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The following is a report from Cory Wiatrek of http://www.worstofwrestling.cjb.net

WWE Raw Presents:  The Biggest Party of the Summer
Reed Arena – Saturday, June 23rd
This was the first WWE show since a RAW in 2002 to hit College Station.  People were excited to be there.  We arrived early to meet and greet wrestlers coming in.  A few of the cars we saw pull in had the following wrestlers in them. 
William Regal and Brian Kendrick pulled in together.  Then Maria showed up.  Melina came by herself.  Next up to arrive to Reed Arena was John Cena.  He had a Subway sandwich with him which I guess he gets free now.  Paul London showed up next and I talked with him just for just a minute.  I actually used to wrestle years ago and he had just come from Austin, TX to get there.  We were talking about some of the people we knew from his CTPW days.  Still a very cool dude.
Bobby Lashley showed up next.  Following him in a car was Arn Anderson, Lance Cade and referee Marty Elias who we gave a hard time.  Jeff Hardy showed up next followed by Mickie James who actually got out of her car to take a picture with me. 
On to the nights matches!
Chuck Palumbo defeated William Regal.  Regal is great for getting a live crowd going and he is great at doing it while protecting his body.  Everytime I see him in a non televised match he works the crowd over while at the same time only taking about 6 bumps.  Palumbo has a new biker gimmick.  Crowd seemed into it.  The motorcycle was from the local dealership.
Next up Mike Chioda came out and we started our tradition of Chioda chants and he no sold our chants.  So I yelled at Mike to stop no selling our chants and he turned around laughing his butt off.  He gave us the “two” sign and we left him alone.
Davari vs. Cody Runnels.  Cody Runnels won with a flip over pin.  Cody Runnels has the look, and has the skills.  We were very impressed by his skills.  Davari was leading this match as heel but I think with the proper mic skills and booking, Cody Runnels has the potential to be a Rock or Orton.
Womens Title:  Melina vs. Mickie James.  Melina wins this one.  For those who get upset over the womens division read this.  I had 5th row tickets by the edge.  People would come up to take pictures all night but when the ladies came out I was flooded by males.  So I guess the womens division brings in money.  Blame horny guys for this years diva search.  Not McMahon.
Intercontinental Title:  Santino Marella vs. Carlito.  Santino won with an armbar.  I have not seen much of him on TV lately but is his finisher an armbar?  Carlito kept spitting on everyone.  WWE used this time to have a special manager from the crowd help Santino.  Of course they pick some lame kid as usual.  The kid just sat there the whole match.  If I was his age and had gotten picked I would of hammed it up and maybe even turned heel.  But that is me.
Intermission was followed by Maria coming out to shoot shirts out.  She noted whoever got her shirt was to be named special guest ring announcer for the next match.  Then she gave her shirt to Mike McGuirk!  For those of you who don’t know of Mike McGuirk, she was the other announcer to Howard Finkle in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s on WWF Superstars.  She is also on a slew of Coliseum Video releases by WWF. 
So about me and my buddy started chanting Mike McGuirk before a confused crowd.  We are old school fans and seeing Mike McGuirk was the highlight of our night… seriously.  So she announced the next match.
Tag Titles:  Trevor Murdoch and Lance Cade vs.  Kendrick and London.  Mike really had a hard time saying World Wrestling Entertainment but did it.  Then you could tell she didn’t watch the current product as Justin Roberts had to whisper who all the participants were.  I still popped for McGuirk though and tried to go meet her but the security guy was being a dick the whole night in our section.  My buddy did get a picture with her.  He told her he used to watch her Saturday mornings when he was like 5 to which she responded, “God I am getting old.”  Oh yeah, and this match was great.  No disrespect to the four in it, but I was just too excited to see Mike again so I didn’t pay much attention.
Jeff Hardy vs. Gene Snitzsky.  Big pops for Jeff Hardy.  The match itself could have been better I guess.  Hardy wins.  Snitzsky goes crazy and big boots Jeff.  Gene leaves.  Hardy gets chants from the crowd and leaves.
Umaga vs. Bobby Lashley.  Lashley gets huge pops!  Good match.  Lashley won.  I believe he won the match clean too.  So much for protecting the Umaga image I guess.
WWE Title Match:  John Cena vs. Randy Orton.  For the same reason WWE has a womens division is the same reason they pick these two as their number one babyface and heel.  This time I was surrounded by horny women.  John Cena was treated like a champion in College Station.  Here the crowd was 100 percent pro Cena.  A rarity these days.  Cena had the biggest pop of the night.  Orton and Cena put on a hell of a show for us.  Cena wins with the FU.
That was the night.  I’ve seen over 20 WWE shows in my lifetime and this one was good, not great.  It was not bad though.  Definatley going to be a memorable one.  I don’t regret paying $60 dollars to see the show.  And thats all I have to say about it.  Thanks for reading my live notes people!
– Cory Wiatrek

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