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UPDATE:Courtesy of LordsofPain.net:

Regarding Ric Flair‘s recent hospitalization, he was at a local hospital kin Gwinett County, Georgia from September 8th until September 18th, when he was released. I was told when the story broke that Flair had been at the same hospital twice since September 3rd. Flair went in for surgery for a hernia the first day and doctors then found a second hernia, requiring another surgery. Flair’s most serious procedure came on September 16th when he had an intestinal surgery.Flair started having significant intestinal problems from medications that he had been using and the surgery. Flair could not hold food down and was only able to get nutrients through an IV the whole time he was in the hospital. We noted before that Flair lost a lot of weight while he was there.

Flair won’t be able to train for about 5 weeks but he is recovering well and was released from the hospital two days ahead of schedule.

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WWE issued the following statement about Ric Flair on September 15, 2014:”WWE Legend Ric Flair is recovering from successful surgery and will miss tomorrow’s scheduled guest referee appearance at SmackDown. Ric is doing well and we look forward to him returning to WWE in the near future.”