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Courtesy of www.givemesport.com writer :

Never a week goes by without a major issue raising it’s head in WWE.

The world of wrestling entertainment has had quite a few crazy storylines outside of the ring this year, never mind the entertaining character ones on TV.

CM Punk left, Diva theft, McMahon money issues and WWE firing at will. You name it, it’s happened so far in 2014.

But the latest goings that led to the firing of former four-time WWE champion Alberto Del Rio have highlighted a different problem altogether.

WWE fired the Mexican wrestler on Friday after he reportedly slapped social media manager Cody Barbierri, but more details are needed to assess how bad Del Rio’s actions were.

According to reports, Barbierri is alleged to have racially insulted Del Rio.

“WWE’s social media manager was supposedly asked to wipe his plate clean following a meal in catering,” reported wrestlinginc.com.

“He allegedly joked that it was Del Rio’s job to clean the plate, which could be perceived as racist by Hispanic people. Del Rio was informed of the comment, and confronted him.

“The individual did not apologise for his remark and then smiled at him. Fuming, Del Rio slapped him.”

If this reported information is proved to be correct, then Del Rio’s actions are not frankly over the top. Racism is unacceptable and a slap is not an overreaction.

But if this reported information is an embellished or an incorrect version of events, we might just be at square one again.

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