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Breaking WSU News:
WSU will debut live on iPPV on 11/6 with the biggest and best names in womens wrestling today. You can see the PPV here..

With a card that includes Serena, Jazz, Rain, Angel Orsini, Traci Brooks, Alicia, ODB & many more, this is the biggest womens show of the year.

However, one name we did not mention yet is WSU World Champion Mercedes Martinez. Martinez, the greatest womens champion in all of wrestling today, with 31 title defenses in her 20 month title WSU World Title reign, has made more defenses and has held her World title more than any other woman in womens wrestling today. Martinez is considered the best and baddest in the world too.

Enter the Notorious 187 Homicide.

In the last few weeks, Homicide has been releasing videos teasing what his role will be when he shows up in WSU on 11/6. Well Homicide dropped the bombshell here… see it for yourself at:



HOMICIDE will be in the house on 11/6…. what will happen when the baddest man in wrestling gets face to face with the baddest woman in wrestling? We’ll find out on 11/6, live on iPPV!

For more details, visit: