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James J DillonWWE Hall of Famer JJ Dillon comes to ECWA

The ‘Heartkiller’Chris Wylde and ECWA Mid Atlantic Champion Ricky ‘The Model’ Martinez have become not just bitter rivals but men hell bent on the destruction of the other.

Martinez used to be known more for his show boating than his in-ring prowess but something changed. Somewhere along the way, he got a chip on his shoulder. That chip has carried him to one of… if not THE…greatest Mid Atlantic Championship reign in ECWA history. Martinez has continually found a way to get the job done month after month.

A former ECWA Heavyweight and Mid Atlantic Champion in his own right, Chris Wylde has made it his quest to shut up the flamboyant champion for good. But that’s been easier said than done.

Months ago, Ricky Martinez debuted a deadly femme fatale. As it turned out it was one of Wylde’s longtime friends in Keri Kline. Keri had long been smitten with the younger Martinez and seizing any opportunity to gain an edge and irritate Wylde further he began to date her. Keri turned out to be just the ticket. She continually caused distractions and made life a living hell for any challenger to Ricky’s Mid Atlantic Title. They seemed to be a picture perfect power couple.

However, Chris Wylde wasn’t without his wiles. He also brought in a sexy vixen to even the odds in the debuting ‘Lady in Red’ Renee Michelle. With some sort of past history, Keri and Michelle instantly hated each other. They battled all over the ECWA arena month after month. After a few miscues and costing Martinez a match or two, the champion grew frustrated. Showing there was no end to his ego, he proceeded to dump Keri in front of the whole ECWA crowd humiliating her with insults.

It seemed without Keri Wylde had the advantage and it was just a matter of time before he would win the Mid Atlantic Championship.

Boy was Wylde wrong… dead wrong.

Martinez and Wylde would fight once again. Closing in on victory, the fans erupted behind the ‘Heartkiller’ as he went for the kill. But once again another friend would betray him.

Renee Michelle would climb into the ring and assault Wylde costing him the match. As he laid in the ring hurting, Martinez took to the mic to showcase his NEW girlfriend Renee Michelle. But once again, the resourcefulness of Wylde came through. He would find a new ally in newly crowned Women’s Champion Jessie Kaye to continue the fight. After a victory on November 2 at ‘4 Ever II’ in a mixed tag match along with Kaye, Wylde has laid down one final challenge.

Martinez reluctantly accepted but with a special stipulation… if Wylde fails to win the title he has to leave the ECWA forever, never to return.

Chris Wylde has NEVER backed down from a challenge and he accepted immediately… but he has a trick up his sleeve… he has a friend that can level the playing field for good… a friend who’s name lives on in pro wrestling history… a man who is no stranger to winning gold…

That man is a WWE Hall of Famer… a legendary manager…. And former leader of the 4 Horsemen… that man is JJ Dillon!

JJ Dillon has managed some of the most legendary wrestlers to ever step foot in a wrestling ring. In the 70’s and 80’s Dillon managed such men as Abdullah the Butcher, Buddy Landell, the Von Erichs, and most notable the 4 Horsemen stable. The 4 Horsemen he managed are largely considered the most powerful group in the history of the sport. Consisting of legends ‘Nature Boy’ Ric Flair, the ‘Enforcer’ Arn Anderson, Ole Anderson, Tully Blanchard, Lex Lugar, and Barry Windham at different times he led them to NUMEROUS singles and tag team titles across the country in the NWA and WCW. He was inducted with the Horsemen to the WWE Hall of Fame in 2012.

His accomplishments speak for themselves. It just so happened Chris Wylde and Dillon are close personal friends with whom Wylde has consulted many times over the years about his wrestling career.

Wylde has asked his friend and mentor to make one last appearance as a manager and accompany him to the ring. There is no doubt Wylde suddenly is the man with the advantage in this fight!

On Saturday December 7, 2013 at the Greater Newark Boys& Girls Club it’s the final fight between Ricky Martinez and Chris Wylde. One prize on the line… the ECWA Mid Atlantic Championship. Will Wylde channel his inner Ric Flair with Dillon by his side and walk out with the title becoming ‘the man’ in ECWA? Or will Martinez’s sudden mean streak and brutality ensure him possibly another year as champion? Be there to find out!

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