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Over the past week, the health of WWE Hall of Famer Jake “The Snake” Roberts has been a hot topic within the professional wrestling industry. It began when Roberts was rushed to the hospital, following his flight’s touchdown in Las Vegas, on Aug. 28. He was en route to Vegas for an appearance for promoter and friend Sinn Bodhi, who has remained by Roberts’ side throughout the ordeal.

Roberts was diagnosed with double pneumonia, and a mass was discovered on his brain. The mass was believed to be due to his career in wrestling, but Roberts’ neurologist is investigating the cause. Roberts has been awake and communicating since his hospitalization, and recently began to talk again on Sept. 3.

Bodhi was recently interviewed by Chuck Carroll on the week’s “Turnbuckle Weekly with Chuck Carroll.” Bodhi reiterated many things from past interviews and reports, mentioning Roberts’ hospitalization had nothing to do with drug or alcohol abuse.

One new thing Bodhi revealed in the interview was the fact that Roberts is set to be taken out of intensive care by the weekend of Sept. 6 through Sept. 7. Though, he will remain hospitalized and under observation for at least a couple more days, following his removal from ICU. If he continues to show signs of improvement, Roberts will be discharged. Bodhi went on to state that if Roberts is discharged, he will likely take care of the wrestling legend until Roberts is able to fly or be driven back home to Atlanta.

Listen to the entire interview, here.

Source: http://www.wrestlingrumors.net/jake-snake-roberts-move-intensive-care/28365/



Kyle P. Magee, Esq., the manager and lawyer of professional wrestling legend Jake “The Snake” Roberts says doctors found an “abnormality” in his brain during treatment for pneumonia, according to a letter written to Bill Apter of 1Wrestling.com.

Roberts was hospitalized after falling ill on a flight to Las Vegas, where he was scheduled to perform, according to the letter by Kyle P. Magee.

During treatment, Magee said Roberts’ doctors discovered the brain condition, which is initially thought to be a result of bumps taken over Roberts’ long career.

Magee denied initial reports that Roberts lost consciousness on the flight.”He was alert and awake while notifying the flight attendants of his pain and shortness of breath. Jake was induced to a ‘coma-like’ state in order to effectively treat the pneumonia,” Magee wrote.

“Drugs or alcohol have no bearing on this event despite the Internet rumors,” he added.


Courtesy of usatoday.com:

WWE legend Jake “The Snake” Roberts has been hospitalized and is in intensive care after being diagnosed with double pneumonia, WrestlingInc.com reported Thursday.

A hospital spokeswoman in Las Vegas confirmed to USA TODAY Sports that Roberts was admitted.

According to the WrestlingInc.com, Roberts flew Wednesday to Las Vegas to appear in a show promoted by Sinn Bodhi, and became unconscious on the plane.

Roberts was in a coma that lasted nearly 24 hours but was out of it as of Thursday night, according to the website.

We wish him a speedy recovery!