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WWE will sometimes change up a Superstar’s name for any number of reasons. One big reason for a name change is because Vince McMahon wants it to happen.

Mike Johnson noted on PW Insider Elite audio that Chad Gable could be in line for a new name soon enough. Because WWE filed for a trademark on a new name and some very interesting verbiage during SmackDown Live would lead some to believe this change is on the way.

“The future of Chad Gable might be obscured a bit. There was a promo that they released after SmackDown with Shelton Benjamin talking about King of the Ring and Chad Gable was standing next to him. He said, ‘hey Shelton what’s up?’ Shelton looked at him and said, ‘Shorty!’ and walked away.”

“We noted a couple weeks ago that WWE has copyrighted the name ‘Shorty G’ for a potential character. If Chad Gable is going to be ‘Shorty G,’ if that’s where they’re going with it — I don’t sense a bunch of upward mobility in his future with his character.”

Changing Chad Gable’s name to “Shorty G” might not be the change in direction some fans were hoping for him, but any attention is better than nothing at this point.

Gable has consistently been someone who brought it in the ring, but he’s been greatly overlooked. Perhaps a name change will grow on fans and he’ll be able to make it work. Then again, maybe Vince McMahon will change his mind and just let Chad Gable wrestle instead.

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