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Courtesy of WWE.com:

Rey Mysterio wasn’t always “Rey Mysterio.” The first time WWE’s Little Big Man made that uneasy climb to the top rope as a teenager in Mexico, he was “Colibrí” — the hummingbird. It was the perfect name for the man who would one day fly through the air with such weightlessness, such blatant disregard for gravity. Soon, he would become Rey Mysterio, but he would never lose that effortlessness in flight that made his so captivating to watch. Rey — like any great athlete — was capable of things that normal men thought impossible. While the rest of us were firmly planted here on earth, Mysterio was reaching unimaginable heights.

It’s been 10 years since The Master of the 619’s amazing drive brought him to WWE. In that time, he’s captured both the WWE and World Heavyweight Championships, won the Royal Rumble Match and achieved things that 5-foot-6, 175-pound competitors just shouldn’t be able to do in the oversized world of sports-entertainment. That Rey is still defying the odds to this day is hard to grasp. Injuries and setbacks that would have defined the shortened careers of other men have come to be story points in Mysterio’s epic hero’s journey.

With that in mind, WWE Classics attempted to chronicle the 10 matches that best exemplified Rey’s trip from underdog to top dog!

Check out all the matches here:  http://www.wwe.com/classics/classic-lists/rey-mysterio-greatest-matches