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Courtesy of WWE.com:

“Lionhearts”, Tiger Jacksons and Bearcat Wrights, oh my: WWE.com has stumbled into the zoological sub-genre of sports-entertainment.

Dating back to the squared circle’s “pioneer era” and the likes of “Russian Lion” Georg Hackenschmidt, extending all the way through to present day, Superstars have repeatedly turned to beasts of the wild for inspiration in devising new methods of intimidation.

Competitors grouped within the squared circle’s loosely defined “animal kingdom” come in all shapes, sizes and species. Included in the bunch have been World Champions, immensely influential personalities and even a few Weekly World News–worthy discoveries. (Whatever he lacked in in-ring accolades, The Wolfman more than made up for in uniqueness.)

Much to The Miz’s chagrin (and Paul Heyman’s probable delight), you won’t find any walruses on this list, though there are weasels, birds, canines and even a dragon or two.

Once you’re through with this beastly list of 25 wild ring animal types (after all, some species are only observed in pairs), vote for the ring “roar-ior” you believe is the wildest.

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