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Donald Wood, contributor:

At its core, WWE is a publicly traded company that must do what is best for business to make the most money for its investors. One of the biggest possible returns WWE could book would be another run for former world champion Bill Goldberg.

Goldberg has been open about his issues with Vince McMahon and WWE management, but he has also expressed on several occasions a desire to return to wrestling one final time to give his wife and child a chance to see him perform.

The difference between making this match happen now and at any point over the last decade is the magnitude of WrestleMania 32. With WWE attempting to fill AT&T T +0.00% Stadium in Arlington, Texas on April 3, 2016, the company must create a legitimate buzz around the event.

AT&T Stadium has a capacity of 105,000 people, and WWE is looking to set a WrestleMania attendance record, which is currently set at 93,173 fans from 1987. The key will be adding big names to the card, and Goldberg is one of the biggest.

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