match, Amy Lee paid tribute to Luna Vachon.
Serena d. Traci Brooks with interference from Amber
Before the match, Serena said she was sick of the fans and was here for herself. Serena said she doesn’t care about fans and only cares about being WSU World Champion. Serena said that all she has heard is Mercedes this and that and how the WSU World Title is the most prestigious championship in womens wrestling. Serena said none of that is true until she fights for the championship. Serena wasted no time making it clear that she was here only for the WSU world title.
For the newly sanctioned WSU All Guts, No Glory Championship
(c) Angel Orsini d. Alicia
Despite being gored through a wooden door, Orsini was able to defeat Alicia, the original icon of WSU after a Kiss of Death.
For the WSU World Title
(c) Mercedes Martinez d. Jazz in a classic. This was a match that has to be seen to be believed. These two had a f$*@ing war. After the match, #1 Contender Rain came out to challenge Martinez to an I Quit match, as a way to finally end their two year feud.
Angel Orsini came out to talk about making her All Guts No Glory Championship the biggest prize in WSU. Orsini said she’d take on anyone. The Cosmo Club came out. Brittney Savage, who has been trying to recruit Orsini for the Cosmo Club since April 2010, said that if any member of the Cosmo Club could defeat Orsini, then not only was the AGNG Championship hers, but Orsini would have to join the Cosmo Club. Orsini accepted.
For the WSU All Guts, No Glory Championship vs Forced To Join Cosmo Club
Angel Orsini d. Rick Cataldo in 10 seconds
Angel Orsini d. Cindy Rogers
Angel Orsini d. Jana
Angel Orsini d. Melissa Coates via tapout
Angel Orsini d. Brittney Savage
Angel made it clear that these were 5 more victims, and said she would wipe out everyone in WSU until there was no one left until WSU was forced to rescind the Ironwoman stipulation and finally give her a WSU World Title match.
For the WSU Tag Team Titles
(c) The Belles Saints d. Jamilia Craft/Jennifer Cruz
Sassy Stephanie d. Brittany Force
Traci Brooks d. Amber
“PrymeTyme” Amy Lee came out to say that she was with WSU from day one, but sees that she doesn’t have much time left wrestling. Lee said years ago, she’d be able to take out Jessicka Havok in no time, but realizes that a new generation is taking over. Lee said there’s one thing she wanted to do, and that was team up with her best friend Cindy Rogers. Rogers came out, and Lee said she knew Rogers wasn’t happy with the Cosmo Club.  Lee said she was a former WSU tag champ and now Rogers was too and asked Rogers about making a run together at the championships. Rogers accepted.
Latasha came to the ring to say that she felt that she’s lost in the shuffle in WSU and was left off the iPPV. Latasaha said she wants to prove why she belonged in WSU and challenged Lee to a match.
Luscious Latasha d. Amy Lee w/Cindy Rogers via DQ
This match did not go long as the entire Cosmo Club, sans Jana,  interfered and destroyed Latasha. We found out that Savage had a trick up her sleeve – as Melissa Coates was not the true enforcer or member of the Cosmo Club, Amy Lee was. Savage said Coates did not do her job in the AGNG gauntlet and did not protect her. Coates was fired from the CC, and it was revealed that AMY LEE HAD JOINED THE COSMO CLUB.
Savage then told Jana to shake Cindy Rogers hand, as she wanted everyone on the same page. Jana thought about it but for the first time in two years, had a change of heart. Jana beat up the Cosmo Club and saved Latasha. The SOUL SISTERS have re-united in WSU. Together, the Soul Sisters fought off a Cosmo Club attack. Jana said she was sick of being angry all the time and asked Latasha to give her a chance to be a team again. Latasha accepted. Common foes brought back this original WSU tag team.
Number 1 Contender Match
Four Corner Match
Serena d. Alicia, Jazz & Portia Perez
After the match, Serena said she wasn’t going to wait long to cash in her opportunity as number 1 contender and said she’d want a match immediately.
Jessicka Havok d. ODB in her biggest win to date; Havok remains undefeated in singles competition
ALICIA  & JAZZ brawled from the curtain back into the building. Both had a war of words. A challenge was made for a match at the WSU Four Year Anniversary Show.
For the WSU World Championship
I QUIT Match
(c) Mercedes Martinez d. Rain in a 35 minute plus Match of the Year Candidate; this was the second match of the year candidate these two greats of womens wrestling had. This was just a blow away match that needs to be seen to be believed. Martinez finally ended Rain’s two year chase at the WSU World Championship by choking her out, forcing her to say I QUIT in the far corner, during a dragon sleeper. An incredible match, that has been an embodiment of Martinez’s work as champion and the quality of work Rain has had in WSU.
After the match, all hell broke loose…
In a sign of turning a new leaf, Rain shook Martinez’s hands and acknowledged that Martinez won fair in square. Martinez said that Rain gave her a war, and both gave each other mutual respect. After two years of going at it, Martinez vs Rain was finally over. Rain said that while Martinez was great, she’d love to do it anywhere, anyplace. This brought out Angel Orsini. Orsini  said Rain will be next on her hit list if she thinks she’s getting another title shot. Orsini said she took out the Cosmo Club and would take out Rain’s Army. All of a sudden Jessicka Havok came out. Havok, who was the enforcer in Rain’s Army, said that Angel won’t be messing anyone up in Rain’s Army, because she already did. This was met with confusion.
Havok said that the reason Amber O’Neal & Nikki Roxx weren’t here tonight is because she took them out. Havok says when she came to WSU she saw this as a land of opportunity and sacrificed hours to drive here from Ohio. Havok said she won the WSU tag titles, but her partner went on to make bad decisions and the tag team was over. Havok said Rain was a hypocrite for shaking Mercedes’s hand. Havok said she used Rain for exposure. Havok said she wasn’t working for Rain anymore, she was only working for herself. Havok then attacked Rain, while Martinez & Orsini, the two pillars of WSU, watched. Rain & Havok brawled to the back, leaving Orsini & Martinez alone.
With Angel & Martinez in the ring alone, a quiet hush filled the building, as it looked like we’d see these two go at it since they haven’t had a match against each other in nearly two years. However, ODB came out. ODB said she had fun here in WSU and kept hearing about Angel Orsini and her AGNG championship. ODB challenged Orsini to a match at the 4YA for the AGNG Championship. Orsini told ODB that it was on but also told Mercedes this wasn’t over. Orsini left the ring.
With ODB and Martinez in the ring, ODB said Martinez deserves a celebration and gave Martinez her flask. ODB left the ring, and told Mercedes it was her night, enjoy it.

While Martinez was celebrating, Serena jumped into the ring from out of the crowd. In an act that we’ve never seen before in WSU, Serena violently blindsided Martinez and destroyed her. Serena busted out scissors and CUT MARTINEZ’s HAIR OFF. There are pictures on WSUWrestling.com of this vicious assault. Serena grabbed the championship and a lock of the hair that she cut and said tonight, she took Martinez’s hair and at the Four Year Anniversary show, she takes Martinez’s championship.
We’d find out after the show that Martinez accepted Serena’s challenge. It was a crazy night with tons of drama, but that seems to be the case at every WSU double DVD taping.
WSU thanks everyone for their support for making our first iPPV successful and for the huge turnout.
WSU has announced two return dates.

WSU will team up with NWS on 12/11 in Dunnellan, NJ for a special WSU at NWS event. There will be at least 6 WSU matches on the card. We will have full details on this show. Already schedule to appear include WSU AGNG Champion Angel Orsini, Alicia, WSU Tag Champions The Belles Saints, Jana, Cindy Rogers & more.
WSU announced the Four Year Anniversary Show will take place on 3/5/11 back at Union City, NJ. Many matches have already been announced, as we found out the following so far has been announced:

WSU World Title Match
(c) Mercedes Martinez vs Serena
WSU All Guts, No Glory Match
(c) Angel Orsini vs ODB
WSU Spirit Title Match
(c) Brittney Savage vs Sassy Stephanie
WSU Tag Team Titles Match
(c) Belles Saints vs Amy Lee/Cindy Rogers vs Soul Sisters
Uncensored Rules Match
Jessicka Havok vs Rain
Alicia vs Jazz
* Card is subject to change. WSU Championships will be defended plenty before 3/5. If a championship is to change hands, it will affect the status of this card.
WSU Returns on the Road this Saturday, 11/13 at the ACE Arena for ACE Pro Wrestling. Check out ACEProWrestling.com for more.
In a special attraction match
For the WSU World Championship & ACE Diamond Division Championship
Champions Mercedes Martinez & Eddie Kingston take on Carissa & Rob Vegas
If the challengers win, they will get both championships
WSU has released the Alicia Shoot Interview and Best of Alicia DVDs. Check out WSUVideo.com for more
WSU will also be releasing our iPPV on DVD. We will also release a special DVD release of our iPPV with bonus material, in addition to our second show on DVD. Stay tuned to WSUVideo.com for more.

WSUWrestling.com has been updated. Our win/loss section, championship history and RANKINGS page have been updated. WSU has now sanctioned the AGNG Championship. WSU, while not a fan of the way Orsini has been conducting herself, considers Orsini an employee in good standing. No one could’ve predicted the meteoric and historic run Martinez has gone on as champion. When Orsini lost the Ironwoman match, she agreed that she could never challenge Martinez again for the title. However, so much time has passed that we understand Orsini’s frustration. Orsini has told WSU she plans on making the AGNG Championship the most prestigious championship in womens wrestling. Orsini is already up to 10 title defenses, more defenses than national women wrestling champions. Orsini wants to make her championship as an equal to the WSU World title. WSU has agreed to acknowledge Orsini’s championship, but only officially recognizes Mercedes Martinez’s world title as the WSU World Championship.
WSU also filmed several hours of footage for our smash hit  TV show, and number 1 rated show on the network, “WSU UNCESNORED”. Check out Inasectv.com for more.
WSU will like to thank everyone once again for their support. There is so much going on in WSU, but that is expected from the leader in womens wrestling today. Keep checking us out on the following sites, as these sites are interactive and updated several times a day: