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wwe_tlc_2012_wallpaper_by_wwedesign-d5mhkqhWWE has had this little pay per view called TLC a.k.a. Tables, Ladders and Chairs. It is one of the greatest gimmicks in the history of wrestling but does it deserve a PPV named after it?

Back in 1999 at No Mercy PPV the Hardy’s took on Edge and Christian in a ladder match. Then the following WrestleMania and SummerSlam had a triple Ladder match. Then in the spring of 2001 Mick Foley who was the commissioner at the time made that famous line saying “Tables, Ladders and Chairs oh my” Once they had their crazy and spot fest match at WrestleMania 17 the match was sold in the hearts of the WWE Universe. Hardy’s brought the Ladders while the Dudley Boys had tables and The two future world champions Edge and Christian had the chairs.

Throughout the years they have involved into the Money in the Bank Ladder match and others. Once you hear a TLC Match you know it’s special and unique. If they give it a PPV and most of the matches are about the Gimmick of the PPV then where is the specialty of the name, gimmick and matches?

Though when you bring it out sparingly and in a program that needs it, then it is a special thing but just to have a rematch with a gimmick stipulation just to fill the void then it brings down its value of the PPV.   Let’s thank about it yeah a tables, ladders and the main TLC match is great but in this day and age where no head shot that makes big spot in the match is no longer allowed and I’m glad they don’t allow it anymore. Why have the need to have a chairs match on the show in the first place.

I say have the top two matches in a TLC type match and the rest of the PPV normal.

What do you think?

— Andy

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