WWE announces the 50 most beautiful people in sports entertainment history – Miss Elizabeth is #1

Courtesy of WWE.com:

In the 1980s, the standard of beauty in sports-entertainment was set by “The First Lady of Wrestling” herself: Miss Elizabeth.

It can be argued that every valet, manager and WWE Diva since the ’80s has looked to the soft-spoken beauty as the inspiration for their career paths. For the majority of her career, she stood by “Macho Man” Randy Savage, and she represented grace, class and dignity in the squared circle. Though she was no stranger to controversy herself — particularly when Savage suspected Hulk Hogan of courting her — she always remained loyal to “Macho Man,” even returning to his side when he was attacked by Sensational Sherri after his loss to Ultimate Warrior in a Retirement Match.

Decades since she last appeared in WWE, Miss Elizabeth remains the definition of sports-entertainment elegance. — K.P.

Check out the entire list of the top 50 here:


Question:  Who isn’t on this list that SHOULD be?  (My vote – the recently retired Glamorous Amazon)

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