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– Complete WSU 12/11 “Alicia vs Roxx II” Results
– Backstage WSU News
– 1/22 Main Event Announced

This past Saturday, on 12/11, WSU returned with our final show of 2011 to a standing-room-only crowd in a joint show with our brother NWS promotion. This was a show designed to let the younger stars of WSU shine, and many wrestlers took advantage of the opportunity. Here are the quick results:

Alicia defeated Nikki Roxx to win the open contract for a title shot at any championship in WSU.    Alicia can use this title match contract whenever she wants at WSU.

Kristin Astara (formerly Krissy Vaine) defeated Niya in her debut.

Jana defeated Cindy Rogers in a submission match.

The Belle Saints retained the WSU Tag Team Titles over Jennifer Cruz & her mystery partner, Monique.

Angel Orsini defended the WSU All Guts, No Glory Championship against Jamilia Craft & Rick Cataldo in 2 separate matches.


“Alicia vs Roxx II” started off with WSU Spirit Champion Brittney Savage coming to the ring in an impromptu fashion. Savage stated that she had fractured her wrist, but it didn’t matter because the fans in Dunnellon, NJ, didn’t deserve to see her wrestle anyway. Savage said she would do something she’s never done before in WSU, and that was join the WSU commentating team! Savage called the entire night on DVD with WSU’s Robert Sternberg. Check out the DVD of this show to hear commentary on the entire show by the WSU Spirit Champion!

After Savage got to the broadcast booth, ring announcer Destiny was ready to start the show. However, she was interrupted by the WSU “All Guts, No Glory” Champion, Angel Orsini. Orsini, who recently had her belt sanctioned, has been on a tear in WSU, defending her championship against all comers.

Angel Orsini announced that her scheduled opponent, Athena, had flight problems and was not here as scheduled. Orsini put out an open challenge to anyone in the locker room. Rick Cataldo quickly answered Orsini’s challenge. Cataldo said that his opponent, Melissa Coates, was unavailable. (Details on Athena/Coates in our BACKSTAGE NEWS section below.) Cataldo said that Melissa Coates was off getting a vasectomy, but her loss was his gain, and he said he wanted to add some holiday weight, in the form of the All Guts, No Glory Championship, to his waist.

ANGEL ORSINI defeated RICK CATALDO in 30 seconds to retain the AGNG Championship
Orsini made quick work of Rick, putting him away with a Kiss of Death.

Orsini said she wanted a real match tonight and asked if anyone else was in the back. Jamilia Craft, not scheduled for the show, came out to accept.

ANGEL ORSINI defeated JAMILIA CRAFT to retain the AGNG Championship
In a competitive match, Orsini put away the newcomer. However, the story of the match was that Craft did hold her own against one of WSU’s best.

Jennifer Cruz, looking to make a splash in WSU, has picked a fight with the WSU Tag Team Champions. Cruz introduced Monique as her tag team partner. Monique sprayed perfume on the fans in the crowd and said they all smelled. The Saints, who improve every match in WSU, kept their winning streak rolling. Cruz was visibly upset with the loss.

In the battle of these former WSU Tag Team Champions, it was Jana pulling out the win against Cindy in this hard-fought match after a Jana Vice. Brittney Savage was upset that her Cosmo Club members lost all their matches tonight and vented on commentary.

Making her WSU debut, Kristin Astara successfully defeated up-and-comer Niya. This was one of the strongest matches on the show, and Astara defeated Niya after a uranage.

ALICIA defeated NIKKI ROXX in the main event to earn an open championship contract
This was one of the better matches in WSU in a while, as Alicia defeated Roxx in their first match together in 3 years. Alicia now has a contract where she can challenge any champion in WSU whenever she wants. Alicia can challenge for the tag, Spirit, AGNG, or WSU World Championship. This was a match contested with pure sportsmanship. While Roxx was disappointed in the loss, she told WSUWrestling.com that she hopes Alicia can make the best of the opportunity and will give her a match should Alicia win the WSU World Championship once again. This clash between former WSU World Champions must be seen to be believed.

In NWS Matches that also took place on the show:
Frightmare defeatedArbo & Unbreakable Andy in a triple threat match
Nigerian Nightmares w/Princess Sheeta defeated Wes Draven/Jack Spade/Valentino w/Romulus the Great
Nunzio (Little Guido) defeated JD Smoothie & Nicky Oceans in a triple-threat match

WSU apologizes to our fans for the advertisement of Melissa Coates & Athena on this show. Athena had flight problems coming from Texas. She will now debut with WSU on 1/22.

Melissa Coates had one of her friends call WSU to say that she was sick & would not make it. WSU did not hear from Coates personally at all on 12/11. According to fan and internet reports, Coates was seen drinking heavily at another show before WSU, which is why she was sick. On 12/12, Coates admitted to WSU that she was drinking and partying with other wrestlers before the WSU show but said the fan/internet reports were blown out of proportion. However, Coates has not attended several WSU events in the last few years, and WSU is a company that prides itself in never false advertising. WSU would like to wish Coates the best of luck in her career and hopes she can straighten her career out.

Brittney Savage had another booking on 12/11. However, Savage fractured her wrist and was unable to wrestle. Savage was added to the show at the last minute, and you can hear her as a commentator on this DVD.

Mercedes Martinez/Eddie Kingston vs Rob Vegas/Alicia & Brittney Savage vs Jana are two bonus matches that will be added to this DVD release.

WSU announced that our 1/22 event will be headlined by WSU World Champion Mercedes Martinez taking on WSU All Guts, No Glory Champion Angel Orsini in a match for both championships. This will be a LADDER match!

Stay tuned for a press release soon with full details for our 1/22 show.

WSU thanks everyone for coming out and supporting us. We will have information on this DVD shortly.

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