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Charlotte ESPN

Courtesy of ESPN writer Brian Campbell:

The WWE, as we know it, is about to undergo a major facelift.


For the first time since 2011, the WWE will implement a brand extension (or brand split), separating its roster into two competing shows: the flagship three-hour “Raw” on Monday nights, and “SmackDown,” which will air live for the first time after moving to a new night on Tuesday.

Given the announcement that “WWE Smackdown!” will go live, and the brand split that will come with it, Brian Campbell and Tim Fiorvanti discuss the major changes ahead for WWE.

This week’s debut of SmackDown Live (8 p.m. ET, USA Network) will be a special one with the return of the WWE Draft.

In some ways, the change of direction within the promotion is a return to old, with the WWE having utilized a draft of some form on an annual basis between 2002 and 2011. This one, however, feels fresh and new, with the WWE’s decision to withhold key details (including the title structure and how the two brands will intertwine on pay-per-view) adding to the anticipation for fans and performers.

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