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BY ROSS W BERMAN IV of Wrestlinginc.com

In 2016, former WWE Superstar Ashley Massaro alleged that she was drugged and assaulted by members of the US Armed Forces during a WWE tour of Kuwait, as well as abuse at the hands of former WWE Chairman Vince McMahon. WWE denied any knowledge of her claims following Massaro’s suicide in 2019. With the recent fallout surrounding sex trafficking allegations leveled at McMahon, Massaro’s claims have come up again.

In a new report from Vice, former WWE Head of Talent Relations John Laurinaitis’s attorney has confirmed that the former WWE executive, as well as “most upper level management” knew about Ashley Massaro’s claim, despite company denials of said knowledge. Laurinaitis’s confirmation of management’s knowledge corroborates the account of Ferdinand Rios, the former WWE doctor to whom Massaro reported the rape, who said that he reported the incident to management. Laurinaitis’s admission comes following the former WWE Head of Talent Relations dissociating himself from accusations of abuse and sex trafficking from former WWE employee Janel Grant. Laurinaitis confirmed many of Grant’s accusations by admitting that he himself was also a victim of McMahon’s manipulations. Furthermore, the report reveals that the Naval Criminal Intelligence Service opened an investigation into Massaro’s claims, though the findings of said investigation are not known.

McMahon resigned from all duties at TKO Group Holdings after the allegations against him, as well as Laurinaitis’s confirmation, were revealed.