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Complete WSU 6/26 Results/News Update

Thank you for taking time out to read this update. On Saturday, June 26th, WSU presented “The Third Annual Uncensored Rumble” event, featuring the much hyped WSU World Title Prize Fight between WSU World Champion Mercedes Martinez & #1 Contender Alicia. Other big stars competed on this event, and many fans are calling this the best set of WSU DVD tapings yet.

Quick Results
1. Daizee Haze d. Cherry Bomb
2. Rogers/Jana retained the WSU Tag Titles over Niya/Fly
3. Jessicka Havok was the sole survivor of the 8-woman tag
4. Amy Lee d. Mickie Knuckles
5. Brittney Savage retained the Spirit Championship over Becky Bayless
6. Nikki Roxx & Amber O’Neal d. Jazz & Angel Orsini in a tag team grudge match
7. Awesome Kong impressively defeated Rain w/Lacey
8. Jazz won the Uncensored Rumble, lastly eliminating Angel Orsini who had 9 eliminations of her own
9. Mercedes Martinez d. Alicia in the Icon vs Icon World Title Prize Fight

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Taping one:
Before the show started, Amy Lee & Mickie Knuckles came out to do a moment of silence for fallen indy wrestler Trent Acid. Acid was well liked in the northeast scene. Afterwards, Amy Lee plugged the efforts of long-time Trent Acid fan, Belinda, who was taking up donations for the Acid Fund.

Daizee Haze d. Cherry Bomb after a tiger suplex in a match where both wrestlers were making their WSU debuts.

WSU Tag Team Title Match
(c) The Cosmo Club (Cindy Rogers & Jana) w/Brittney Savage & Rick Cataldo d. The Fly Girls (Divina Fly & Niya)
The new rookie upstart tag team, The Fly Girls, looked impressive in their debut, showing off their high flying and striking abilities. However Rogers & Jana, two WSU veterans, proved too strong and smart, and Jana caught Niya with her Jana-Vice (Front facelock submission) for the tap out win.

After this match, Rain & Rain’s Army, of Nikki Roxx, Lacey, Jessicka Havok & Amber O’Neal came out. The Cosmo Club & Rain’s Army met each other in the aisle way, but no incident occurred. Rain’s Army hit the ring and the psychotic Rain led a full blown attack on The Fly Girls. Rain destroyed The Fly Girls. Rain then talked about how she should be WSU World Champion and how she should’ve won the World Title match at the Three Year Anniversary show. Rain then promised that she would defeat Kong tonight and that her charges would all win their matches, guaranteeing a clean sweep. Rain then said Jessicka Havok was up first and this led to…

Uncensored Rumble 3 Qualifier Match
The first person eliminated would enter the Uncensored Rumble first, the person who eliminated the final person on the opposing team would get the coveted last spot in the Rumble
Jessicka Havok/Amber/Lexus/Rick Cataldo d. Sassy Stephanie/Tina San Antonio/Marti Belle/Latasha
Rick Cataldo was eliminated within the first minute of the match, which meant he would have to enter the rumble at number 1, the worst spot to enter the rumble at.

The fan favorite team of Stephanie/The Belle’s Saints/Latasha, worked really well together and it looked like they would be sweeping the match. It eventually came down to Jessicka Havok vs the entire team of Stephanie/Belle’s Saints/Latasha. However, Rain’s Army enforcer Jessicka Havok went nuts. The former WSU tag champion, returning to WSU, destroyed the competition with a series of power moves, lastly eliminating Sassy Stephanie after a brutal must-be-seen-to-be -believed sitout powerbomb to win the match. As a result, Havok earned the last spot in the rumble.

However, right after the match, Rain came to the ring with a pay envelope. It was then shown that Rain had just paid off Jessicka Havok for the last spot in the rumble! Rain was at it again. Always the one to think 10 steps ahead, Rain just guaranteed herself the best spot in the rumble, while her enforcer did all the hard work to earn that spot.

Amy Lee d. Mickie Knuckles
In a wild and crazy match, Mickie said she came back to WSU not to wrestle, but to kick ass. This match was quickly turned into an anything goes match, and thats exactly what we saw, with steel chairs, bar room fist fights and more insaneness. However, in the end, WSU original and the first ever Uncensored Rumble Winner, outlasted this slaughterfest, and defeated Knuckles after a bulldog on a steel chair.

For the WSU Spirit Championship
(c) Brittney Savage d. Becky Bayless
This was one of the more heated matches of the evening, as Brittney Savage used Becky’s DWI arrest as a way to get under Becky’s skin. This led to a huge war of words that you need to hear for yourself on DVD. Both girls personal lives were exposed and it wasn’t pretty. Neither was the start of this match as it was a huge pier-6 brawl.

With the Cosmo Club foaming at the mouth at ringside to interfere in this match, the referee kicked them all to the back to ensure this match would be one- on-one. Brittney’s championship run looked like it was in jeopardy, but out of nowhere, she kicked Becky right in the jaw, dazing Bayless. Savage, one to always use shortcuts, grabbed the championship and it looked like she was going to either get herself disqualified or pull a fast one. However the ref grabbed the championship away, before Savage could do damage to Becky’s skull with it. This was just a ploy by the champion. With the ref giving the title to the ring announcer for safekeeping, Savage took a swig of alcohol (that she used to mock Becky with before the match) and spit it in Becky’s face. With Becky temporarily disoriented and blinded, Savage pounced on Becky’s lapse, and picked up the win.

WSU Tag Team Grudge Match
Nikki Roxx & Amber O’Neal d. Jazz & Angel Orsini
In a match featuring two huge feuds culminating at once, Rain’s Army went 2/2 on the night. This was an excellent tag team match, and a must see DVD match. These four women who all have issues with each other duked it out in an epic match. It would be Nikki Roxx laying out Jazz with a Barbie Crusher behind the refs back that would be the turning point of the match. This allowed Amber O’Neal to pick up the win and for O’Neal & Roxx to win the war.

Despite the loss, Orsini talked to Jazz afterwards saying this was not the biggest loss of her career. Orsini said the loss that haunts her the most was the loss on 6/6/09 when Orsini lost the biggest match ever in womens wrestling, the 70 Minute Iron Woman match. Orsini said her and Martinez made history that day. Orsini said that Martinez gets all the credit and exposure from that match, but that isn’t what bothers her. What bothers her is that she signed a contract that if she lost that match she could never get a WSU World Title shot again while Martinez was champion. Orsini said it’s now been over a year since she signed that paper and had that match, and Martinez is still champion. Orsini said that Dawn Marie has ruled that if Orsini can win the rumble, she will waive the contract, since no one would expect Martinez to have the best reign ever in WSU womens wrestling history. Orsini then said the Rumble is her last chance to get a crack at the WSU World title and said she doesn’t care who she has to cross paths with to win it. Orsini then turned to Jazz and told Jazz that Jazz is her friend and she wanted Jazz in WSU, but at the same time, if it came down to Jazz & herself, Orsini would dump Jazz over the top rope. Jazz & Orsini had a staredown, as the seriousness of the Rumble became very apparent.

Awesome Kong d. Rain w/Lacey
While Rain’s Army members were undefeated at this point in the show, it was the leader, Rain herself, who picked up the loss here. Kong, who wants to be back in the WSU World Title picture after a great match & effort against WSU World Champ Mercedes Martinez on 12/12/09, showed a sheer dominance here. This was an explosive match, that saw Kong hit the biggest and most impactful Implant buster in history to put away Rain. This was a monumental match to conclude the first half of the show. More importantly though, the leader of Rain’s Army did not lead by example, which made WSU fans after the show question her leadership abilities. Both Kong & Rain after the match made it clear that despite the outcome of this match, the biggest goal and prize was getting a WSU World title match, which they would earn if they could win the Uncensored Rumble.

This was the most star studded and most important battle royal in womens wrestling history, as the winner of this match would get a WSU World Title match at the next Union City, NJ event. Never has a a battle royal been more important and never has there been so many stories told in one battle royal. The drama in this match was at a fever pitch and WSU fans were all strapped in for this roller coaster ride.

The story of this match saw Angel Orsini draw the number 2 position. The number 1 and number 2 spots in any battle royal match are the worst spots statistically to draw. However, this was to be Angel Orsini’s night, her night to get back to the top, her night to finally be back in the WSU World title picture after a year of not being allowed there because of a contract stipulation. Orsini dominated the rumble, eliminating the most people, tossing 9 people out. Orsini was focused and was a machine. However, it would be her best friend that cost her the match. Here’s the quick recap:

(Note: what was originally supposed to be a 25-woman rumble turned into a 23-woman rumble when Alere Little Feather pulled off of the event due to a personal manner. Also, Becky Bayless had concussion symptoms after her spirit title match and was pulled out of the match for health reasons.)

1. Divina Fly
2. Angel Orsini
3. Rick Cataldo
4. Nikki Roxx
5. Cherry Bomb
6. Mickie Knuckles
7. Lexus
8. Tina San Antonio
9. Sassy Stephanie
10. Jana
11. Marti Belle
12. Amber
13. Latasha
14. Amy Lee
15. Awesome Kong
16. Jessicka Havok
17. Niya
18. Alere
19. Amber O’Neal
20. Brittney Savage
21. Daizee Haze
22. Jazz
23. Rain
1. Rick Cataldo by Angel Orsini in 2 seconds to start the match

2. Divina Fly by Angel Orsini immediately after Fly entered, as Orsini continued to stir around the ring.

3. Mickie Knuckles by Angel Orsini & Nikki Roxx

4. Jessicka Havok by Awesome Kong

5. Lexus by Amy Lee

6. Marti Belle by Awesome Kong

7. Amber by Amy Lee

8. Jana by Awesome Kong

9. Sassy Stephanie by Amy Lee

10. Latasha by Amy Lee

11. Tina San Antonio By Kong

12. Nikki Roxx by Amy Lee

13. Awesome Kong by Angel Orsini

14. Amy Lee by Angel Orsini (Both Kong & Lee were fighting on the apron and Orsini pushed them both out.)

15. Niya by Brittney Savage

16. Cherry Bomb by Brittney Savage

17. Cindy Rogers by Becky Bayless by Angel Orsini

18. Brittney Savage by Angel Orsini

19. Daizee Haze by Rain

20. Amber O’Neal by Angel Orsini

21. Rain by Angel Orsini

22. Angel Orsini by Jazz
The ending of the match saw it come down to Rain, Amber O’Neal, Angel Orsini & Jazz. Jazz appeared to have blown out her knee, and spent the last 10 minutes of the match on the side of the ring. Jazz refused to leave the ring and refused medical attention. This left Orsini & Rain & Amber. With Jazz hurt, we saw a two on one attack on Orsini. However, Orsini would survive for a bit, and dumped out Amber O’Neal. It then came down to Orsini & Rain. These two, who are no strangers together, blasted out a holy epic war, with Orsini finally giving Rain her comeuppance, dumping Rain from the Rumble.

At this point, it looked like Orsini had the match won. However, Jazz, with a blown out knee remained in the corner, talking to referees about how she would not forfeit the match.

Orsini paced around Jazz a bit. Orsini & Jazz, long time friends, and it was Orsini who actually brought/recommended Jazz to WSU, stared at each other. Jazz motioned that Orsini deserved to win the match. Orsini thought Jazz was allowing Orsini to win the match because Jazz knows what Orsini has been going through. Alas, it was not to be. With Orsini helping Jazz up and giving her a thank you hug, Jazz quickly popped up and fireman carried Orsini over the top rope. Jazz then started jumping up and down, showing everyone that she just screwed over her friend. Jazz would later go on to say that Orsini would’ve done the same thing if she hadn’t gone soft.

Orsini was furious after the match, trashing the WSU locker room. Orsini snapped. While one can’t blame Jazz for how she acted, Orsini felt betrayed but wondered if Jazz was right when she said Orsini had gone soft in the past year.

As a result, Jazz earned herself a title match against the winner of Martinez/Alicia at the next Union City, NJ event in the fall.

WSU World Title Match
(C) Mercedes Martinez d. Alicia to retain the WSU World title in her 27th World Title Defense

All we can say is this a MUST-BUY, MUST-SEE match. There are no other words to describe this. Despite a 100 degree building, a long day of womens wrestling, and fans seeing 3 hours of incredible action before this, Martinez & Alicia delivered. This was one of the most hyped up matches ever in WSU history, and these two delivered.

Two of WSU’s biggest stars performed in a superior manner and while it was 100 degrees in the building, it was that much hotter in the ring. This is a match you need to see.

The biggest point of the match saw Martinez at the near 25 minute mark land a fisherman buster on Alicia. Everyone thought the match was over, but Alicia defiantly kicked out at 1. That was the first time we’ve ever seen anyone kick out of a Martinez fisherman buster at a one count. The crowd shocked, thought the tide was going to turn. However, this just infuriated the Latina Sensation to an all new level. Mercedes then delivered another fisherman buster. This time, Alicia kicked out at 2. The fire in Martinez’s eyes could be seen from miles away. Martinez, just enraged, delivered one more fisherman buster, and after eating 3 fisherman busters back-to-back-to-back, Alicia could not kick out one more time, and Martinez won a hard fought match.

However, the night wasn’t over for these warriors. Jazz ran out and destroyed Mercedes Martinez, laying her out with the Jazz slam. Martinez had the ever-living stuffing knocked out of her. However, Angel Orsini ran out and Jazz bailed. It looked like Orsini would try to get revenge on her maybe now-former friend, but Orsini had a plan of her own. Orsini lifted up a groggy Alicia and laid her out with a Kiss of Death flatliner. Orsini would later say that she did this because Alicia defeated her in the finals of the J-Cup, and Orsini thought it should’ve been her in that spot tonight. Orsini was also furious about Alicia being called an Icon in WSU, when it was Orsini who ran with the ball & carried the company when Alicia retired in 2007.

Orsini then called Jazz into the ring. Orsini grabbed the WSU world title belt and tossed it to Jazz. Orsini told Jazz you win this, and then I’m first in line. Jazz agreed and then blasted Martinez with the championship. The thud of the belt on Martinez’s skull sounded like a homerun ball off of Babe Ruth’s bat. The show ended with Orsini & Jazz standing over the bruised & battered bodies of Martinez & Alicia. The battle has just begun.

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