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– WSU “On The Road” Results
– New Videos From WSU Stars Released
– WSU Returns 12/11/10
– WSUVideo.com Now Selling 11/6 “Breaking Barriers” & “Martinez vs Rain II” DVDs

WSU, the leader in womens wrestling today, returned this past Saturday night for another “WSU On The Road” match, as WSU Spirit Champion & leader of the Cosmo Club, Brittney Savage w/Rick Cataldo successfully defended her WSU Spirit Championship against former Cosmo Club member, “The Original Soul Sister” Jana at an NYWC event in Deer Park, NY.

Jana, seeking revenge against her former associate, started the match fast and furious. Savage looked overwhelmed by her former charge, as Jana took out 7 months of built up frustration against the leader of the Cosmo Club.

Jana looked like she would become a two-time Spirit Champion, as Jana clamped in the Jana-vice. Savage, on the verge of tapping out, was saved by her right hand man (for lack of a better word), as Rick Cataldo ran in and distracted the referee.

Jana, upset that the ref was distracted by Cataldo, broke the hold and went to shut up Cataldo once and for all. While Jana was able to get satisfaction temporarily by going after Cataldo, this lapse in judgment due to her emotions, cost Jana, as this gave Savage time to recuperate.

With Savage getting her senses back, Savage was able to catch Jana with her new finishing move, a bulldog turned backbreaker. Savage won the match via pinfall, but the war between the Cosmo Club and Jana is far from over.

As you’ll see below, Jana went to attack the Cosmo Club after the match in the parking lot. While The Cosmo Club got away, Jana now turns her sights on her former tag partner, Cindy Rogers on 12/11 in a Submission match. For Savage, Savage retains the WSU Spirit Championship, a championship that has seemingly become synonomous with Brittney Savage.

Here are some videos that the “WSU On The Road” street cam filmed after the event:

WSU Spirit Champion Brittney Savage & Rick Cataldo Talk The Future & Upcoming Matches:

The Original Soul Sister Jana Talks About Her Upcoming Submission Match with Cindy Rogers:

Jana Goes After The Cosmo Club!

WSU Announces 12/11 Joint Show with NWS

WHAT: WSU Returns on 12/11 with our final show of the year!
WHERE: The Dunellen Knights of Columbus at 647 Grove Street in Dunellen, NJ
WHEN: December 11, 2010
TICKET INFORMATION: $19 Adults/$17 Kids/Seniors
TICKET ORDERING Info: Call 732-888-1704 or email [email protected]

Coming off the heels of our successful debut on iPPV, WSU has announced one more show for 2010, as WSU teams up with our big brother promotion, NWS. WSU has been working with NWS since our inception in March 2007, and this will be another WSU/NWS joint show, featuring 6 WSU matches.


Battle of Former WSU World Champions
Winner Receives A Contract To Challenge For Any Championship They Want At Any Time, Any Place
Alicia vs Nikki Roxx

For the WSU All Guts, No Glory Championship
(c) Angel Orsini vs Athena

Krissy Vaine vs Niya

Submission Match
Jana vs Cindy Rogers

Intergender Battle
Melissa Coates vs Rick Cataldo

For the WSU Tag Team Titles
(c) The Belles Saints vs Jennifer Cruz & a Mystery Partner

Also appearing on the card will be ECW original Little Guido aka Nunzio and the stars of NWS in three NWS matches!

For complete details on this show, visit WSUWrestling.com or our Facebook page at Facebook.com/wsuwrestling

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We will be releasing information about our next two iPPV’s in a future update. Keep checking WSUWrestling.com for more.


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Thank you for reading this press release. WSU News: Savage Retains Title, FREE Videos, WSU Returns 12/11, New DVDs & MoreWSU News: Savage Retains Title, FREE Videos, WSU Returns 12/11, New DVDs & MoreWSU News: Savage Retains Title, FREE Videos, WSU Returns 12/11, New DVDs & More