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National Wrestling Superstars & Women Superstars Uncensored “Spirit” Results From Belleville, NJ 8/14: A New WSU Spirit Champion Crowned, An Old NWS Champion Returns To Action, A Six-Woman “Golden” Tag-Team Match With WSU Champions And Contenders, Former WWE “Oddity” The Giant Silva Plays “Gulliver’s Travels” With Four Smaller Opponents, And Much More

National Wrestling Superstars and Womens Superstars Uncensored teamed up on Friday night August 14th at the Belleville, NJ Knights of Columbus Hall for a unique joint show entitled “Spirit”, as the centerpiece of the show would be the crowning of the first ever WSU Spirit Champion. The Belleville area fans demonstrated plenty of spirit of their own, as an energetic near-capacity crowd filled all four sides and corners of the Hall to watch two of the northeast’s most popular wrestling promotions put on another hot summer show

In a pre-show “dark match”, “The Diva” Rick Cataldo (with Sean “Ref” Hanson) defeated luchador Manuel Manny Moore. Manuel was clearly the better wrestler, but with Hanson watching Cataldo’s back (which he obviously seemed accustomed to doing) and providing outside interference, he ended up outnumbered, and Cataldo won after reversing a rollup attempt by Manuel and holding onto a handful of tights (a move he was no doubt well-practiced in) for the pinfall.

NWS Ring Announcer Johnny Falco opened the show by introducing the new WSU Spirit Championship belt, describing the title as recognizing the competitive spirit of the up-and-comers and future champions in WSU. He explained the rules: Six ladies will compete in three one-on-one first round matches with ten-minute time limits each, with the three winners going on to compete in a triple-threat elimination match for the title.

In First Round Match #1, Jana defeated Jennifer Cruz by submission. Jana (who refused to be called “Princess”) claimed that this entire tournament was a waste of time, they should just hand the belt directly to her. Up and comer Cruz was not willing to concede so quickly, and put up a good fight, but the power and experience of Jana was too much, and Jana was evetually able to slap on the JanaVice submission hold and Cruz tapped out.

Before the next match, NWS Ring Announcer Johnny Falco introduced former NWS Heavyweight Championand Belleville area native son, now officially retired, Vicious Vinny. Vinny had asked for this ring time to thank his hometown fans for supporting him during his eleven-year career. Then from out of the back came “The Cold-Hearted Playa” Danny Demanto, who taunted Vinny for running away scared after losing the Heavyweight Championship, and reminded Vinny that the last time they were in Belleville, he beat Vinny senseless and sent him out on a stretcher. Vinny in turn reminded Danny how he tore him apart in their steel cage rematch in Bloomfield. The two seemed about to come to blows when Commissioner Gino Moore ordered them separated, and informed Demanto that he had an open contract for a main event match tonight, and introduced his opponent… One Warrior Nation. Warrior and Demanto stood nose to nose before being separated and returning to the locker room.

In First Round Match #2, Latasha defeated Lea Morrison. The two bitter rivals began their brawl outside in the parking lot before the match even started, and their fight spilled through the front door and finally into the ring, where they brawled for several more minutes before Latasha put Lea down for good with a pair of facebusters followed by the 1-2-3. Latasha’s victory celebration was interrupted by her former partner and now bitter rival Jana, who attacked Latasha with a wooden cane in the ring before officials could separate the two.

In First Round Match #3, Roxxie Cotton and Amber fought to a time-limit draw. This match was referee’d by NWS Junior Heavyweight Champion Nicky Oceans, his first time officiating a wrestling match (and it showed). The two feisty young ladies fought a seesaw battle for the full ten minutes. When the bell rang and the match was declared a draw, Commissioner Moore announced that neither of the two deserved to be eliminated from the tournament, and the Final Match would now be a fatal four-way elimination match with Jana, Latasha, Roxxie, and Amber.

In a tag-team match, the undefeated Nigerian Nightmares (with managers “Voodoo Princess” Sheeta & Iraq’s King Ran-sid Akhbar Idu Stinq) defeated B. Fehrm & Sonny Boy Gulano. To call this a “match” would be generous, as the 350-pound Nightmares literally flattened their two smaller rookie opponents, eventually catching Fehrm in a Nigerian Sandwich and flattening him with a Leg Roll Drop before mercifully pinning him for the three-count.

In a six-woman WSU “golden” tag-team match, former ECW Women’s Champion Angel Orsini & Jessicka Havok & Hailey Hatred defeated the championship trio of WSU World Champion “The Latina Sensation” Mercedes Martinez & WSU Tag-Team Champions Brooke Carter & Alicia. For nearly twenty minutes, the fans were treated to an exciting back and forth match between six of WSU’s top stars. The end came as all six women were brawling in and out of the ring, Angel caught Brooke in her “Kiss of Death” finisher for the 1-2-3. Not content with the victory, Havok and Hatred continued the attack on Brooke until Mercedes returned to the ring with a chair to chase them to the side. Mercedes claimed she could fight just as dirty as them, only ten times better, and challenged both Hatred and Havok to a two-on-one title match at NWS & WSU’s next joint event in Union, NJ next Friday. Havok and Hatred agreed, and both attacked Mercedes before the combatants were separated by officials.

In a unique “Gullivers Travels” Match, former WWE star and Oddities member The Giant Silva defeated the foursome of J.D. Smoothie & “The Jersey Jobber” J.P. Pierce & The Soul Assassin & The Illegal Outer Space Alien. The object of the match was for the four “Lilliputians” to try and pin Silva inside a giant fishnet. Nicky Oceans referee’d this match as well, but was little more effective as a referee than the four smaller wrestlers were at trying to defeat Silva. The foursome did manage to all together clothesline Silva out of the ring at one point, but otherwise had little success at getting Silva down, much less to a point where he could be pinned inside the net. Eventually, Silva flattened this opposition and wrapped a semi-conscious Smoothie in the fishnet himself and carried him to the back.

In the fatal four-way elimination Final Match, Latasha defeated Jana, Roxxie Cotton, and Amber to be crowned WSU’s first ever Spirit Champion. Jana had the strength and experience advantage early on, and it looked like she was going to make good on her promise, as she first eliminated Roxxie by submission with the JanaVice, and then a few minutes later did the same to Amber. But Latasha had no intention of knuckling under to her former partner, and withstood Jana’s brawling and eventually hit a brainbuster on her to pin her 1-2-3. As Jana tried to attack Latasha post-match, she was held back by the officials, and Latasha challenged Jana to a one-on-one match in her first title defense at WSU’s event in Boonton, NJ next Saturday.

In the other half of the main event, One Warrior Nation vs. “The Cold-Hearted Playa” Danny Demanto never happened, as Vicious Vinny snuck into the ring and knocked Demanto out cold with a steel chair. Vinny then ripped off his street clothes to reveal his wrestling tights underneath, and demanded that he have just his one-on-one match with Warrior (which had been signed in Kearny in April before Vinny had announced his retirement). Commissioner Moore reminded Vinny that he was officially retired and could not simply have a one-match appearance, and asked if were truly coming out of retirement. Vinny said that if that’s what it takes to get the match, then he’s back in.

In the revised main event, One Warrior Nation vs. Vicious Vinny was declared a no-contest after outside interference. The two power wrestlers put on a hard-hitting intense match that was all over the ring, spilled out onto the floor, and even battled to the back for a few minutes before the officials brought them back to the ring. Despite Warrior leveling Vinny with his flying tackle and other power moves, the former champion roared back and put down Warrior with the Vinnybomb. Before Vinny could get the pinfall, Danny Demanto and The Nigerian Nightmares hit the ring and attacked Vinny three-on-one. Warrior eventually got back to his feet and he and Vinny managed to overpower Demanto and The Nightmares before the officials got control of the ring and declared the match a no-contest. Vinny challenged Demanto and The Nightmares to a match against him and The Warrior when NWS returns to Belleville in November. When Commissioner Moore pointed out that was a two-on-three challenge, Vinny laughed and pointed to The Giant Silva, who had come out during the post-match brawl to even the odds, as their third team member. Despite Demanto’s objections, Commissioner Moore was only too happy to sign the match. Vinny also announced that they would have a manager of their own that night, Jersey City’s own Officer Ace.

NWS returns to action next weekend with a double-shot beginning Friday night August 21st in Union, NJ with an encore appearance by The Giant Silva and the former ECW Zombie, followed by Saturday night August 22nd in Basking Ridge, NJ featuring WWE Hall of Famer Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka. Follow NWS on the Web at www.nwswrestling.com.

WSU returns with its next double show and DVD taping on Saturday night August 22nd in Boonton, NJ, featuring WSU World Champion Mercedes Martinez vs. former TNA star Nikki Roxx. Follow WSU on the Web at www.wsuwrestling.com.